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  1. How long is the wait?
  2. Early 2000s not 90s right?
  3. The 90s?
  4. Anyone?
  5. I’m waiting for photos of it.
  6. Yeah I know.
  7. Really? Put up a photo of it for us.
  8. I live in NH and I’m self employed. The city of Nashua NH has to come up with nine million dollars next year to cover pensions costs because the state isn’t covering costs like they used to. So basically the tax payers are footing the bill via raised property taxes. Glad I don’t live in that city anymore. Public pensions should be abolished. The former deputy fire chief of that town retired about three years after thirty yrs of service. His pension is 9800$ a month. My mom taught for thirty five yrs in Nashua and her pension is 3300$ a month but she does collect ss benefits to the tune of 1400$ a month after taxes.
  9. The backhoe is an expensive option, 7k or so. Imo kubota and john deere have the name that's why they get the prices they do for them.
  10. Look at the yanmar tractors. That's what I'll be buying.
  11. Ouch,
  12. I’ll stick with my coors light thank you.
  13. Lol,
  14. Man that hurts.
  15. I was talking about the collectors show not Berkeley.