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  1. @chumbucket enjoy
  2. Sorry Red
  3. how bored are you reading an article from 2012???
  4. nope on my phine voice to texts...
  5. they brainwashing the kids to see everything from a view... instead of a broad spectrum view it is tilted to one side... not just college either, my son is in middle school, the stuff they tell him and he is to believe it as truth is down right disturbing...
  6. Gas is cheap, 2.29 when I last filled up, homes are affordable, you can get a 2/2 condo in Naples for $160k that is 20 yrs ago prices... in marathon you can get the same for $580k ... the time to buy property is now, buyers market.... stocks are down BFD
  7. Ok it dropped 800, it went up 550+ the day before... so it really only dropped 250ish in reality... run for the hills.... panty wastes
  8. I have too many is the problem, I use the 7wt and 8wt in the back yard pond when I have time
  9. Abel #4 slotted back and Abel #3 solid back pouches for each ... if want pictures send me a PM with your cell number...
  10. it is a tank... Guest has one I believe ....
  11. I have 2 Abel's I need to unload as well... never used... and some Old Florida fly reels, before they became Naultilus
  12. sending Chum the VS, this morning....
  13. none... never had time to use them
  14. Yes. Hope no one gets a penalty