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  1. Sorry Ted
  2. you should just give up on killing the grass and put down astroturf
  3. that pees on hydrants?? How does that work??
  4. rinks are open here... practices going... mini camps, some tourneys to be made up... they even renovated our rink while it was closed for last month...
  5. The banker
  6. Big Ern proud poppa of twins
  7. Fricken Guest.... Nice rig!!!
  8. which phone app are you using??
  9. War zone
  10. Rainbow 6.... HUT NHL20... battle royal forte nite
  11. Goat head Eddy
  12. PINKED
  13. Eddy how many "people" from your hood have died from the chink virus??
  14. I thought the Amish could manufacture anything