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  1. Not enough info as usual I’m out. Enjoy
  2. Didn’t see anyone asking if you were going. They would not be taking me I would attend or not attend with people i fish with.
  3. Where when how why hotel? Car pool? Price white leggers? breakfast? Egg type Trip reservations or open Strippers? Tog googles and socks Lb braid to use
  4. ok so what are the full details of this tog trip so i can say if im attending or not. please post clear and precise info in bullet point format. thanks
  5. Rods, reels, bait and tackle are included in the ticket price. What Is Not Included? Food and beverages are not included in the price of a ticket. Please feel free to bring your own food and beverages in a plastic cooler no larger than 48 quarts." Give the captain 80% of your pool guys.
  6. certainly not p10's wife. she a bot
  7. Coffee is real good there. Busy place at lunch
  8. It’s an eyetal deli. No microwave
  9. I get a breakfast platter at the deli near my job. 2 eggs over easy side of bacon no home fries or toast in a take out tin. Same price as a bac on a roll. Though it sucks having a egg over easy without buttered toast to sop up the yolk. Why can’t they remove the carbs from bread!
  10. It’s good son
  11. The new quarter pounders are actually really good. Cooked to order
  12. you'll be surprised at how many carbs and sugar your protein shake has because of the fruit. the egg sandwhich was prob better for you.
  13. That explains why your thin. Thought you eat tons o tube steaks and Big Macs
  14. Lol