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  1. Wow. Interesting story. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Illegal is right. I don’t blame them for trying to come. I would. Why is it our problem? President alzhimers and vice President idiot want this to appeal to their base of morons. So USA becomes another **** hole. Funniest thing is the idiot minorities now will stay the minorities when these people over take them.
  3. Why are our resources even wasting our time or money? Take them, feed them, house them, send them into the USA. Scoop them up and drop them right back over the boarder. It’s harsh but why the hell is it our responsibility to do all this? Bunch of bull****. Smugglers and cartel should be shot on site.
  4. Finally made it out this afternoon. Fished OC inshore. Crazy strong wind and brownish water but managed several blues. One which was double digits. Usually I’m out by early March but between work, weather and things going on at home have not made it out. So great to forget everything else and hear that drag zinggggg.
  5. Bought two rods that I could not get locally one 7’6” and one 9’ both wrapped a bit in bubble wrap and shipped in tubes and arrived perfectly fine. Bought other smaller stuff at other times too and no issues at all.
  6. Wow 30-30 ammo is expensive. I was thinking about going to an outdoor range and shooting my dads Winchester 94. I’ve always wanted to shoot it. He hasn’t since the early 70s. So I was looking to see what it would cost to replace if I shot some of what he has left. Was that stuff always more expensive? The 9mm and 5.56 I have been buying is like .80 a $1.00 per round and this is more than double.
  7. Sounds like a nice plan. I’m doing pretty much the same. No pension but maxing out ira and 401k and other investments.
  8. Yes. VOO - Vanguard S&P 500 ETF. It the first thing I bought and have a large portion of my entire account in that.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into how to do that.
  10. Guess I am doing good then. I started in 2017 and have been able to max it out every year. I'll be 40 this year and plan to max it out as long possible. I've had it set to reinvested dividends the entire time. I've been dollar cost averaging the stocks I do have over the course of each year. Not just load the 6k on and buy them all in one shot.
  11. Question for you guys. I just contributed to my Roth IRA for 2021 of $6000.00. I started late in life but have been doing it for several years now and have had a pretty good return so far. I'm up overall 56%. Going into it I decided to pick some good companies and see how it goes. Ford, JNJ, VZ, BAC, QCOM and VOO that tracks the S&P. I'm curious with a Roth IRA if you guys pick some good companies and stick with those and just add to them year by year? Instead of buying maybe more risky stocks with a normal brokerage account. With only $6k to use for a year if you have say twenty stocks you really can't buy much more of every one.
  12. Somebody making it rain money at the memorial site.
  13. Continued riots no matter what the verdict is. My guess is the lesser charges. I forget which degree but I think it 10 years. From what I have seen looks like there were many factors beyond just what Chauvin did that could have caused his death.
  14. Hit the range last night with some friends. Ammo was fully stocked. Plenty of 9mm and 5.56. Prices still suck. $39.99 for box of 50 9mm and $19.99 for 5.56 20ct box. Price hasn’t gone up but hasn’t gone down either. Ocean County, NJ.
  15. Yep. It’s severely hindering the effort to build up infrastructure.