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  1. I'll take it for the 220
  2. Yes
  3. Yes that's the one.
  4. No..its a gift for my father,he caught his pb on one many moons ago
  5. Go for it plzzzz
  6. Bump
  7. Have this one off Moby as far as i know and have seen... Any marks are picture glare..Looking for a Gary2 Raritan Bay Slim..could add a kicker such as a johnny swimmer if need be
  8. Damn!thanks Chris..but unfortunately just looking for a slim at the moment
  9. 250 instant paypal interest anyone?
  10. Could also trade a twisted moby for one
  11. Looking for suggestions or personal prefrences/experiences on Abrasion Resistant but still somewhat soft Leader Material in the 50/60 lb range
  12. Like the title says..looking for 1!
  13. Whats the best price you could give me on the raritan slim and the 2 a chartreuse slim?I want others..but im restraining myself lol
  14. I'm looking to fish it
  15. Sounds good thanks!that is about the only color I'm looking for, but I will look at whatever