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  1. got my sheros sw 4 years ago when i still worked in a tackle shop and have to say it has held up flawlessly.the first 2 years it saw about 50 days each season last 2 seasons 75 to 100 days as i use other setups at times.i do maintain my reels on a regular basis,and keeping the seals in place on the sheros is a little tricky.my rods and reels on top of my car constantly from early may till end of october so they constantly are exposed to the elements.
  2. geez from everything i read on this site there are no fish to be caught,this must be fake news
  3. though not fishing related for me,when my fish season ends my ski season begins opening day.html
  4. RIP Skitter
  5. 7Rivers,don't read what is not written
  6. if you really think that the bass population is on the brink of collapse you should be spending more time at meetings and hearing then bitching on line.for one season an area has abnormal fishing,not much differant than many other areas have had over the last 50 to 60 years and every one is in an uproar.as far as the Mass com season,it wasn't alack of fish it was a lack of size.i do think that something needs to be done to decrease the total amount of fish that are being taken coast wide by everyone that fishs.with the speed info travels today it is way to easy for the masses to cash in on good fishing.and also as far as C@R i would say it isnt even close for shore bound anglers,the vast majority of people that fish recreationally want to catch what they eat.maybe if you said hardcore surf guys that are passionate about the sport you might have a higher frequency of C@R
  7. Do you really think that the majority of recreational anglers practice C@R.?
  8. If you are talking real life fishing and the abilty to catch fish and the amount of big fish taken in your life time,Marty is just as much a legend as most of the other names in this thread.and like giant basshole,i have had the pleasure of fishing with many of the best of the best,both shore and boat and what sets them apart is the amount of time and effort put into actually fishing not some secret that they know
  9. Aaron, talked to TC last night,you are lucky to have hit it off with him.not many guys that are his age that can pound the surf day in day out the way he does.not to mention fishing the freshwater all winter.
  10. before the internet,cell phones and all the other hitech distractions kids have today
  11. and as to why Marty didn't weigh his fish in,there are areas where catch and release is mandotory at times of the year.
  12. beret from the early 60's to mid 70's caught many fish between 40 and 50lbs fishing with my father ,do i remember which was the largest no.evan when i was a kid it didn't matter how big the fish i caught were. caught many large fluke,weakfish,flounder and so on because there were large to catch.i do remember the largest codfish i caught,55.6 lbs caught on the viking star the day after thanksgiving i thin k i was 14..It was written up in Frank Keatings column in the LIP.
  13. the only fish i count are the ones i bring to the market.as to what i caught my largest on it was so long ago i forgot. caught many large fish on all kinds of things,surgical tubes live snappers,live bunker,savage sandeels magic swimmers needlefish dannies conrads sandeels,rigged sluggos,clams,umbrella rigs,bucktails the list goes on and on.catching a big fish means nothing unless you are fishing for ego
  14. do you really think that thousands of 50 lb fish are caught in the rips of Montauk?
  15. yeah,that guy really likes deadly dicks any good stories from the commondant?