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  1. When does this end? How does it end? I feel like this Country is an addict that knows they need help but hasn’t hit rock bottom. I fear this is going to be the norm for at least the rest of the decade. Maybe until a huge portion of the current old politicians are gone. I live in a town in NJ that for several years was the safest in the country. We have had numerous breakins and auto theft the past month. It’s a sad state when you are worried about leaving your house for the day.
  2. That sounds delicious. That being said good bye to summer. Summer would be great around here if it wasn’t for all the north jersey, NY, and Philly trash coming in. Only people like it are the mob that owns the boardwalks. Good F-ing riddance.
  3. Meanwhile the majority of the blacks stupidity vote one way not realizing they will still remain at the bottom when all these Latin American people pouring over the border are will be ahead of them someday.
  4. I used to love to go fishing at the beach by the inlet and at the inlet itself. I haven't gone over there in years. Last time I think it was 24hr pay to park and it was $2.00 or 2.50 an hour. I absolutely detest paying to park anywhere. Just a BS money grab.
  5. What is that white one on the bottom row third from the left. Can't recall ever seeing a plug like that before.
  6. If you have never seen it watch The Pacific after this. The Pacific war was definitely a much more brutal war. The series is really well made but quite a bit different. They had it worse over there I think.
  7. Nice. Without a doubt the greatest miniseries ever made. Twenty plus years later still better than the vast majority of the garbage made today.
  8. She definitely knows where the best food places are. These companies are ran by morons. If they did nothing then no one would care. They do this stupid crap and it brings them out into the spotlight and hurts their produce. Idiots.
  9. Where is the hook? Hopefully this is a troll post. No way this is real.
  10. That's insane. I wouldn't pay that for a custom wood plug.
  11. Illegal alien. Wow shocker. Ehh not really. Now we get to pay for this trash to live in jail. Sad state this country is in.
  12. Evidence is plain sight people. This is worst than watergate for sure.
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