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  1. nice pick up. For some reason it falls thru I'll take it.
  2. love my conventional built xra 1322, can't beat it.
  3. I like their pizza. We have one about 5 minutes from my house. Sausage an ricotta, yum,
  4. no kidding,
  5. out of business, yeah okay. But they did go up on their custom colored z bass reels by 350$.
  6. Hopefully the pats last night game of the season. These late night games suck if you ask me.
  7. my parents had a good friend that was a fighter pilot in the air force, f-15's. That guy had the best stories going on some of the stuff he did. Retired as a Lt Colonel, went to work for Lockheed Martin about a month after he retired.
  8. nice picts don. My dad had a 66 shelby, I miss that car.
  9. that's what I'm hoping to do. Access is not an issue.
  10. I'd use some advantech plywood. That stuff is super stiff. Glue it and use some grk screws to fasten it. Grk's is a structural fastner.
  11. lol, wiseguy.
  12. dennis, did you lose this?
  13. car is worth around 15 million these days. Wish I still had a photo of a super rare super valueable v12 ferrari. It was a 62 gto, only 37 were made. This one was all original, original paint, original sheet metal. Owned by a lady since the 70's. Not to often you get to see a 30 million dollar car in person and get to touch it or sit in it.
  14. deal. I'll send a pm with my info and I can ship stuff out on monday.