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  1. reduced to $50 for the lot
  2. They are 3.75 inches 1/2 oz
  3. Sold to gradient..thread closed
  4. New Greenpoint.. red head $30 paypal only
  5. Lot of 3 RM Smith mini pencils.. all back/silver sides..sandeel $60 paypal only
  6. Thanks My paypal address is . Once payment is received i will be shipping the gary 2 USPS . I will also send you the tracking number.

    Thanks againĀ 


  7. Ill respectfully offer 110
  8. There yours for 180..Pm coming thread closed
  9. I will let it ride for a bit and if not sold get back to you
  10. Pm coming thread closed
  11. 2 used dmag big swimmers, the bunker color was never thrown just carried Smokey Joe was thrown a handfull of times 200 for the lot paypal only
  12. Twisted Moby $100 Chesapeake bay bunker pattern Has Pointers as pictured Paypal only
  13. Nah this is all i have available besides a couple carried dmag dino's
  14. One last Moby available.. Chesapeake bay bunker..never thrown or carried but has pointers as are typical to some mobys Looking for G2 Chartreuse Slim
  15. This is the one PM coming Thread Closed t