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  1. I will take these,can meet anywhere from canal to ptown,if that works if not shipping is fine
  2. and if you look at the names of most of those caught with undersized fish its pretty clear which ethnic groups are the biggest culprits
  3. much higher price for legal sized fish thru the front door.the blackmarket is mainly for undersized fish
  4. still,if you use a 20 lb average bass size,only an average of 1390 fish for each open day,sad to say the least
  5. Sudsy,are you looking to get it back to NJ,or planning on coming to canal later on?i could grab it from Puck and meet you later in season at canal
  6. its not jealousy,i have had epic fishing from Demo to Montauk that rivals anything that I have had at the canal,i have had epic fishing from the canal to Race point,but would never ever post specific pictures because I respect SOLs policy of spot burning end of story
  7. it is great that you had a taste of what the canal can offer,its great that you respect the fish you catch,its great you clean up after yourself,but one thing that this site members with any experience frown upon is a spot burn which your pictures and videos certainly show specific spots regardless of what other media is doing with the on goings at the canal as a member of SOL you shoukd be alittle more careful on posting images of specific spots.
  8. Still only around 1000 fish a day being sold if you use a,20 lb average,no reason for a price drop
  9. Look at how places on 6A from Truro to ptown that are not displaying the no vacancy sign that was the norm for this timtheree in the season a lot more cars heading north
  10. I am afraid of the stop and shop parking lot
  11. Ged don't hit your head when you fall off your throne.you have thousand upon thousands of recs that leave their house with the intent of bringing home a bass.in the end as our gracious host Tim says a dead fish is a dead fish
  12. no,if their is a problem with the stocks,then look in the mirror and see that you are part of the problem,dont place the blame elsewhere.anybody who spends anyamount of time on the water can plainly see that the recreational sector has a greater impact on the resource than the commercials coast wide.until everyone works together things are only going to get worse.. in the real world the vast majority of recs fish to keep a fish,what we read on this site is not representive of the fishing world
  13. i guess if you like serving coffee and donuts,D@D would be a better way to go.what is sad is all the recs that torture a fish with hooks for the fun of it when stocks are crashing,just saying
  14. not sure why you would think it was a privilage to fish with Mundus,there were many captains in Montauk who were known to catch fish,who were not egomanics