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  1. didn't catch that, good one.
  2. no way, that is a horrible look. Base always goes on top of tile. Cut it on a 20 degree bevel on the table saw and scribe it nice and tight to the tile floor.
  3. and when did those come out? Niiiiiicccccccceeeeee!
  4. No install baseboard on top of the tile then caulk fill holes paint then install the toilet.
  5. So basically when you do this the dense part of the plug will roll to the bottom and the lighter part is at the top? Correct?
  6. my dad's black 704z has a torpedo knob. Bought it back in 92 or 93 from red top on the cape.
  7. would have done the baseboard first, but that's just me. Looks good dave.
  8. They will probably just take it apart, inspect it, re-grease the important areas and send it back to you. Then it'll be good for another 15 yrs.
  9. Go to M&D's in wareham and talk with mike. Great shop and a great guy who won't lead you wrong.
  10. problem is the seals are over populating the area. Pretty soon every beach on the cape will have them.
  11. was hoping you would see this. Really the reel should need nothing being that it's NIB and never been used. Still waiting for a price on it, I'll keep you posted.
  12. I always thought the old ones had a torpedo handle, not the rubber lone like yours? Nice btw.
  13. great collection, helps when your friends with most of the builders also. I've been trying to get a cyclone flag for 5 yrs to no avail. I just keep on trying though.
  14. to loud. Remote controlled plane at night buzz cropping them with some sort of chemical that would kill them. That would work for sure.