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  1. which is total bs if you ask me. Up here in NH you get arrested your picture is all over social media.
  2. yet he's still selling plugs to all the shops? Yeah that makes sense,
  3. that'll work for me. I'll get in touch with granite st for a meet up time and place.
  4. tfo sold to gary, I'll send a pm for a meeting time an place.
  5. 230 billion, yikes!
  6. It’s a cms build, 28 inches to center of the seat.
  7. 125$ for the other one shipped? I’ll be gone till mid afternoon for my reply. Thanks matt
  8. beauties,
  9. I have something else you might be interested in.
  10. I’ll be in touch.
  11. No that is built spinning
  12. I’ll take this Marc. Thought I had one and I don’t.
  13. I found it. You can see them but it’s a quick here and there.
  14. It’s a surface giant from what his site says.
  15. How long have you had it?