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  1. you forgot about the tolls and ferry fees. LOL
  2. Nice plugs. What did that trip cost from nashua to long island about 250$ in tolls gas and ferry fees.
  3. 3 grs plugs? How did that happen? Thought gary had a limit of 2 plugs.?
  4. I have 3 arra rods, all custom. I'd never buy a factory arra rod. XRA I have, my 1322 has never let me down in all the years I have used it at the canal.
  5. guides and guide layout sucked, especially for the east coast fisherman.
  6. weather is going to be nasty. GL to those who go to this and stand outside waiting to get in.
  7. going to be nasty. Believe or not I have been inside working for the last year an a half. Maybe 2 weeks total of outside work.
  8. I'm not sure. Never went down during the winter because the house was only seasonal then. But those eiders are sure loud during the night.
  9. how the hell can this happen? embarassing to the navy if you ask me.
  10. I'll take the reverse chicken scratch one please,
  11. the eiders have single handledly decimited the mussel population down there. When I was a young kid the mud flats as you call it was known to us as the mussel bed because of all the mussels.
  12. will you split? How much for the pencil?
  13. yup, closing soon also. Shame, great shop, probably one of the best around down there.
  14. Carl, it is true. Mike posted something on fb today, total bummer.
  15. Just read online that mike is closing up shop. This was one of the best shops around the canal. A real shame that this is happening. Great people, always made you feel welcomed in their.