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  1. Haha cool.its been quite a few moons for sure!Time for her to come home lol..I was only offering 1 for 1 and i dont own a dmag pencil sorry
  2. I have these 2 Dmag Dino swimmers..consider them used I have carried them and they have some light epoxy scuff on the backs everything else is camera glare Might have caught a couple bass on the smokey Joe No pointers Looking to trade for Chartreuse G2 Slims
  3. yea that one would work for sure Marc
  4. Sounds good ill take it with the other pencils
  5. Ill take me info
  6. Ill take it..shoot me your paypal info
  7. sounds great!
  8. Thanks for the offer..appreciated!but i will pass on the macs..moreso looking for yellow,white pink sides, black/silver or something more basic fishy
  9. Will look at whatever but just basic fishing colors is fine
  10. No,he makes a small 1/2 OZ pencil
  11. Looking for 2 or 3 in fishy colors
  12. Deal pm coming
  13. Ill take it pending price?