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  1. jKrock-Take a moment and think about what you propose. Please give us a complete and honest answer to the following question. Would you find the educational experience you describe acceptable for your children or grand children? Marc
  2. The reality is "Problem Created". What you wind up with is crooks going after the educational tax dollars and creating "Trump University" like institutions in the lower grades. Marc
  3. My comments were directed towards Public Schools. I should have made that clear. Private schools are able to choose students with the parental support,$ and preparation to better adapt to online learning. Public schools accept all students no matter what their situation. Your son is fortunate to have the resources necessary to support his educational experience. Marc
  4. So what would you have us do? To be sure there are no good choices only trying to make the best of a bad situation. Marc
  5. From your tone I see you take this very seriously so I in no way mean to criticize /deride your thought. Having said that I would "bet the mortgage" that the failure rate will be next to nothing. These kids will be pushed ahead no matter what and will be at a distinct disadvantage as they move forward due to a poor foundation. Marc
  6. That is true. In every phase of life if you factor in the issue of private funds the balance is tipped to the advantage of the wealthy. It is the nature of society everywhere! Simply put it is a fact of life. What we try to do is level the field where we can. Marc
  7. My son is way beyond school age. My two grandsons are 12 and 15. I don't want them going back to school until the vaccine is available and administered. I want everybody's kids to have a quality education. Even if students go back to school and they are amongst the ones who don't get the virus they will not have received a proper educational opportunity. I feel it is better to have them graduate a year later than to go to school under these circumstances. Marc
  8. Actually the safe, sensible and educationally prudent thing to do is to close schools until a vaccine is available and then open school to those staff and students who have been inoculated. While the inoculation part will probably offend some it has been legal for years to exclude students who have not been vaccinated ( example Measles, etc.). Yes ,you would have to pay the staff because if you didn't you would lose a great deal of experienced, highly educated, valuable professionals when the schools reopened. In truth most teacher training is done by experienced staff members and they are indeed a resource whose loss would be devastating. All students under the virtual learning plans we hear about are being short changed. Black, white,hispanic,rich, poor, special needs...ALL OF THEM! What is being proposed in terms of part time school and virtual learning does not come close to the classroom experience. We are looking forward to having vaccines available in 4 to 9 months. It isn't forever. The process I suggest is much more honest than telling folks that this part time schooling is the equivalent of a traditional school experience. For those who depend on school as child care it should be noted that school's primary purpose is education. Child care is a by product of the process. Unfortunately for the health of the greater Community we will have to do without the child care aspect until it is safe for everyone to return. To do less than I suggest is tantamount to consciously choosing to depreciate the future of our Country. Marc
  9. Precisely what i thought. The unit has an automatic transfer switch that goes to generator when line power fails. It also has a test switch and an auto setting that runs it periodically. Why it doesn't have a manual override switch in case of the auto switch failing beats me. Marc
  10. 7500 watt Gillette gen set here. Enough to run refrigeration, heat , some lights, Master bedroom a/c. The trick is not all at once. My father and I did the transfer switch and sub panel. Judicious use of the breakers in the sub panel keeps everything on an even keel till the utility company gets things running again. We were out 13 days during Sandy! The biggest concern is fuel. The gas tanks on modern cars prevent siphoning for use in the Generator. Figure on having 2 day gas reserve in a big storm till the gas stations are up and running. My son has one of the large Generac built ins on propane. Terrific system as long as the electronics package holds up. His does not have a manual override. Marc
  11. I am very excited by the very real possibility that President Trump will face Justice in a Court he can't rig, Marc I would never pass the prospective jury questioning to sit on that panel so the assignation of guilt on my part before trial is of no consequence. But the conclusion that President Trump is guilty of many felony charges is beyond dispute except amongst his "cult". Marc
  12. You Trumperniks can laugh all you want but the Manhattan DA is not someone you want on your case. The President also won't have the cover of the disgraceful Bill Barr and his corrupt Justice Department to run interference for him. This will bring new meaning to the term "October Surprise". Sooner or later the cultists on this forum will be able to buy a Bobble Head of their Liege in an orange jumpsuit. The President is going to love Dannemora in the winter! The view through the bars is spectacular! The only real question is whether or not the Republican Party learns the obvious lesson of the last 4 years. Marc
  13. President Trump said as much. In several interviews he indicated he won't automatically accept the results. This has nothing to do with either Party it is purely him. marc
  14. That's fine for Federal charges but New York State is quite another matter. Those are the charges President Trump is really afraid of. You guys looking for an October surprise should follow the progress of Cyrus Vance ,the Manhattan District Attorney and his inexorable pursuit of the tax returns. Going to make the Comey letter look like an exercise in a kindergarten sand box! Kushner, the retired Judge, the President and the Trump children are in for quite a ride! You members of the President"s "cult" and what has become the Republican establishment are about to be enlightened! Game, Set, Match! Marc
  15. RIP Mr. Cain. He led a life of accomplishment in both business and politics. Marc