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  1. They just keep pulling . The Model R was really powerful for it's time-20 HP! Marc
  2. In the "bones". More "covered wagon" than cars as we know them! Marc!
  3. My son's recently completed 1909 Model R Stanley. This was "Muscle" at that time. The photo was taken about 2 weeks ago when it was under steam for the first time. 19 years to finish. Marc
  4. Trijicon SRO on a Glock 34. I find the domed (round) glass helps in training to keep both eyes open as opposed to the RMR model. Marc
  5. 12" pieces of .051" from Barlows. They also carry all the Dubro bending tools. Marc
  6. The movement or "wobble" has the effect of me concentrating more on my grip and stance. I never realized before the degree of movement in my gun and how sloppy I had gotten with my grip until I started using the red dot. Marc
  7. Older eyes = larger MOA. I found at my age the 5 MOA was the best choice. Marc
  8. Went to the range I'm a member of Friday. 9mm FMJ 115gr. was $39.95/50 rounds but $699.95 for 1000 rounds no limit. Last week the 1000 round price was $799.95. Supply seems to be easing. Marc
  9. Tattoo's Everlasting Eel= Marc
  10. Hughey Lures single belly hook Danny. Marc
  11. My bad! Sy is correct- The package says 7x7 or 49 strands. Marc
  12. Yes -The AFW Micro Supreme is 7 strand but different from the regular stranded variety. Marc
  13. I have been using American Fishing Wire Micro Supreme 65# test for at least the last 10 years. The stuff is terrific and I have found that Bass will hit it as well as Blues. I use the camo variant but the silver works as well. If you use a Tactical Angler style clip and crimps on the clip end you run the risk of the clip turning around. With a little care and some practice I have found I can attach the clip with a carefully tied Palomar using the Micro Supreme. The wire is "kink proof" and about as supple as Perlon. Marc
  14. Not that I am aware of. How do you ID them? Marc
  15. Like many other things i don't know dink about trolling motors but I would be super pissed at the repair facility that just kept replacing parts. The problem is there are few and far mechanics left anywhere. If the problem doesn't present itself on a diagnostic print out the end user is out of luck. Nice fix on your motor! Marc