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  1. Cool.. Thankyou for the info ... I hope to hear more from rod owners as well.... THERES GOT TO BE A WAY TO BUY A GREAT CUTTİNG EDGE ROD FOR LESS THAN 5 BİLLS..
  2. I was wondering what was up with the quality and performance of the "rod geek" rods... Okay they are made in Mexico by a partnership of experienced rod makers (one of them St. Croix rods) I am at the age now where I really dont want to spend 500 bucks on a rod anymore....not in this economy anyway So The rod Geek Rods looked great at their factory direct pricing and the colors are beautiful.... so here are my questions.. * Please post only if you actually own one of these rods... * There are rod geeks blanks and rod geek factory made rods which one do you own? * tell us of their performance with plug casting and bait casting(various weights and sweet spts) and the fish you caught... * How much did you spend? * Thumbs up or thumbs down and why... This way the rest of us will be pared the trail and error and can benefit from your experiences... Thank you in advance for your inpıt, So whats the scoop fellow surf brothers?
  3. Sea Robins should only be eaten from "clean moving water" they are good eating but you must clean them properly... DO NOT eat sea Robins brom brackish back waters.... they will eat anything and do forage as well... in active waters they are preditors,, in stale waters they scub bottom and accumulate a loy of heavy metals in their aint worth it... But if its clean deep moving water you can eat them.. If there is no way to keep them alive then gut them and put them on Ice immediatelt!!!!!! Once their stomach and blader swell after death in hotter weather they are friggen disgusting and dangerous to eat like most other fish... Is it worth all the trouble to eat seas robins???? Well yes nd no... If you get them from clean water, keep the alive or gutted an cold the clean them and cook the properly then you decide on their taste... I think they taste fine but some find them weird tasting.. Its up you ... As for the reason why they are so big lately... well the drop in strped bass numbers ( a major juvinile sea robin preditor) could have something to do with it...
  4. They stopped putting in thumb screws in some models in ABU's recent mindset to modernize and cut costs... Good news is that those thumb screws are available both from ABU and other retro upgrade sources online and ebay.... I LİKE MANY OTHERS LOVED THE QUALİTY OF THE ABU'S JUST THEY WAY THEY WERE. To their credit though the high end stuff they are making now is really sweet! ABU's are a passion like old cars.... you take it granted that you will be under the hood often to get tweaked peak performance..
  5. If I had to go to a desert island with only one lure, it would be the hopkins shorty 2.25 oz. There are many ways to fish that lure... And it my go to lure during heavy storm seas...
  6. Back in the old days when I was younger and had no problems with using live bait I used to fish the EastRiver off scumbag pier in Astoria... It was my learning years and I experimented and tried every technique. I learned that catching live bait on multi teaser Sabuki rigs was a great wat to catch live bait "at dawn hours" small smiltish looking fish that when live lined later would catch huge eels and stripers.... So I am casting this 5 hook sabuki rig and a get a "hit" but irs big!!! and starts taking out drag!!! Puts up a great fight in the current of the east river... Anxşous to see what I had caught ı carefully walked the "catch" to the shore to beach it... and when I lifted my rod I saw that I had snaged not one, not two, but THREE CONDOMS... full off water and bloated they acted like parachutes in the east river current.... Now I knew how th pier got its name.... I was scuzzed out beyond words...I raise the "catch" onto the pier put it in the garbage and cut the line and that was the last time I went to scumbag pier... Some Catch ey! Not 1, not 2, but three of them! eeeeeeeeewwwwww
  7. Hi, 62 here too.. that maturity comes in handy on the beach these days as more and more people turn on to surf fishing without learning the ABC's or fishing etiquette. When it come to getting beaned, it seems my head is a magnet for sinkers I was my own worst enemy when I started learning distance casting.. 18 stitches from my own renegade 5 oz sinker when trying to learn the pendulum cast .. whenever there is a googan on the beach I put on a thicker cap ( saved me a few times) as Murphy's law is areal party pooper.
  8. Welcome to the madness, You'll drive out there a few times and catch nothing and it will drive you nuts.. then you will learn and figure it out step by step and then you'll go really nuts
  9. So from the looks of things we are mostly hee hee hee Well the way we approach catching a fish says it all .. there are much easier ways to catch a fish than we do.. so it seems its really not just the fish but the "whole experience" that enthralls us...... if we catch something along the way so much the better.... and after all that effort we smile and let it go You gotta love a sport like that, and the wonderful people who find such joy in such a logical pursuit... so its not just the pursuit of fish.... it seems we are after the bigger picture and the millions of rushes that our sport gives us..
  10. I have been also using this knot for 16 years "without even one failure".. it is easy to tie, and small enough to not pose any problems casting "hard" to far off distances...
  11. Hi Tim.. 50 ey? Welcome to the half century mark... here is where all a mans long earned experience and craftiness is a blessing when taking on the elements... The newer ending learning process continues of coarse but the foundation is solid by 50.... The restriction of the bunker boats bought you guys another 5 years .. İf you can protect the next three spawns you'll be in the clear.... I cant wait to get back home and fish with Tim..... we have many tales to share... My respects to the Mrs... God bless and stay well...
  12. hey guys were all a little "out there But the passion that drives us is the stuff that "Real living" in made of.... Those hair raising escapades that make no sense are the spice of life... It is only when you face all impossible odds, take all risks, and fail over and over again only to trudge forward with blind faith and good old pig headed stubbornness is when you twist your density into forcefully coughing up a 50lb der whether it likes it or not. "snarl"....
  13. I found myself snorkeling yesterday to retrieve a couple of tins I snapped off 2 days ago will practice "distance casting" with conventionals.. What really caught my attention was how depressed I was that I had made those casting mistakes and snapped of 3 lures after so many years of casting practice. Then I thought about those tins laying on the bottom... just sitting there I thought about how much trouble I went through to get them, the friends who went tp the dealers and purchased them for me cause the seller would not ship internationally.. (please note that I live in Turkey) The customs hassles.. its a real endeavour getting tackle purchases here.. So I went back to that spot "a very intimidating rocky shore full of the slippery slime rocks that were very jagged... and took my wife along (shes a better diver than me İ) saying it was a family picnic day and after an hour "she found two them!!" sweet thing she is .. she deserves the new car, house and husband for sure ... so I sit here with the two tins on the table.. I have been staring at them for a day now and I thought to myself.. "ya know what I'm diseased" I guess it comes with the sport, surfcasters are "passionate" about their sport to say the least So I was wondering what percentage of us are "really out there" in sicko land... So answer the poll questions and lets see, be honest now... Lets see how this turns out.. I am curious to see the results...
  14. "İnsect repellent" do yourself a favour..
  15. I enjoy Fireline "braid" on most of my reels including my Penn 750 longcast where it shines... Its "round" it stays "round" and does not dig into the spool... strong stuff (4th year on most of my reels)