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  1. RIP Mike. He was always very cool to me when I visited the shop. He cut an embedded pencil popper treble hook off my thumb so I could drive to urgent care when a bluefish F-ed up my day one time. A great guy. He'll be missed.
  2. So sorry for your loss. Prayers to Matt and his family.
  3. RIP. I'll try to put my Big Ed Needle to good use.
  4. Not in Philly but right across the bridge Sportsman Center, Harrys and STC Sports offer reel service. At least they did in the past but I haven't checked recently. GL!
  5. Nice. Impressive you were able to land that sand tiger alone with spinning gear. Well done.
  6. Wow. You guys are amazing. Good karma coming your way!!!
  7. I'm in. Thank you!!!
  8. Linesider69 Custom Plugs Thank you!
  9. White Water Outfitters
  10. Best of luck. I'm pulling for you! Get well soon.
  11. Drako, Thanks for your feedback. It's not going to be to hard to change my mind and go saltwater. I'll check out the FL Sportsman info you mentioned. If you do find the name of that guide I'd really appreciate the info. Thank you! Justin
  12. I know there is a sticky up top but I really didn't see much on the Orlando area, especially for fresh water. I'll be down 5/10-17 and I'm planning to do a charter one day but I'm really torn between fresh and salt. Both sound great but I'm leaning toward freshwater since Lake Toho and the surrounding lakes are really close by Kissimee where we are staying. That being said I'm open to driving to the coast if May is a really good month for saltwater. I've always wanted to do an inshore trip for reds, snook, trout and whatever else is biting. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback on what you guys think would be better and who to charter with. I'm planning on dragging my father with me if I can get him up early enough. Thanks in advance!!! Justin
  13. Thanks anyway. If you reconsider or someone else is interested in just 2 please keep me in mind.
  14. Would you sell (2) for $150 Paypal?