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  1. Sounds about right it's coming from two people from NJ. The entire process here is a joke. Took me 5 months to get my FID. One of my friends applied before I did in the same town and it took him 6 months. That was during the pandemic times in 2020. The township just drags their feet. No priority what so ever. My same friend who has FID and has previously purchased a couple of firearms applied for a new handgun permit this year. Still took 3 months to process. This is nothing more than an attempt to make it more aggravating, more onerous, more costly since they know they can't ban gun outright.
  2. Worst spring for me since I’ve been keeping logs. About 25 years now. Between family health issues, deaths, lousy weather, work and family responsibilities it’s been terrible.
  3. Totally lousy spring continues. Brown dirty water this morning still. All that brown foam floating around. Caught a plastic bag and pretty sure there was a tire bobbing in the wash. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Three hours and not a tap.
  4. Good. I wouldn’t that that garbage for free.
  5. LOL how much they get you for that piece of trash?
  6. Gave it a try for a couple hours this morning. Nothing doing. Lousy Spring for me. Wish I could get out more. FML. As for local tackle shops. Most are good. Except for the report liars. Like the one in south Seaside park. Total BS reports since this guys father ran it.
  7. Nice. Can’t wait to get some dbags pencil jiggers.
  8. Fantastic info. Need to find some of this type of bucktail.
  9. Nope. It was great back in the day when you had a few guys building plugs that they wanted that didn’t exist. Now it’s way to many guys turning out ridiculous looking plugs at stupid expensive prices just to make a profit. The sooner it crashes the better. I’ll never waste my time at these shows. Haven’t been to one in years.
  10. I’ve removed regular wallpaper before. Not to bad. I have this hideous thing in my hallway. Feels like felt. My Mom used to like it but she passed away last month. Lot of things I want to change/improve now. How hard you think it’s to get off?
  11. My friend is a pilot. Ashley Judd was on one of his flights several years ago from Nashville to NY. Total elitist unfriendly *hole. Had to have her dog with her, had to be the last one seated so no one waked by her, had to be the first off so no on walked by and bothered her. Didn't say s*** to him or the Captain entering or exiting.
  12. I’ve tried that. Right eye which is the same I shoot with.
  13. Ha good story. Yeah it’s most likely me.
  14. First off I have only been shooting for around a year. Need more practice for sure. That being said every time I have shot my Glock 17 gen 5 the shots all seem to go low left or left. This last one was 25 shots at 5 yrds. Pretty close. Hit the target with every shot but you can see the pattern. Think it’s my inexperience or a characteristic of the gun being much lighter? Shot my friends 1911 steel frame 9mm and felt like I shot it so much better. Could the sights be slightly off from factory?
  15. LOL. Dressed like some **** hole county. Lame o