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  1. Mandingo
  2. Unreal what they will do to try an save those stupid birds. Total waste of tax payer money.
  3. Just checked, nada.
  4. I’ll look to see if I have any.
  5. I remember watching an interview with him when that idea was presented to him. They used to put the money in refrigerators with baking to clean the money from the gas smell. Imagine making that much a week you couldn’t spent that money.
  6. Nice ones. Who is that?
  7. I looked can’t find any good ones.
  8. I respect the fact she sticks up for her deceased father, not that I was a fan of him. But holy smokes what a rack on her.
  9. I can't do 125 my friend. Depends on what plugs you have also. Have any cyclones?
  10. any offers?
  11. Selling a mint conditioned ultegra 10k xsc. Comes with a 2 spools, one is a 10k size spool the other is a 6k size spool. Both are loaded with braid. 50lb diawa samari on the 10k spool and 40lb samari on the 6k size spool. No dings scratches or any thing else. Comes with the box and all the paperwork. Asking 175 shipped. pp or mo is good for payment, thanks matt,
  12. Still be being used on the canal. I have a 10k xsc that I have and I've looked online and no shops seem to carry my model.
  13. It's closed for good and up for sale. No clue if mike is going to do one final sale or not. If he does I'm gonna go and say thanks for all that he has done for me over the years.
  14. another slumlord, what a scumbag.
  15. Nice. I banged my girlfriend now wife in the back of my 67 bronco roadster while it was parked in my parents garage while they were inside sleeping. That will never happen again.