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  1. Passed final...thread closed, thanks SOL
  2. That sounds fair...sold to Izzy4759 pending inspection
  3. sorry I didn't was directed toward IZZY
  4. IZZY, Split the difference at $1750 and its yours.
  5. ttt
  6. 2012 hobie outback in Papaya used less than 5 times, injury forces sale. Purchased December 2012, includes Wheeleez plug in cart, YakAttack VisiCarbon Pro light,Kokatat PFD (L-XL), Turbo and standard fins, Sailing and standard rudder, Lowrance Mark 4 FF/GPS with battery and charger, 2 4'' gear tracks with Ram tubes, Flare kit, first aid kit, Anchor and trolley , assorted leashes and anything else that came with this kayak. This is a turn key kayak just ad your tackle $1850.[ATTACHMENT=12632]HPIM0289.JPG (1,242k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=12633][ATTACHMENT=12634]HPIM0291.JPG (1,258k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=12635][ATTACHMENT=12636][ATTACHMENT=12637]HPIM0296.JPG (1,097k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]
  7. I bought one recently but have yet to procure replacement bearings and seals. The guy who makes them was very accommodating and assuming it works the price is negligible IMO.
  8. Thanks for the heads up....done!
  9. The "X" shaped divider was made by cutting opposing slots in two pieces of plexi, I believe that is where most of the strenght comes from. I used a permitex silicone product made for glass and plexi (sorry I forgot the exact name) but I'm sure standard silicone or even hot glue would work. The other single dividers were just cut for a frction fit inside the tube. They have held up great, no failures of any kind and work more pulling 4 plugs out at once, when I load my bag I just choose the appropriate dividers for size and style plugs I'm using that night. Steve
  10. +1 for a Surfcaster Bag. For the money the quality can't be beat, even with the minor down grades they have made to them over the years to keep the cost constant.
  11. I would think that by this time tomorrow the evacuation of Fire Island will no longer be an option for it's residents as to allow enough time to ferry everyone over, not to mention those in flood prone South shore areas. If and when this happens it would make sense that all incoming access to the outer beaches be suspended. If memory serves when the last tropical storm "brushed" our shores the Moses bridge was closed to South bound traffic well before the height of the storm. As far as the latest predictions it would seem that the majority of our access will not exist by Monday morning....
  12. I would be game to test one on my Newell 338 / Lami 1361mh chunking set-up, I feel the only weak link on this outfit is the stock Newell handle.
  13. From the album Forum Attachments

  14. From the album Forum Attachments