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  1. Thank's for the kind words...! Jay Smit is still going strong and "giving it back" in Durban SA... Me, not so much... Jvise #2000 is up for auction to benefit a Children's Hospital
  2. All nightly fished politely...
  3. NO rules... not your typical tube phly…
  4. Plan for the worst... Hope for the best...
  5. Those were the DAZE... R.I.P. !
  6. If they don't have it, you don't need it, but they will get it for you anyway...
  7. The HMH premium edition includes tapered mandrels... they are nice but you could certainly get by with the ones offered with the less expensive option. Give them a call as they are knowledgeable and eager to help. Bear’s Den as well. NO regrets and NO worries !
  8. My Dual Tube concept moves the hook forward and down to accommodate for the Striped head first schlurpers... shy tail nippers need not apply... I like the HMH tube fly device along with their plastic tubes and soft junction tubing. Call them and they will set you up... Same goes for The Bear's Den !
  9. Norvise Think outside the box... Brilliant... Give it a spin...
  10. Suave... Thanks for your interest. 'Just saw this. Good questions all. While targeting Stripes I wanted a more forward a lower center of gravity. If the soft junction tube was place at the end of a single longer material tube [1-2"] the fly lacked the desired jigging action and retrieved a bit flat. By employing the second dual tube [3/4"] I was able to move the CG forward and down achieving a more pronounced keel effect and darting action. I use mostly the HMH large plastic tubes and secure the dual tubes with mono wraps and light cured acrylic [Loon or Bug Bond], finishing the head with wrapped and welded material and 3D eyez and more acrylic to solidify the head and complete the profile. I haven't messed much with metal tubes but have changed the size and mass of the hook to achieve the desired sink rate. Hooks these daze are mostly Partridge Patriot Barbless #2 to 1/0. Safer for me and better for a quick release with minimal collateral damage. Respect the fish! Mostly deployed in and around coastal estuaries during the Spring herring runs, I certainly enjoyed swinging the Dual Tube on an outflowing guzzle in low light to the opportunist Striped Phocus Group. They generally approved. I like Bob Pop's and Kenny Abram's books but tend to chase my own fuzzy notions and seldom follow a set recipe. I prefer less is more sparse and longer flowing saddles to insinuate motion and life. Subtle colors. I used to tye phlyz and leave them on the dash in the sun to bleach out, but that's another story from daze gone bye... Closing the circle... I conceptualize the fly. Tye the fly. Present the fly. "They" decide! Hope that makes sense and sends you in a good vector. Cheeerz and Happy HoliDAZE ! Over and Out
  11. Thank's HT... A Google search for "dual tube fly" might lead you to some visual opportunities... The source below is an anthology of photos and info that might be of interest... * = [ I got busted ! ] I hope this revelation doesn't put my in jail, but there is a curious collection that started with an invitation from Harvey "Pnutbunker" at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show from waybackwhen... Those were the DAZE ! ps the second tube allows for the junction tube [and hook] to be installed closer to the head thus moving the CG forward for a better swim and also accommodate the typical Striper head-first inhale...imho