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  1. More tits please
  2. That cop pulled me over last week. Don’t speed on swamp pike!
  3. Best buds. Pic taken an hour after adopting the little guy. Don’t know what he is but he fast as lightning
  4. Put a lot of time in to get this science experiment too bite. 24” on 6x. Very memorable 30 minute quarter mile fight. Definitely made up for a crappy weekend of high water.
  5. That’s an awesome pic. What kind of mut?
  6. Killed a day chasing very wary trout in super clear water. I’m getting to old for belly crawling and tying on #22. I’m ready for spring!
  7. A day of NJ Albie madness. Thanks to Tjspei for always taking time from the action to capture it on camera
  8. Sounds great. Pm sent
  9. Or the nighttime lmb killer. Fished sloooooooow bass and pike destroy these things
  10. That's a nice one. Looking for anything in particular?
  11. Ahhhh I shook his hand. Hope it's not contagious.
  12. ^^^The best feedback comes from the fish! That's awesome guys
  13. Back from the great white north. Pm me your address jigman. Thanks for picking for me guys. I ended up with plugs from builders I don't have yet!!!!
  14. I should be crossing the Canadian border around noon tomorrow and won't have cell service all week so feel free to skip me after that time. I'd be happy with Any of the plugs!!! Nice job all