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  1. nope all those 40lbers where caught last week still fish around when the winds aren't honking
  2. I was thinking of some of the old haunts,while I caught nothing last night and today.rain jacket still works good
  3. when it comes to cbds,thcs and beer stay with the smaller home brewer types,that is where you are going to get the quality stuff..Several of the local farms near me have started to grow hemp that is going towards cbd oils and other hemp products.with legalization in Vt and Mass the goods will become more available.locally
  4. kones,i have several nice bridges I have up for sale,might be a good investment for you
  5. Yes but some are more believeable than others
  6. '''''''''''believe nothing you hear and half what you see''i have stood next to people fishing catching small fish,only to hear them tell of the large they caught..sure anything is possible but my bs meter is ready high
  7. no I am a real idoit,but my head is not up my ass like you. if you would like to discuss any further I am easy to find'
  8. Huge Dinky I can asure you that none of Marty's pictures are fake or altered,you might not like his online persona,but he is the real deal when it comes to real life fishing
  9. regardless of ones accomplishments and fishing success,when you acuse someone of stuffing fish, posting boat caught fish as shore ect ect you are still a clown in my book.,but hey this is the internet
  10. This forum is without Marty posting
  11. Yep spend your money however you want just don't strut your stuff in front of me because I could careless and don't cast your expensive plugs over my line,I will cut your line no matter how expensive your lure maybe
  12. Hey,Cat you know any good places to fish?
  13. not if you happen to know where that. photo was taken as hydraman does.knowing where that picture was taken I tell you that two is company 3 is a crowd.if I still fished there I would be a little pissed at Marty even though we are good freinds