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  1. Hate to say it but Same Old Jets! Marc
  2. Give it time-The idiot House Minority Leader/wannabe Speaker had his Party walk out on the Hearings. No way the Democrats are going to rush to give up unopposed questioning. McCarthy is exactly what Pelosi called him!The Democrats will get around to it in their good time. Kevin needs to read Mitch"s book "Government For Dummies". Marc
  3. I use FG knots on my conventional set ups which are rigged 50# braid to a 50# leader with 20 turns. I use 1.5 inch pvc tubes covered with 2 layers of shrink wrap to pull the knot tight. No Rizutto and no glue. Two or three added 1/2 hitches after the initial one and pull. NEVER had one come undone. Never use the knot more than one tide. Not a trusting soul. I have tried numerous times to get a 30#braid to 50# leader FG tied as above to get through the guides on a spinning set up without clatter. No can do. Does the Rizutto smooth out the exit from a spinning set up? Marc
  4. Is that a serious question or just more of your snarky BS? Marc
  5. Obviously there were pockets of violent demonstrators and times places and groups that weren't violent.One thing they all had in common was risking their personal safety by being where they had no business being. Babbitt was caught in a time and place where some of the most violent activities were taking place. Her lost life is her responsibility shared with Trump, Giuliani and those others that planned and insighted the day's activities. I shed not one tear for her loss. What I do feel is a sense of amazement at the restraint shown by the authorities in terms of their use of firearms. I would apply the same standard to the BLM protestors as well as the anarchists we saw in Seattle,Portland etc. Society can't abide lawlessness and violence by anybody in the name of Political Demonstration. Marc
  6. Who Murdered Ashley Babbitt? DJT! Marc
  7. I use a verified Chatillon with the memory ring to a headless nail . Palomar to a large swivel on the nail side and a #55 Duolock with a Palomar on the scale side. Crude but it works for me. Marc
  8. Many a successful tide due to his handiwork-RIP! Marc
  9. Sorry for your loss, Marc
  10. I used to do what the photo suggests. I regret to say it didn't work for me. I stopped using that method because as shown in both of the above examples the lures are going to bind as they "swim". The compartment the lure rides in is just too small to accommodate free movement. I found that if you can push the clip so that it touches the back of the mounting hole and there is still room between the cross bar and the front of the tin in MOST cases they won't bind. That "rule of thumb" eliminated many of the tins I wanted to use not to mention the "wrestling match" of getting tins on and off. In addition the pointed shape of the apex of the lure compartment has always been a discussion point as to whether it restricts lure movement. With tins especially the thickness of the tin riding in the pointed apex of the clip is going to negatively effect the amount of swimming action the lure will have. One might ask isn't the same thing true of lures other than tins? I have found that lures other than tins use either through wire or screw eyes and as long as they are not equipped with large split rings the binding effect is negligible if not non existent. Marc
  11. My wife is also on Enbrel and fortunately has the full collection of antibodies. Unfortunately my BIL who is on a multi medication regimen of immune suppressant medications for Multiple Myeloma has had a different experience. Up until last week, he has weekly tests ,he was 100% re: Covid antibodies after being inoculated in the Spring. This weeks test came back 20%. Marc
  12. Fellow SOL member SC spoke about an old school way of rigging tins with wire. I took that idea and used .051 through wire. The object was to be able to use TA clips on tins . I call them "dog bones". I also have used them on 8/0 forged Mustad hooks which I use in bucktails. That size Mustad is next to impossible to attach to a TA clip. I am able to do 3 different size loops and they don't bind. A J7 swims like a Bomber when using a TA clip and a "bone" in it's nose. Marc
  13. You and the rest of the "cult" must be taking the Kool Aid intravenously! What are you Trumplicans worried about? If Pelosi and Company can't find anything you will be vindicated. If not then the matter will be settled for all to see. We all saw what went down on Jan 6. It is abject stupidity to let it pass without a well ordered investigation! If one is elected to protect and uphold the Constitution then regardless of Party the support of an inquiry should be the order of the day. Going to Maralogo or Westminster to receive their marching orders makes the so called Party Leadership look small, weak and fearful. 70 million voted for Trump but 80 million voted against him. Given the behavior of the Republicans on this and other issues do you really think voters are going to vote Trumplican? This is where one of the Trump guys chimes in with one of his Butt Butt the Election was stolen diatribes. The overriding problem is the Trumplicans didn't learn anything from their loss in 2020. The generation of Trump supporters is shrinking and the number of voters supporting a Progressive agenda is growing. In the end it's a numbers game. If you can't find a way to attract the younger voters you lose! Biden will win a second term following the 2020 play book because the Trumplicans are doing the same. The voter suppression strategy is just going to piss people off and in the end stimulate a larger voter turnout. As a center right voter one will again be left without a candidate to support in 2024. If you're a Progressive you're thrilled with the Trumplican choice! DJT-The gift that keeps on giving! Marc
  14. My local Fire Dept. Supply tests and recertifies my tank. I believe it's every 5 years. They stamp the new expiration date in the side of the tank. There is a photo from Daytona hanging over the register of a CO2 tank letting go in Richard Petty's pit killing a crew member. An object lesson in why pressure testing is necessary. The owner of the FD Supply says most problems occur because the "bottle" was dropped or otherwise abused. Marc
  15. I've had "paper clip" style clips of all manufacturers turn around on me resulting in lost lures. I have found Palomars not immune but they are the best choice for attachment. Just the price of using that style. If Duolock would adjust their quality control and make all the tangs on their product the same length{long} so you could bend them like a "J" I would go back to them. All things considered TA clips are still my # one choice. Marc
  16. It would be legal if the employee paid income tax on the amount paid for the tuition. Otherwise it would be viewed as a scheme by the recipient and the employer to avoid paying taxes. Interesting to see if Trump took some kind of a "philanthropic deduction" on his taxes for the tuition charge. Private/Parochial schools are notorious for letting parents write tuition checks as "contributions" in order to avoid tax liabilities. Marc
  17. Very nice-Are they commercially available? Marc
  18. Psa LOL-Thought you were announcing a prostate problem! Marc
  19. Should have never gone to trial! Demonstrators of any stripe should not have the expectation that motorists are going to allow themselves to be assaulted. Marc
  20. Causeway on long Island has all the pure tin Charlie Graves currently in production. Marc
  21. As I've said before folks who resort to personal insults usually do so when they can't counter an argument or position with cogent thought. If you don't agree with Max say that! Comments such as the above bring nothing to the table. Marc
  22. Jeff McConnery -Vice President and Comptroller of the Trump Org. According to ABC News he testified before the Grand Jury. Marc
  23. There is a WW2 movie the name of which escapes me where a group of "Special Forces " types are detailed to blow up a dam. The explosives go off and nothing happens. The conversation amongst the detachment is unhappy to say the least. The demolition expert beseeches his colleagues to give it time. Within a few minutes cracks appear in the dam and finally it gives way to a flood of epoch proportions. This is a perfect metaphor for the Trump Org/Weisselburg Indictments with regard to DJT. Give it time-Vance and Pomerantz know what they're doing, Marc
  24. If you have to cheat on your taxes to make payroll you don't have a business. That doesn't describe the Trump way of doing things. He and his spawn steal out of pure unabashed greed and a sense of entitlement that knows no bounds. Marc