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  1. water with fish in it
  2. no what catches fish is the guy holding the rod and tossing the offering.i could probably catch as many fish as most not even using hooks
  3. Huge,i am a pretty easy person to find, i have fished with many many people who use to frequent this site.any time you want to share a tide, and might have something to teach me i am all for learning something new.as a kid i never had time for playgrounds as i was always fishing .
  4. Pete,was your lunch hour buddy sitting in his car waiting for you to catch a fish?,make sure you have at least 3 trebles on your small plugs you don't want to lose one of those monsters
  5. DD,its not a matter of being really really good,its a matter of better penetration,sharp barbless hooks have an better chance of a good hookup than a barb and as others have said removing a hook is much faster with barbless hooks,countless times i have unhooked and caught another fish while the guy next to me is trying to unhook a fish. and after more than 60 years of fishing behind me,i have a pretty good idea of how to catch a fish.as far as being a mentor there really isnt much to know about catching a fish its a pretty simple thing that guys make a big deal about to make them look good. you go fish alot you catch alot
  6. i crush the barbs on all my plugs,and catch as many fish as any body else problaly even more.i still sell fish and when a single fish was averaging over 180 dollars i didn't fear losing a fish because of crushed barbs. if you feel that you need barbs to catch a bass fishing might not be your sport just saying
  7. its not the trebles that kills the fish,its the idoit using the trebles that kill the fish.
  8. No,i tried calling last night ,but no answer. thought i would be heading down tommorrow but a little accendent with my new truck has put a dent in my plans
  9. just make sure a few of the vendors hang around after lunch time. very disappointed last year when i got there about 1 oclock and only a handle full of tables were still set up.
  10. if mumichog doesn't want the cabo for 35.00 i will take it for 35.00
  11. any pictures of the Cabo?
  12. the biggest problems with kids are there parents
  13. my answer is no,if i wanted to sit home and get paid to do nothing i would have another 10 kids and go on welfare
  14. if you think they might like the cold and would like to ski i will trade for my wife who doesn't.