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  1. That bottom one, yowser!
  2. kids, yes I do. One is almost 18 the other is 16. Being self employed everything went to crap on me during the recession and that is totally my fault. I got greedy and bought a truck getting rid of two cars that were paid for but I owed 14k on my wifes cars. So I basically took on almost 31k in debt plus another 7k when I bought a trailer. At that time, around 07 I think I only owed 170k on my house with a rate of 5.625. Totally my fault nothing I can say to pass it off. Work went to crap being a general carpenter. Have had always great equity on my house to. Right now it's worth around 400k or so, great neighborhood also. I built it in 01-02, trying to pay down my truck. Once that is paid off I'm gonna go hard on my mortage. Would like to have it paid off when I'm 55, 45 right now.
  3. Exactly what they are doing. They fish the beach area across from the mma.
  4. They do that now into gray gables. No were they park though. Then again I haven’t fished down there in 2 yrs now.
  5. Exactly how I do it. Then I dump it in front of my pallets length wise. Then just start stacking at one end and work your way down. It goes pretty quick believe or not.
  6. Yeah until you have to split some elm then your screwed.
  7. Back up, still looking.
  8. GRS

    Nice grab Jamie.
  9. Damn those are nice.
  10. Back up.
  11. Anyone on here pay their mortgage bi weekly? I’ve been told it helps with paying the interest faster. I owe about 188k on my house with 3.625 fixed rate. I’d like to try and pay it down over the next 10 yrs or so.
  12. Might be hard for me since I’m in NH.
  13. Interested in selling just this one?
  14. Interested in the cyclone. Can I see a photo of the lip?
  15. I was surprised he knew how to butcher it. With all that meat he should win hands down.