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  1. Andy, this is just the beginning. Of course Cape will be limited access and push more to DSSP. We already have the issue down there with cars parked up and down the accesses for walk over. I have never seen it this bad in all my life. DSSP will soon have the same regulations as Cape. Its a matter of time and I can't believe we are allowing this to happen IMHO.
  2. Amen, or course giving out free beach passes only adds to the overcrowding. Our Firemen/women deserve better than just a beach permit, they might be able to use if the beach is not at the quota limit. I say give these folks a major state tax break instead. That's right.... the state looses money then, but stack them on the beach instead, then impose a quota. Doesn't make sense to me. Enforce the current rules. Niow does everyone know why they wanted to repeal the "actively engaged"? We are loosing the battle for beach access folks.
  3. Yes, I have been preaching this for years. It is and always will be in the anglers hands well for a little bit more anyway. I need to say nothing as everything I have been peaching for years and years, is coming to light.
  4. Get ready for some changes.
  5. You are more than welcome Brother. I agree whole heartedly as we are up against powerful adversaries who want use off the beaches PERIOD. For a very long time I have been informing and trying to educate about what we will and are up against now. It is a shame that some want to discredit, disgrace, ostracize and criticize my passion, but I stand firm and unwavering in my passion. I choose to fight for what I believe in, even if others choose the "ignorance is bliss" approach and want to use me as a punching bag. Never give up, never surrender.
  6. Surfnuts, I think the press release from the USF&W says it all. I am praying to God that what I have been warning against for many years, does not come to pass in the form of more beach closures. I am also a conservationist and a preservationist, but enough with killing local economies, families and businesses, by protecting a bird that has "maintained" numbers. I am a realist.
  7. NP Brother. Here is a link to some great reading information. You can base your own decisions where this may go in the future by what you read in the link and the decades of beach access closures due to "birding issues".
  8. Castnet, as part of DBOC, we have posted pertinent information on our ;-) book page. According to the US F&W press release, it looks like beach closures to us during the migration, in the future for surf fishermen at Broadkill Beach. In reading the press release and report, it talks about many variables effecting the Red Knot. Even in the top right of the link it talks about "human disturbances" effecting the Red Knot feeding habits. I think we all know what that means. It is a great read, stop by and click on the links. I suggest reading "questions and answers" link. I have been preaching about this for many years and now it is here. I guess I am not as crazy as many people perceived me to be about this LOL
  9. Anyone wanting to join DMS after Oct 1st, turns in a membership with dues of $35 and voted in at the next meeting is considered paid for the remainder of 2014 and all of 2015. We hold monthly meetings every first Thursday of the month at Franford Vol Fire Co. Please note that DMS has decided to raise our dues to $35 to new members and to renew your dues is now $25 annually. With the cost of running the organization and everything raising in price, we had no choice but to raise the dues. Trust me, raising dues is something we did not want to do, but it had to be done. We thank everyone who supports DMS and most of all, those who have been supporting us for decades. We hope to see all of you catching fish and the best of luck to each angler. The tournament is open to ALL who want to participate and we do this for the anglers.
  10. Once again this year DMS is holding one of the PREMIER surf fishing tournaments in the area. We are proud to be putting this on for ALL OF YOU. Without you we are nothing. Every year we grow in this event and it is an "invitational", because we will be capping the number of anglers in the coming years. So, get in now so you get an "invitation" next year. I am including a link, click on it and go to the "printable application" for an entry form. Most bait and tackle shops already have them, but some may not be able to frequent the area to get one, so we are supplying you with another outlet to get the form. Thanks for the support and good luck to all of you.
  11. I would suggest contacting your local representative to have you "voting constituent" voice heard. Certainly contact Mr. McBrides office because he is the one who wanted to open the discussion on the issue. Let him know how you feel. I personally am contacting EVERY legislator is Delaware. We The People need to be heard. They talk with each other in Dover, so I want ALL my legislators to know EXACTLY how I feel. I have been hearing SOOO many excuses for the repealing of the "actively engaged" and some are ridiculous reasons, but they are getting to our legislators. Please contact them all.
  12. At this point in the game, Please contact your legislators by calling and writing how you feel about the issue. Trust me the "dark side" is. Some are hysterical and you may think they will not be heard, but the legislators will go with the numbers. It is a numbers game and they are watching. Write and call them today.
  13. DBOC is currently forming our strategy. It is so important to have our ducks in row before we act. Please support Delaware Mobile surf fishermen (DMS) by joining the largest, oldest and only organization of its kind fighting for your access rights.
  14. My fellow anglers, I am sorry I have not been posting fishing reports because almost ALL of my time has been fighting for your access rights. I have been diligently supporting Delaware Brethren of the Coast (DBOC) and Delaware Mobile Surf-fishermen Inc. (DMS). Folks I cannot tell you how close we are to loosing OSV access to the Delaware Beaches. There was a bill introduced this year that would make Delaware beaches a "free for all" with swimmers, surfers and fishermen. Our legislators want to repeal the "actively engaged in surf fishing" law. DBOC will not support this PERIOD, in fact we are going on the offensive and asking for things that DMS cannot ask for. DMS is not a PAC and DBOC is about to act as a PAC. We need everyone's support on this and we cannot be divided. People who know me know that I am relentless about protecting our beaches and will go to my grave trying to protect access. DBOC NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT TODAY. DBOC was created by like minded individuals, organizations and businesses who has seen what has happened in the OBX and does not want to see the same happen here in Delaware. I know you are saying, heck that can't happen here. Well folks, the people in the OBX said the same thing and now take a look at the OBX. It is a crying shame that people refuse to take heed about this issue. We do have a National Park in Delaware, but it is a "hub". That is what they are calling it here in Delaware. Remember Mr. Carpers first attempt at a National Park in Delaware was out "Coastal Defense System". That is our towers on our beaches, Fort Miles and many more places. We were able to beat that back, but plans to include our beaches are still in the works folks. These attempts continue as we foil the plans to include our beaches in the NPS. The Delaware Bayshore Intitative was to include the Cape Henlopen beaches and we got that removed from the map for the anglers and the attempt to include our beaches continues. Sec of DNREC wanted to have the Delaware Bayshore initiative to be the National park in Delaware by soliciting Mr. John Jarvis, Director of the NPS. All of this information can be found on the DMS website, please do not take my word for it, read it for yourselves. DMS has been around since 1958 fighting for your access rights. They must be doing something right to be in existence this long. Both DBOC and DMS are the only ones fighting to keep you on the beaches and we need your help. These organizations are not affiliated, but are working side by side in the effort to keep us on the beaches. You can join DMS and give support, but you CANNOT join DBOC. DBOC has no dues to pay and ask for nothing other than your support. DBOC has a face book page to help educate the public about access issues up and down the East Coast. MANY organization from Maine to the south support what DBOC is doing and I for one am proud to be part of them. Please if you care about Delaware's OSV beach access, go to face book and look up Delaware Brethren of the Coast and read a bit. Look at what we are all about. We ask for nothing but support from you the stakeholders, voting constituents, user groups, tax payers and tourists. Yes, I mention tourists, because that is what Delaware wants, more tourism dollars. Not only do we need support from Delaware residents, but also the tourists as well. As DBOC goes on the offensive, we need EVERYONE'S support. I guarantee you the "dark side" is doing the same by asking support from both Delaware residents and the tourists. How many of you have been involved long enough to know why the OBX groups asked for "out of state" support and the importance of it? Think about that folks. Please in closing, visit the DBOC face book page read a bit and if you like what you read and want to stem the tide of these draconian measures and decisions our legislators are trying to make, like the page, share the page and tell as many people as you can. DBOC has a website coming, but remember that costs money and we ask for nothing from you other than support, so it is a work in progress. This is an election year and please keep in office those who support and fight for your access rights. Those on the "dark side" are dong the same thing, keeping those in office who want to cut out our beach access from our Delaware traditions. I cannot stress the importance of this people. Together we stand and DIVIDED WE WILL FALL.
  15. This issue has been brought up a few years ago. With DNREC wanting to make money off the beaches, they are considering all kinds of ideas. For instance, a military truck to be used as a "guide service". The business would have given DNREC a 25% concession to run the business on the beach. It was said that Mary Voshell, business director for DNREC, offered the business 150' of beach to run his business. No one could have used that spot but that business when they were on the beach. Bass Pro Shops or another "outfitter" wanted to rent "beach buggies" to drive on the beaches and the state would have gotten a 25% concession from that business. You cannot do that until you repeal the "actively engaged" rule. It seems that this administration has forgotten our history in Delaware and what the surf fishermen has done for Delaware anglers. Let us not forget that DNREC came to DMS and asked our thoughts on the fishing license when the feds imposed a "federal" fishing lic through the Magnuson Stevens Act. The legislators would not sign off on the bill unless DMS agreed to support it. Now, we had two options at that point. One, do nothing and let the federal lic take effect and ALL monies go to the Federal Treasury, or support a local GFL (state fishing lic) and keep the money local for Delawareans to benefit from. If we went with a state lic, the federal gov't would match $3 to every $1 we generate with a local lic through the Sportfish Restoration Act. DMS signed off on the idea of a state license with the stipulation that a "watchdog committee" be formed to appropriate the funds raised and have this fund dedicated where it could not be borrowed against or used for another purpose other than fishing related projects.The surf fishermen are responsible for generating MILLIONS of dollars every year, because DMS fought to have a state lic. By the way, with the separation of Fish and Wildlife and Parks and Rec in Delaware, the surf fishermen NEVER saw a dime or benefited from the MILLIONS of dollars that we generated for Delaware. How do I know all of this you ask? I was one of the four people in that room who made that decision that night. It really doesn't matter if this bill is dead or not. The attacks on our access will continue until we cannot access the beaches at all. PERIOD. That is where we are today. I find it funny that it was ONE constituent mentioned in McBrides letter and I know who he is. It is a shame that we cannot get our act together and support each other. The state is counting on that and that "one constituent" is laughing his arse off at us, because we are so divided. Is this bill dead? IMHO I do not think so, I have been out of town and not had a chance to speak with our legislators. I guarantee you one thing, I will know by 9am tomorrow. There are people who have dedicated their lives for beach access and some people just snicker and turn their heads when help is asked of them. Together we stand and divided WE WILL FALL. Wake up people. The Delaware Brethren of the Coast (DBOC) was formed to include businesses, organization and people who are seriously concerned over our access rights. These guys will fight til the end to keep us on the beaches and people choose to ignore what they are doing. Delaware Mobile Surf-fishermen Inc (DMS) has been around since 1958 fighting for your access rights, but some still choose to ostracize and criticize what they do. I hope we get ourselves together before it is too late. That date is coming soon when all of this will mean nothing if we don't get our heads out of our arses. The time for arguing is over. The history is right before you. The intent of our legislators and DNREC is before you. When will we say enough is enough? We better do it soon, because we are running out of time. Just like the people in the OBX said "it can't happen here", well it did and look where we are now. Chime in I did. This message is from me personally and I am NOT addressing you as President of DMS. I am speaking as a voting constituent, concerned sportsman, avid angler and a stakeholder in the state of Delaware. As not what DMS and DBOC can do for you, but ask what you can do to preserve access for our children. Choice is yours.