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  1. i love my Cole Haans Oxfords
  2. are the greenwater rods available ??
  3. That hit on Cindy
  4. Surf casters. Inc
  5. Wader you on the FB “******* ” group ??
  6. Mini made the U16 AA roster , yr 2 for this team should be a good season only lost 5 2005 players …
  7. Loots how’s the boy doing?? What U is he playing this year??
  8. Cassidy will have them watch some Torpedo and Wolves film tomorrow to figure this guy out… next game bRUINS win for sure
  9. It was a much closer game on the scorecard for sure
  10. Laughs on the board
  11. 1st star tonight is the AHL goalie …
  12. And that’s that
  13. Providence just doesn’t have any gas in the tank …