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  1. I'll take it.
  2. Hake? I had a hunch and googled it and it looks like it could be.
  3. Hey CJ, I have never fished a Tenkara rod but I’ve been told it’s a great way to introduce kids to fly fishing. There’s no reel and it’s a fixed line -meaning the line is tied to the end of the rod - so it’s super simple. I just wanted to put it out there so when the time comes you’d consider it. A Tenkara set up combined with some eager panfish could work out great.
  4. Hey db, swellinfo was awesome and I miss it. Check out magicseaweed The app is free and they forecast a week out. Really interested in other replies because swellinfo was my go to.
  5. There's a great line from a little book that I continuously reread - "If you're not purposeful, you will spend your entire life consuming meaningless content." Most of the time, getting wrapped up in social media is time spent consuming meaningless content. I've been there and it's a continuous battle. Learning to use beneficial technology, while actively avoiding the stuff we know is bad for us, is HUGE. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say it's a modern life skill. And we know social media has a lot of negatives. I have facebook, but I don't post much. I don't have Instagram or Twitter. Why? I'm a happier person when I avoid them.
  6. I'll take it. I have the 8 weight and love it. I'll send you a PM.
  7. If you're in the neighborhood - A lot of homes are participating and I'm sure you'll find some cool stuff. Here's some fishing offerings Feel free to PM me with any questions.
  8. Double check that your camera is charged and working before you go fishing. Blew it on that one and still kick myself.
  9. Oh! Well come to think of it, I had that happen to me too with the same overshoes - not the boots. Ended up sending them back and getting the screw in overshoes. I remember thinking to myself that the rubber was softer / more flexible than the older Korker overshoes I’ve had in the past. But in the end I feel like the rubber is too soft to hold the push through studs in properly. The one thing I’d say is don’t hesitate to give Korkers a call. I’ve found their customer service to be awesome. You’ll probably end up talking to a fellow fisherman that’ll work hard to fix whatever issue you’ve got to get you back out there ASAP. They get it.
  10. Hey Mack26, I had the same exact thing happen to me with new Korker boots with the interchangeable soles. I was all pumped to use them so I threw them on and it was during that first trip when I lost a few studs. It’s almost like you can’t assume they’re all tight out of the box. Since then I keep a tool in my car and I give each stud a quick tighten / check before every trip. It takes some discipline, but it’s become kind of a cool ritual. I haven’t lost any studs since.
  11. My favorite indicator nymph rig right now is straight from George Daniel’s incredible book, Dynamic Nymphing. I take a 7’6″ 4X Rio Powerflex leader and cut 8″ off the tippet end. This makes the leader 6’10” overall, but still quickly tapers down to 4X. To this 4X tippet I knot a tippet ring. The strike indicator goes above the ring. Now I can attach long sections of 4X, 5X, or even 6X tippet directly to the ring and still maintain a proper taper. Plus, since it’s just tippet below the indicator, the flies sink more quickly.
  12. A fairly heavy fly, will minimal bulk, like one with a thread body and a tungsten bead, knotted to a long piece of light tippet, if given slack, will drop to the bottom quickly. So if you can't get close to the fish and have to indicator nymph, try fishing a rig that has nothing but tippet below the indicator (5 or even 6x) down to your fly or flies. Like others have said, mend to give the rig slack. If you do, the flies should fall to the fish pretty quick.
  13. The flies look good! I gotta share. Not sure if you know about Tim Flagler and tightlinevideo, but it's amazing. Everything about it - the flies he chooses, the tying, the tips / tricks he shares, the filming, the music, the pace. The videos are literally perfect. I have no personal connection to the guy.....just some serious Jersey pride. His videos have helped my tying tremendously.
  14. Hey Fishing! Check this video out. As of now, this is my favorite. It's got a lot going for it - no extra hardware, you can easily add and subtract it, it gets held off the main leader. It's great. And I've experimented a fair amount over the years. Dropper loops, two knots on the same barrel swivel ring, T-Turn swivels etc.
  15. Man, it looks like you've got some awesome bass fishing near home which is awesome. I'm totally jealous. I'd also fully encourage you to get a heavier rod. When it comes to fly rod weights, to me, it's all about the flies you're throwing and the conditions you're throwing them in - not the size of the fish you're catching. Trout eat weightless bugs, so you can fish for and land big trout on everything from a 1 weight to a 6 weight or heavier. Since the flies are tiny, the rod / line weight doesn't matter as much. It's all personal preference, but personally, I hate being under-gunned and throwing heavy or air resistant flies with a light rod. It's a total per peeve of mine. You can really feel the fly clunk on the forward and back cast. No good. I fish an 8 weight for bass and love it. Even when fishing a heavy or air resistant fly, once you get enough 8 wt line in the air the feel of the fly fades and you're back to throwing the line. And that line can carry that fly way more efficiently. That's what it's all about. Another thing to think about is there's not much difference between a 7 and and 8 or an 8 and a 9 - so when building your quiver, jump at least 2 weights. For me, I have a 5 for trout and panfish and an 8 for largemouth / smallmouth / carp etc. Next purchase will be a 10 for surf fishing the open beach.