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  1. Factory sets are worth the most imo.
  2. Cool thread. I collected stuff from the 80s thru early 90s. Those cards aren’t worth squat these days. Mass produced was the problem. I’ll save them for when my kids have kids and give them to them.
  3. Very sorry Kevin,
  4. The boat an trailer will be tough. But for the money The Seafood Shanty on Shore rd has the best lobster rolls around.
  5. Breast or beast? I’d love to catch a large breast, lol.
  6. My uncles MIL has a house in saquish. He rents a house out there every year.
  7. Damn those are nice Gary,
  8. I'm just curious but how does one go about and size a watch for your wrist? Does it get measured at the place your buying or what?
  9. nope, mine was taken out of my account when my stimulus money was deposited.
  10. go eat a snickers bar dude. I pay quarterly taxes also, april,june,september an december.Have been since 1995 my friend.
  11. Is that after taxes state and local?
  12. Just tortured myself again for 35 pages. Amazing that the plugs I’ve seen on here you don’t see anywhere else.
  13. I might have some let me look.
  14. Here’s the real question, are they going to enforce it?
  15. They get it for 13 weeks. If that nutjob pelosi had her way they would get it for the rest of the year.