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  1. I am wanting a new reel. Rather a new 6500. My fishing is done in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida panhandle. Kings, cobia, red and black drum etc. What 6500 should I buy? Thank you--
  2. Fortunately living in central south Georgia I am about equidistance from the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. (about two hours to either). Most (rather all) of my surf fishing has been done in the Gulf panhandle. The tide is such that it is common to walk 2-300 yards into the surf to find water deep enough to hold fish. Once there deeper water may only be fifty foot or so from where one stands consequently distance is not necessary only helpful. Target species are Speckled Trout (spotted sea bass), Redfish (red drum) Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, and an occasional Cobia. Whiting which are common in the Atlantic are not found in the Gulf. I have both ten and eleven foot surf rods with spinning reels. I have found these to be both unhandy and unnecessary. Normally I fish with a much handier eight foot rod. Based on this I bought the seven foot six inch level wind rod. I want to start fishing the Atlantic which is a slightly easier ride for me. Now I find out that I possibly should have bought a much longer surf rod. Oh well, the rod will work great from my bay boat.
  3. Ironic you should ask. Told the wife abt a hour ago I wanted to go to Jekyll Father's Day and try my new rod. We live out from Tifton. Presently the rod is equipped with a 6500 CL3 filled with Ande 15 pound test. knowing nothing I thought the reel too small. I have spinning tackle on ten and eleven foot rods. Just know nothing about surf fishing with level winds. Oh! Thank you for the information.
  4. Thanks to everyone who replied. The informationis greatly appreciated.
  5. Just bought a decent quality 7'6" medium action rod for surf and bay use. Looking for a level wind reel that will give me the best distance. What to buy? Which 65-66-7000?
  6. Steve---Thank you. I appreciate the information.
  7. Am new to level wind surf fishing. I am, however an experience spin cast fisherman. My 6500CL3, can it be modified with magnets etc for surfcasting? Also can anyone recommend a rod brand and length? I am partial to Penn. Take care, tight lines.