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  1. Thanks for posting not exactly what I’m looking for though it might work . I would like to pass for now and see if anything else comes up . Thanks
  2. What’s the tube dimension on the add a tube ? Thanks
  3. Ok ProwlerFisher that's a real nice bag but unfortunately out of my price range . Thank you for posting
  4. Would prefer something with front pouch too
  5. Thanks .
  6. Question : is the second stripper guide up twisted ? Thanks
  7. Spent many summer days targeting fluke from the surf . Clousers and half and halfs . Olive / white , chart./ white , pink / white . All with plenty of flash tied in work well. I like to focus on the edges of rough bottom with some current .
  8. Nice blast from the past . Unfortunately I have no experience fishing there in the deep winter. And I've also heard good things from others in regards to Alberto . Who knows maybe you will get lucky and get some decent weather and worst case scenario you get out for the day and get some Intel for the spring or fall . I only got up there one weekend this year but got some fish . Never got up in the spring but I 've heard March / April can be productive when conditions are right . Either way good luck
  9. My condolences to you and your family Tim
  10. Closing this up . Received spool from Factor . Great guy to deal with good communication , fast shipping and spool as described . Thanks Ryan and SOL
  11. What the hell I guess they are getting pretty scarce and my patience to search isn’t what it used to be . I will take it for $150 Ryan thanks . Let me know how to pay . Ralph
  12. Thanks for replying . But that’s more than I was looking to spend . I picked one up on here a couple of years ago for I think $110 . I would respectfully offer $130 though . Thanks either way Ralph
  13. What is the measurement from butt to reel stem on this rod ?