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  1. Tried to fluke this weekend. Called Ray gaffer Thursday for a spot all booked up this weekend Alex sorry but we are doing a afternoon trip sat. I say ok put me in. Saturday morning I’m in a chat with Alex the mate and make a comment about this afternoons trip he’s says we’re not doing a afternoon trip ray called you. Nope he didn’t so I didn’t book any other trips and I refuse to go on a party boat. Then I spent the weekend waiting for a possible spot with Jerry so I didn’t look for a Sunday charter no dice. Guess I’ll spend the day eating and drinking.
  2. Nice haul of mahi. That saved your trip
  3. I guess i have 0% chance of contracting this. 0 naps per day
  4. Uggh any beer colored in the orange brown has to taste like asparagus
  5. Nice pup call him Squid.
  6. I always swing for the stars but sometimes they only have half the strip or grub in their mouth and not the hook and hold on then let it go. Nothing you can do but do it again.
  7. Preseason is like watching a movie with all stunt doubles staring in it. I might take a peek at my jets for like 5 mins. Say hello to Eli for me Y
  8. I was exhausted at that point it was a 10 hour trip non stop jigging. Jerry doesn’t give you time to sip margaritas also I’m not very photogenic but I’m much cuter in person. Tough trip slow drift then way too fast drift was a battle. My tube socks were drenched
  9. It’s my lucky shorts. Haven’t washed them yet
  10. Yes made the decision this year to try not to set one foot on a party boat especially fluke. More money less trips for charters = quality trips less aggravation. Happier me.
  11. Hey Pete how are you.
  12. Sorry to hear this Tony hope all is well. Speedy recovery
  13. Hopefully it will heat up in RB within a week or so. Then by the end of July I’ll head to belmar fish the rocks. I have a ton of gulp too waiting to be used. Mick is right about Mr. fluke “Eff em”
  14. It was the boat limit so even if I wanted to do that which I did mention the other guys kept going. I didn’t know any of them. There were ling coming up at the reef so we could of stayed. No more $125 seabass trips for me for awhile. Spend my cash elsewhere. I will look into fluke charters thou this summer hopefully under $100. It’s worth paying extra to avoid the fluke crowd.
  15. Agreed it happened on the last 3 trips. This one being the earliest.