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  1. Back to the skunk. 4-8am in OC this morning. Covered a good mile or so of beach. Not a tap.
  2. Fished OC from 4-8 this morning. Got one nice 29" on a yozuri crystal minnow. First keeper size for better for me in quite a while. Released to catch again another day. Saw bunker splashing as well.
  3. I can't comment on the Stellar surf model you mentioned. Try searching this site for that rod. I remember seeing lots of mentions of it when I was doing research for a rod I wanted.
  4. I will take a look at this. Thanks again!
  5. Wow that is some good info! Funny thing too is that my Grandparents on my mothers side were all from Hazelton, PA. That's wild. I'll have to look into this further. Thank you!
  6. I have that exact setup. Paraflex 9' and Slammer 3 4500. Really nice. I like it a lot. Caught some nice sized blues just this morning on it. That being said it doesn't do to well on the lower end. It will cast 3/4oz fine enough but won't load like a rod that is geared for those weights. It's better in the 1oz or so to 2.5oz range. As far as having enough backbone I would say it does. It's fairly stiff rod. The blues I got today were in the 6-8lb range. Nothing crazy big but still a good fight in a bit of current. Rod did fine.
  7. Gave it a try out back in OC for a few hours this morning. Skunked. Water was pretty dirty. Try again tomorrow. My fishing vacation week is not starting off very good.
  8. I have a 40mm Bofors shell as well. My other grandfather brought it back from WW2 I believe. He was in the Army so how exactly he got this I don't know. When he was on a Navy ship at some point I would assume. But this says 40mm MK 2 on the bottom with a anchor stamped as well. But it is obviously much smaller.
  9. Thanks for the info. Well it looks closer to this than anything else I have been able to find. Still not exact though. I'll have to keep looking.
  10. I figured I'd post this here see if any of you guys can help. My grandfather who was 95 passed away earlier this year. My Uncle has been little by little cleaning out the house. He found this and let me have it. He has no idea where it came from. My grandfather was in WW2 so that is why I am thinking it is possibly from that era.
  11. I have a couple Star rods. One 7.5' 3/8-2oz Stellar Lite and 9' 1-4oz Paraflex Surf. I like them both. But they are a bit stiff. The Paraflex doesn't have much bend in it when throwing an SP minnow for example. It gets the plug where I wanted it but doesn't have the same feel like the Legend does. My main surf rod is the same Legend you mentioned in your original post.
  12. Gave it a try out front in OC for a few hours this morning. Got one blue fish, found a plug and saw lots of birds diving maybe a mile out. Other than that water was dirty and the beach was even dirtier with trash washed up.
  13. Wow so helpful. Sorry for trying to ask a legitimate question for some help. Thanks for nothing.
  14. Just curious what internet security/anti virus programs you guys are using. The one I have been using for the past few years is almost up and I don't want to continue to use it. The one I see at Bestbuy that have the most reviews and stars is Webroot Complete.
  15. I always carry a 1oz Super Strike floating popper. Call me crazy but I like it better than the more popular 2 3/8 sinker. The other one that I have had for probably 20 years that has caught me a lots of fish is Still Water Smack-it. I have the larger size which is over your one ounce requirement but they do make a smaller one.