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  1. I just added a Gear Up 2 tube with pouch and like it a lot. Well made and light! Marc
  2. I've posted this here before. I built it many years ago and it has served me well. The plastic bag in front of the drill chuck contains an assortment of shafts that fit the reels I own. They were given to me by friends and when they ask I spool their reels. I bought the line counter from Triangle in N.J. It is the same one you see on the tackle shop commercial machines.. For conventional I took a reel seat ,epoxied it on to a piece of broom handle and mounted it using plumbing fittings. I have a bent wire yoke that fits in a cordless drill that engages the handle of the conventional reel and spins it although I usually just crank them by hand. For spinning reels you just chuck up the appropriate shaft and mount the spool using the drag knob and load your spool! Works well and very tight!! Marc
  3. Charlie Graves -I use Rasco 7H split rings. They fit! Marc
  4. Toxic substances when handled correctly can be very effective! The guys broadcasting the Steelers/Pats game had it right. The Pats don't need him and if he watched the game he knows that. Marc
  5. 1)Darnold is going to be the next Andrew Luck with that O-line. 2)How the hell do you go into the season without a kicker? 3)Brings new meaning to the saying "Same Old Jets" Marc
  6. Would like to know from those with user experience if it's worth the $. Thanks, Marc
  7. I I found that round jaw needle nose pliers which makes tail wrapping a through wire much easier and neater also makes turning the split ring inside out and back much easier. I would like to thank Stewie for sharing this! An outstanding technique!!! Marc
  8. Not close to the SS needle.
  9. The name of the show was "Gadabout Gadis The Flying Fisherman". He was a proponent of catch and release. One could accurately lay the strong fresh water fishing we see today all over North America at his feet. Marc
  10. I use WD 40 as a degreaser when servicing my reels. I also spray it on a towel and "dry off my reels" after a fresh water spray after each fishing trip. Marc
  11. Chasing down chirps and squeaks in a VS is a PITA and is best addressed by a disassembly and careful reassembly. Remove the side cover, flyer (rotor cup), shaft, traverse guide, retaining ring and transmission. Lay in a good supply of paper towels,QTIPS , a terry cloth towel and a can of WD40 or your favorite degreasing spray. 1) Clean out the case of all grease and lay aside 2)take a tooth brush and clean the grease out of the teeth on the main gear. Check the shaft of the main gear for shims and don't lose them. Check the roller on the back side of the gear and make sure it is free and moving. I have seen them stuck with dried grease and not turn but they will ride in the traverse guide and may be the source of the squeak. 3) check the sleeve guide where the quad seal goes and make sure it is not twisted in it's groove. You can reseat it if twisted but I would install a new one if it was fished in the twisted position. 4) check the bearing on the inside of the side cover. If it has an open race (you can see the balls) take your wd and flush out any grease. Turn the bearing and make sure it is smooth. Take grease (I prefer Royal Purple in a tube from Pep Boys) and using your finger re pack the bearing. 5) Carefully examine the handle side of the side cover and make sure there are no signs of wear where the handle meets the side cover. If there is contact it will definitely chirp and go away when it is wet. All it requires is a small button shim or two to relieve the contact and properly time the reel. 6) Make sure when you reinstall the traverse guide that it "rocks" freely back and forth so it can touch both rails in the case. If it is installed improperly and is seated on one rail it will wear that rail and chirp or squeal. 7)Pre lube the shaft tube and side cover bearings with oil and fill the square portion of the case with oil. I prefer Royal Purple Hypoid Gear Oil available from Pep Boys. The use of oil will void your warranty so consider that. Also fill the pinion pocket with grease, make sure the main bearing in front of the pinion gear is free and grease the teeth on the main gear and pinion and the rails in the case. 8)Complete reassembly. This and that-This may sound a bit complicated but can be performed by anyone with a self service kit and a watch makers $10 case opening tool to remove the transmission retaining ring and an allen wrench to remove the rotor cup. I use oil to lube my reels instead of grease. The original and mid year VS reels were oil lubed. In fact the original self service kits came with a bottle of Castrol Hypoid Gear Oil for just that purpose. I have heard from some that Royal Purple will degrade seals. This has not been my experience but you follow any of the suggestions I made at your own risk. I believe if you follow what I have outlined your reel won't sqeak and will experience less wear due to the oil sloshing around inside the case. One last bit- I own five VS reels and have been replacing them with the VSX variants as funds allow. I find the VSX to be durable and the line lay is superior to the old design. The drag is the same BUT because of the thread change on the shaft is far more adjustable than the old design. The only criticism I have of the latest reels is that the anodizing is not as good as the older models. I am also irritated by the change of the silver colored power knob for a gun metal color that matches neither the black or silver reel. Marc
  12. Cow Harbor B&T has a Boga service. Marc
  13. What I said was "This behavior is emblematic of the younger guys in our sport. No sense of fishing etiquette or beach behavior." Which has nothing to do with anything you wrote. Back in the "good ole days" surfmen were a private lot who went about their hobby quietly. Spots were never "blown up" and if your accomplishments became known it was because your peers spoke of them not the electronic self aggrandisement seen today.
  14. As a New Yorker I couldn't agree more! This behavior is emblematic of the younger guys in our sport. No sense of fishing etiquette or beach behavior. The silver lining in the fishery decline is these folks will lose interest and stay home. Marc
  15. X2 Marc