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  1. geez i cut off all my long hair,then they pulled me over because they thought i was a skin head.no need to read the comics anymore more than enough laughs reading the comments on hear by the anti's on here
  2. i use marine grade wheel grease, and some marvel mystery oil to thin it a little
  3. so every time you want to change lures or jigs you have to go back up to your bike?or do you just fish off the service road
  4. as soon as the ski lifts stop turning
  5. its been well over 10 years since i tossed eels of any sort,i do use them occasionally off my kayak.i am pretty confident that i can catch as big a fish on plugs as i could on eels,to each their owm n
  6. so to the old pros,you can tell the differance between a 33.75 inch fish and a 34.25 inch fish,better eyes then mine
  7. ferret,totally agree with you,this will be my 6th fi,several are 15 years old and still going strong
  8. yes with the legalization of marijuana the world is going to end
  9. if you would accept check or MO i will take it for asking price
  10. 126though i don't consider myself a canal regular,i fish it enough to say that my old school arra 126-1mh for jigging and 1321 mh get the job done for me,
  11. no mangled hooks for me i always upgrade hook.html
  12. justfishin,we both know the only one capable of writing that book.we also know that same man has caught more documented fish over 50 lbs from the beach than any other person that walked the beach. we discussed bent and mangled hooks the other night,rarely if ever did he bend or mangle a hook espewcialy treble hooks. he did say there was a hook that he used for eels,that bent but he didn't use them after one bent.fishing in sand eel city i have caught thousands of bass in the side of the mouth and from the beach never bent a hook unless it was by my pliers,i will be blunt and say bent mangled hooks are due to user error not a fishs leverage ,have at it,
  13. not really sure why you call those time the glory days,just a short peroid in time when just about anybody could catch a large fish.i could really care less about what people caught,i have become very dis inchanted with all the stories that i have heard in my last 20 years on the cape.i would love to see someone write a book about what really went on back in the day.
  14. you can rag on Marty all you want,but in the real world of fishing very few of you will accomplish what Marty has in his many many years of fishing.
  15. with all those bent hooks i realize how many of those big rocks have move
  16. regardless of what bait is around regardless of the weather conditions,either a 5 or 6 inch SP minnow is my plug of choice ,color doesnt matter.after that needlefish and rubber
  17. WOW,is all i can say,i have been fishing for stripers quite a long time and can say that i have only mangled a few hooks,all in the canal.and honestly most of the damage was caused by my pliers removing the hooks in a hurry in the dark.guess i must be doing something wrong,
  18. check terminal tackle ,kings park ny
  19. its not the use of weed that will get you hurt on the job,its the use of weed by those that are brain dead to begin with.that will get you hurt.i have worked on the water and have been in the building trades all my life,and have smoked weed thruout this time and have all my fingers,and when i clammed their weren't many guys that could out dig me,in LI,staten island and Fla.,its not the weed its who is smoking the weed
  20. what brought the bass back was mother nature not the change in regulations.we want to pat ourselves on the back as man .
  21. gray,skiing is always good,its been a long season already,we have had several warm freeze cylcles but lots of snow as well. another 2 months before i start thinking of fishing
  22. regulate the recreational fishery to the same standard as commercial fisheries and the problem will solve itself if nature allows
  23. and then you have states like California and oregon and colorado were pot has been legal for awhile were growers are sitting on tons of high quality weed that they cant get rid of legally because it can't be transported across state lines.