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  1. It was this past Saturday in Westport Massachusetts.
  2. The show is open to the public on Saturday.
  3. Should have gone to the collectors show this weekend. Dave Peros had probably a 1k bms with him that he was selling. Holy cow it was a display for sure.
  4. 495? Nope not close, meet up in person would be 400$. I’m in NH,
  5. No one snapped a photo of cyclones table?
  6. Sanibel is beautiful,
  7. I have a rod you might be interested in. It was built specifically for plugging the canal. Custom built by Aubut custom rods.
  8. Try the wtb section.
  9. Nice pickups Michael
  10. Is that spinning or conventional?
  11. Thanks, now I want a pizza.
  12. Going to check with Lansing next week. Just the cable rail system for my porch project came in at 12k$ an change.
  13. BM

    You cheapskate, lol. He called you a gorilla also, lmao.