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  1. swallow tailed kite flying around... mockingbirds going nuts... and this jackass says, he look at that ostrich getting chased away
  2. what is happening here.... are they gonna impeach the Mayor??
  3. mmmmmmm redfish flays
  4. great story... have you driven what is on the market currently, all makes??? I have in a head to head drive comparison on closed course setup for off road... before you spout off get off your ass and go drive what is on the market now, this isn't 1973...
  5. not true, the brands you mentioned do not have real crawl functions... you have to use both feet, in the Ford you control just the break pedal, real crawl.... thanks for your input in something you know nothing about though
  6. You freaks still believe bRUINS gonna skate the cup yo give me the name of your doc so I can get a script of the **** you are on
  7. Sharhks didn’t even show up
  8. big deal... they are brainwashing your kids Ern... Eff teachers and their ilk
  9. that nitey Dunkin vid has me cryin here at work ...
  10. first time skiing it was our 5th grade winter trip... it was awesome watching the massholes dying and breaking bones... fricken amateurs... hope she has fun, it is a great adrenaline rush for sure
  11. I see that you got the wagon... great rig...
  12. it is intelligent 4WD.... which means it is FWD until there is slip of any kind then it becomes AWD... all of this is fine tuned controlled in the terrain control knob, it allows you to control the amount of slip per actual conditions ... all trim levels offer 4WD in the Explorer, however the Sport and Platinum only come that way standard and those two come with the 3.5L twin turbo only as well... the base, XLT, and Limited have 2 power train options 3.5L naturally aspirated or the 2.3L twin turbo...
  13. That FX4 package is worth its weigh in gold... it allows you to crawl, which the only other vehicle on the planet that has this feature is the Raptor... No other competition even comes close in offroad capabilities...
  14. NHL On The Fly Quick Pitch Sports Center (80's-00's) 30 for 30 Friday Night Fights (Boxing)