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  1. I will do that send me your PayPal info . Thanks Ralph
  2. I know you said firm but I would respectfully offer $325 shipped immediate pp. Ralph
  3. PayPal and PM sent
  4. I "ll take them
  5. Take it
  6. Where in L.I. are you ?
  7. What would you rate reel mechanically 1- 10 ?
  8. Forgot about the tekota , I have no experience with it but it was recommended to me as well and one of the former tilefish world record holders swears by them. As far as loosing rigs , fishing from the Hudson canyon south I would agree with Mike but if you plan on fishing to the north on the Viking my experience has been to be prepared to lose some rigs . Haven t been out with them in the last few years but made a bunch of trips in the past and back then he fished a lot of rougher bottom . The upside was you would see a lot more wreck fish and barrel fish as well as large white hake then you typically see fishing to the south . I also recommend an 8 ft rod on the party boats . On private boats I prefer a little shorter 7'6" to 7'
  9. As someone already posted Dave at the Reel Seat in Brielle is definitely the deep drop expert and is the best man to talk to on the subject .With that being said I will give you my take on it as I was pretty obsessed with tilefishing for a while , still am but last year had carpal tunnel and hand surgeries and did no deep dropping at all. But I spent a good deal of time and money figuring out what gear was best for me. I prefer to use 65 lb braid on my reels but know others that use 50 , personal preference. I like at least 450 yds . I started with a saltiga sa40 because I had one and it worked well but only held about 400 and on some of the deeper drops with current saw the bottom of the spool more than a couple times . With 50 lb braid it should hold enough but I would suggest an extended handle . I have also used my Trinidad 40 that worked well and if I remember correctly had good line capacity but again would recommend an extended handle . I also bought a penn Baja special and an extended handle and used that as a backup for a few years and still believe it is a good " entry level tile reel " with good gear ratio and capacity . I also landed my first tile over 50 lbs (53) with this reel. But I have a buddy with same setup who didn t like it as much , again personal preference . I believe that 4.9 to 4.0 :1 ratio is the best for this type of fishing . I then bought a jigging master pe8 that became one of my all time favorites as far as cranking power . Not even sure if these are still available but the Maxel ocean max Pe10 is almost identical and a lot of guys like them . My other go to favorite is a shimano ocea jigger 5000p which is a great reel with the bonus feature of a spool lock which is incredibly handy when snagged. Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks definitely interested if you change your mind . Good luck with sale .
  11. How much for the bag ?
  12. I ve used dogfish strips for tilefish .
  13. Andrew please add a herring for me . I will send another $18. Thanks Ralph