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  1. some of the best kindling you are going to find
  2. don't forget floating needle fish
  3. waterproof medical tape heated over a lighter is bullet proof.when i clammed commercially,i covered blisters on my fingers and it would last all day and be a bitch to get of at night.i rarely if ever tape my finger when fishing,i guess i really don't know what i am doing after all these years,but then i rarely cast anything over 6 ounces
  4. why a grown man would come home from work,eat dinner and be in bed by 530 pm.to wake up a few hours later,walk the beachs till the wee hours,go home for a couple hours sleep,get up at 6 am to work a 10 hr day.and do that 7 days a week for 6 months
  5. believe nothing you hear and half of what you see
  6. with a strip teaser
  7. bottom darter is one of mine,one of very few that i signed
  8. from what i was told,Conrad's plugs were hand carved and rather crude.The one in the picture definitly looks to be turned on a lathe,but who knows.
  9. SP minnow s13
  10. the bottom line is that it is just another fish to most of the fishing world.to those that make money off them it might have a special place,i don't care if you sell or guide fly fishing you are making money off them and that is what makes them special
  11. how about a maxi darter,as i remember it was 36 inchs long,scaled to one of my 2.5 oz darters.Hangs in a freinds house,
  12. i never could understand the need for bailless.i used 706's and 704's with manual pickup but not for long i had a VS 250 that i never really liked ask Cat where that went.Can't say that anytime in the last 25 years i have had the urge to go bailess
  13. pretty sure i got in on the tail end of that bite,if it was the same year i will never forget,was fishing one of Paks local inlets,i got down on the 7th or 8 of Dec to install a kitchen i had made fished every night till the 15th.At about mid night it started to snow by the time i hit the road there was about 6 inchs on dune road,snowed all the back to VT,a 15 hour trip after a sleepless night.
  14. when it comes to best outing size wise,it would definitly be Thursday August 17th 2017,(might not have been the 17th,but it was the Thursday of that week) It was a commercial day so my plan was to get there at midnight,and hopefully get my 2 fish and leave,the area i was fishing one of the few areas that wasn't a total zoo at night.My first cast netted me a 36 lb fish the second cast a 34 lb fish.I just couldn't leave from midnight till just before first light just about every cast resulted a afish or a missed fish.At false dawn the troops showed up,luckly i knew the guys on both sides of me as they were guys i met working at Nelsons.At dawn all hell broke lose on top,everyone was tossing pencils and hooking up but mostly 18 to 25 lb fish,i stayed deep with 5 oz jigs and deep divingdannies.Of my last 5 fish 4 were over 40lbs and the last definitly over 50lbs,49.5 inchs and a 28.75 inch girth.When i landed that fish it spit up 6 mackeral that were still moving with that i packed up my 2 fish and left at 7 oclock,watching everyone with bent rods all the way back to the lot.After that day things got really bad and i figured that was it for the canal for that year.in total i fished the canal 54 times,and landed fish 50 of those trips.the other 4 days i managed to hook up but never landed a fish.
  15. a funny story about mini darters and fresh water,awhile ago someone that i gave a mini to fish informed me that it didn't work,i had him send it back to me,sure enough he put a treble on the back end. I removed the tail treble and went to a lake which is right down the street from my house.i toss the thing out and strart reeling it in.Its digging in the way it should,then i think its hitting bottom,then i realize i have a fish on.turns out to be a large mouth around 4 lbs. Crazy thing is i had no idea they were even in the lake.In all the years i have lived not more than a 1/4 mile from the lake, i haven't fished it more than a dozen times. in the last few years there have been some guys that have been ice fishing it on a regular basis..One of these days i might have to try the fresh water