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  1. 2-3 clubs??? who you playin with cripples???
  2. Caught up...24 pages.... EFF EDDY.... why the DOD peepin in here?? nice fish Toto the beta for NHL19 was sick... Mini is wrapped in Fortnite and Tom Clancy something or other.... I skated yesterday first time since May when they took the ice out 100% with Commish, leave the damn sharks alone
  4. Nitey your hood is on FOX... about the plosions
  5. sharks get Karlsson, sens get bucket of dicks ( 8 scrap heap player/players to be) Toto style Congrats Pete on winning the cup this yr
  6. bRUINS got him back????
  7. suck it up buttercup....
  8. I think there is more to this story
  9. Right this minute last yr I was live snapping Irma to you glorious Jackasses... man time flies, we still haven’t fully recovered from its effects yet, but everyday seems a little bit better.... people are actually getting roofs put on now...
  10. They broke your scooper
  11. ANIMAL!!!