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  1. Is the rip at sandy hook open for fishing yet?
  2. Giglios in sea bright
  3. St. Croix has the best warranty as far as I’m concerned. Never had a problem with them repairing or sending a replacement. They stand behind their stuff.
  4. Just turned 76 last month
  5. Im in! Thanks. A great idea.
  6. There had to be 200 to 300 boats in the bay along with 50 kayaks! Not to mention the shore line was also full of guys fishing! It was bad before this “shut down” but this is the worst crowding and killing of fish yet!
  7. They are really great plugs that do what they are supposed to do, catch fish! Also a really nice guy who takes pride in his plugs.
  8. They’re right behind the trade winds mansions now. They have lights for working around the clock and a guard in a little shack with camera's watching you.
  9. Went to Sea Bright today and watched them destroying the beach and coving the few jetty’s left while doing the beach replenishment. They even had signs to be ware of sink holes!
  10. I have a skippy swimming plug from 2008 that I bought at asbury from skippy. Is it worth any thing?
  11. I had asked a member of Jersey Surf Fishing about maybe getting a petition going at the show on 2/22/20 this year for everyone attending to sign to do away with the bonus tag. What do you think?
  12. Try harbor freight for a scale.
  13. I was fishing in sea bright a few years ago with two friends when five Spanish fellows set up right behind us while we’re plugging the beach. My one buddy leaves and I stay with the other guy until they keep getting over my line. Now I’m pissed off that my one buddy left because the pushed us out. I see him in the parking lot later and ask why did he let them push him out. He points to their car and says he flattened all their tires!
  14. What ever happened to bass pro shop coming to Sayreville?
  15. This has to be worst line ever. I’ve had break offs and lost good fish to this line breaking for no reason. I spoke to reps from power pro and they said they never had any one complain about any of these things.