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  1. yes even fishing bait takes a certain nack.i grew up fishing bait for many differant species of fishw ith my Dad,one of the funniest things i heard was when a freind of my uncles came out fluke fishing with us,when we were ready to fish he brings out all kinds of spinners,beaded rigs ect,after the first drift this fellow managed to tangle lines with us a few times,my Dad turns to him and says next time out leave the jewerlry home with the wife
  2. and yes there were are guys that are considered legends by some are so full of it you need waders to listen to their bs
  3. from what i heard,this guy always had his plugs reeled right up to the tip,always the same plug on.the rod.having known and fished with some of the best of the best both beach and boat what seperates them from the rest isthe amount of time they put in and fishing when nobody else in their right mind would go.plus they never open their mouths.
  4. another fishing wannabe with his headup his arse.to complain about a normal average price is quite funny.if the hooks were subpar you should not have purchased.anybody with an ounce of expierence would know of inferior hooks on a jig
  5. so clue me in on "gamefish status",i thought that just meant no commercial sale.
  6. PS i grew up in E patchogue and as a kid over 60 years ago went into J@J tackle hundreds of times to buy bait with my dad they were always a great shop.not sure if its the same family that owns it when i left LI in 81 it was still JJ
  7. to buy a 300 yard spool of power pro is typically between 24 to 30 dollars on line.so for a tackle shop to charge 45.00 to respool 280 yards is fair. When the tackle shop i worked in closed 5years ago we charged 15 cents a yard to spool power pro..sounds to me like the OP is the type of guy i was glad never came back into the shop
  8. so zman whats your weekly income ? do you claim all the money you make,what kind of decuctions do you take?are your panties all bunched up?
  9. getting old doesn't suck,its the thought of getting old that sucks
  10. i truly doubt that anyone is trying to ''make a living'' off shore based bass fishing.But to guys like me it certainly helps paying my bills.i don't have one job that i live off of,i have several things i do to make a living.I coach skiing,i fish for bass,i do woodwork,i do carpentry,i work a seasonal job for Ptown.i have never had a ''normal 9 to 5'' job in my life.for some an extra 100 to 600 a week is nothing but many of the guys i know even guys that are full time baymen,that money is not bad for doing what you love to do.
  11. not on National seashore beachs,you must ride on designated bikes trails in the Seashore.not sure about town beachs
  12. you got a new freind now,i even chip in for gas,if i ever make it down this season
  13. Hey Pops,its been a while since i put a bend in that 1209 breakaway i got from you.It might even be an antique by now
  14. What big fish?they have all been consumed.Up until 4 years ago all my big fish on the Cape were caught between may 12 and june 12. going back almost 20 years i fished both LI and the cape,and year in year out it was almost to the day that the bigfish showed up in both places and sometimes they were on the cape right before LI especially with a cold spring
  15. i can't think of a tackle shop that i haven't liked,but my favorites would have to be Tightlines,Paulies, B@B on LI.Blackbeards and canal B@T on the Cape.If Nelsons on the Cape was still open that would be the top of the list since i worked there.And in Fla Whiteys and long point in Sebastian