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  1. $500 is plenty, you don't want to embarrass close family members that can't afford even the $500, forget the 1G. Not many if any give 1G.
  2. If the fix were in, the Knicks or Lakers would have been the choice.
  3. Sold to the DaDoughBOy.
  4. 3rd pick is still prime, hopefully they get Morant as adoboboy stated.
  5. Make it $90 and its a deal.
  6. Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart - Model WZ1-BCF- Orange Color w/ 12" Balloon Wheeleez Tires- Best part is it folds, not many well built units offer this option. Unit sells for $289 new (I don't know how), first $100 takes it, the Wheels alone are worth almost the price of the entire unit. Picked up in Pt. Pleasant, NJ or can meet a reasonable distance.
  7. I think if you were exposed to Rosies undies, you'd understand what the word mess means, gotta be a bad experience for man, woman or beast.
  8. Really, its gotta be the best and worst experience. Days you just don't want to be there and you have to bake all day, I'd quit.
  9. Consensus, the 4Runner has and is still a winner after decades. Drawback is so-so gas mileage. Issue is you have to overpay for one that hasn't been whipped. Good point made on the Lexus GX 470, lotsa' horns and whistles for less coin than the 4Runner. Still a wise buy.
  10. April 15, 1958, makes me 61. Ouch!
  11. 6:45 am, 5 pages of pizza pic's and I'm ready for one for breakfast. Good stuff, never had much luck as I bought a stone, cooked a pizza on it, took a chisel to get it off, seasoned it with oil and cooked it in for about 15 mins. cooked another pizza, it was gonna be another chisel to get it off the stone, threw it away, done. One thing I do notice about homemade pizza, most of the the the crust is thicker than I prefer, is it harder to make a thinner crust? Also, ingredients including sauce should go within 1/2" of the edge, most of the pies are heavy loaded in the center. I guess the attraction is the homemade crust. I'll call Vic's in Bradley Beach for the best pizza on the planet, well at least as good as anybodies, still like to try my own. Buon Appetit !
  12. I think the consensus is that they try and be friers but come up short. Thus, save your money unless your not fussy, in that case they may be easier and cleaner than frying in earl. If I want a fried taste, it seems like deep-frying is the best ticket, otherwise cook it in the oven. I'm a chump for new stuff, I bought a Ron Popiel Set it and Forget it oven years ago as a second oven for holidays, Easter Sunday it poppeda breaker, couldn't reset it, turned the main breaker off to the house, couldn't reset that. Long story short, called an electrician on Easter Sunday, he put a new main breaker in and socked me for $350, about 15 years ago. The oven went in the trash, still have the white rubber gloves it came with. Junk.
  13. I'll play devil's advocate and inquire why not? Not agreeing that some surgeries are extreme but lets literally face it, she hasn't aged well. Aging ain't fun, particularly for women. If I were her and had the sheckles, get out the knife, and see if you can help the train wreck.
  14. This is a great thread and a reminder to all of us why we chase finned critters. You can tell from Keiths expressions in the pic's and his enthusiasm in his posts, that there aren't many if any other things to do or see that he would have traded yesterday for. I'm as happy for him as I'd be for myself (well, close), just great to see someone appreciate the surf fishing experience the way it should be. And, glad you got to experience it with your wife on the scene and share it with your class and peers. Its been way longer than I care to remember since I was blessed with a fish like that, but the old memories are still there . The desire has weakened considerably, I once cherished the idea of retirement to fish as much as I wanted, turns out I fished for almost 40 years as much as I wanted. Since SS Sandy, I no longer have the drive to go, the fishing is meh at best and you find out at 61 you don't have the energy you once did. Stuff like this gets the blood flowing, I just got out some stuff as if we have any kind of big bass run in NJ it will be in a couple weeks until near the end of June, I should be ready. I am wanting to feel the pull of a big fish. I have no interest in soaking bunker heads, thats probably the best method besides live lining, so I'll take my plugs and eels and put a few tides in to see if I can draw up a fish or three. Again, thanks for the day of celebration and the lesson on why we go, it is the hunt and the reward of the experience of catching a trophy striper.
  15. Words never heard or spoken, no such thing as EXCELLENT turkey burgers.