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  1. one of the nicest guys i know mates on the Ginny G,but regardless when i am out in my kayak if i see the Ginny G any where near me i go the other way.there are a few others like Beetle Bailey that i stay clear of also a really nice guy
  2. Pescador, regulations definitly didn't change last season,i had several calls to the Marine fisheries,to confirm what i said.
  3. Tim, if the captain and crew give the fish to anyone not in possesion of a daily limit,they are no longer in possesion and can keep their limit on the second trip,not ethical but legal.it is the same as a capt going out in the morning catching his commercial limit,selling the fish,then running an afternoon charter,he can still legally have a rec limit for himself on the afternoon trip
  4. yep,sons of Xavier keep marching on
  5. Tim,in Mass it is a possesion law,so as long as the capt and crew do not have 2 limits in their possesion at one time they can keep their limt on both tripsthis was already hashed out in the thread about rec and com limits
  6. like everything in life,it is knowing what your limits are and the ability to make responsable decisions.Mike funny thing is that my highschool experiences are just the opposite of yours,i went to a Catholic militarty school right on the edge of the Village in Manhatten,i played football for a couple of years and hung around with most of the basketball team as well,most of them were real stoners.that was from 69 to 73,and even then finding weed was much easier than buying beer r booze
  7. and it is very obvoius who the people are that ski while drunk.the problem with real science is that it backed by money from either those that are for or those against,very little from real non partisan sources.
  8. Tim,just about every charter business on Cape Cod run half day charters,except for tuna charters,which typically go by a tide either a one tide or 2 tide.been that way for at least 15 years.as far as weather goes in the past commercials had 4 days to fish the last 2 or 3 years it is 2 days.this past season many of those days were lost due to weather.typically i get out about 50 times on my kayak this season it was down to about 15 times due to weather.in years past the bodies of larger fish and smaller fish seemed to be more separate schools,feeding in differant locations last season they seemed to be comingled.and yes the number of large fish is drastically decreasing around the Cape,but the total number of fish is if anything going up regardless of what others are seeing in other states
  9. so JTR,it certainly sounds like you have no personel expierence with the use of MJ.to compare the effects of booze and MJ is almost funny. i base what i say with 51 one years of expierence,both skiing and smoking.i for one would never touch booze before putting on a pair of skis or heading out on a mountain bike.you can think what you want but the legalization of weed is here to stay.get use to it
  10. well if anyone thinks that weed really affects your motor skills,i invite you to come ski with me,i will prove you wrong real quickly.i think the big differance is that high quality weed is now more available to the average smoker,and the number of strains is off the charts
  11. regardless of how well or how bad the stocks are weather had quite a bit to do with the filling of the commercial quota.many of the Monday and Thursday openings were a bust because the boats couldn't get out.2 other factors were the amount of smaller fish that were around and the other was that the larger fish were beyond the 3 mile line more than not.
  12. as far as plug building supplies,no shop comes close to M@D's.Mike had the best prices even when i was buying hooks by the thousands.i hope all is well with Mike and family
  13. the second week of May till the second week of June has typically been the window were i catch my biggest fish of the season,excluding the canal.as far as a fly guide lookup Steve Keane at cape cod fishing expeditionsand go see Bob at black eel outfitters
  14. yes we as fishermen,no matter how we are catching them are part of the problem,regardless if yo let everyone go or keep every fish you can legally.every fish that dies when one isn't created will lead to a decline
  15. come on Cat we all know there are no fish to be caught out at the Race