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  1. Only one section of beach in Point Pleasant is town owned. The rest is private. I though that was only to the nigh tide mark. Which maybe true but since you can’t park anywhere it doesn’t matter. The section owned by Jenkinsons didn’t get sand pumped so I don’t know if that is a factor allowing them to keep people off.
  2. I’m not doing it. They want to find dead beat dads go do some police work and find them. Don’t stick it in something that has nothing to do with it. F them.
  3. I guess they think a lot of of fisherman are dead beat dads. I wonder on what other non fishing forms they slipped this in.
  4. Got an email for this so I went to fill it out and one of the requirements is to also fill out a Child Support form. WTF is this stupid crap doing in a striped bass bonus tag application? They want my SS number so I can get a striped bass bonus tag. I don't want to give that out. I don't know who is going to see that. I don't have any kids so it doesn't even apply to me. Sounds like the typical worthless do nothing politicians pet project. Has this been in past bonus tag program?
  5. Oh my god!!! People out fishing!! It’s the end of the world!
  6. Haven't missed it at all.
  7. All the mayors from point pleasant to seaside are getting together next week to talk about reopening the beaches.
  8. Nope. Every beach and bay spot is closed that I know of in my area. Thanks to the folks from lakewood for at least one of them being closed. I don’t know where else to go. Anyway I’m not traveling to another town to some spot that might not even be open or can even park there and have to get hassled by some cop or citizen with nothing else to do.
  9. Yeah and I would like some fun to do too.
  10. Yeaaahh the one I had planed to go to isn't open. That's nice. Mean while I can go to Shoprite and be around more people in an hour than I would an entire day at this park. Makes sense.
  11. Just looked at the last issue I got. They have stopped printing for the foreseeable future it says. Just digital.
  12. Uhh sure. If someone is that stupid then they deserve what they get.
  13. Nirvana was some of the worst music I have ever heard.
  14. So we need to quarantine forever because a incredibly small percentage of the population has died? When does it end? How many people die every year from drug ods, car accidents, sucicide, flu...ect? How many have died were old, had underlying heath issues? The 24 hr media needs a big bad enemy to pump up those ratings.
  15. That must be one hell of a sight.