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  1. I think Buck gets the season, deservedly so. It is funny how smart and in tune big league managers appear when they are winning, last year I watched Buck religiously and was impressed by his handling of all facets of the game, thought he was baseball genius. Now, I watch him and think, he ain't so smart after all. They signed Sherzer and Verlander to lead the way, hasn't happened. I'm a Yankee fan first, but have always watched and rooted for the Mess too, this team is fun to watch and like, like last years team, but they seem to find a way to lose instead of win, last years team won these games. I like McNeil, probably think he is better than he is and they do bounce him around the lineup and field, but the guy has 17 RBI and plays everyday in the middle of the lineup, pretty poor. Lindor has been inconsistent like year 1, still shows moments of being a star, need more. Nimmo plays hard and does his job. Catching seems to be in good hands, now they have an all star catcher as a back up. Alonso is a premier power hitter, Baty is fine, Marte, Canna, Vogelbach, Escobar and Pham are all adequate or better so it has to be the pitching, not one of their pitching staff are dominant. Fire the pitchers, not the manager, although thats not the way it works. I say this team makes a run for it yet, too much talent to keep inventing ways to lose. Starts tonight in Pittsburgh, they need to go 65-34 to get to the promised land. I might even take the missus to a game, can I score a decent seat for a week night under $100 a ticket? Then, when I think about the 1hr 45 min drive which could take 3 hrs on anyday, $40 in tolls, $30 to park?, $30 in gas, $100 for vittles and beverages, and about an 8 hour period of time spent it will cost me $400 for 2 of us to go to a game. I'll more then likely leave in the 7th inning and get aggravated on the BQE more than a few times, get home around midnight and will say thats the last one. That being said, I'm headed fro St. Louie and KC Royals in July w/bro and cousin from Cali., a long weekend of midwest country hardball. Should be cool in St. Louis and KC, end of July? Like a toaster.
  2. Pencil me in for being a Bartolo fan, watched him have success in the AL, mostly with the Angels, but he was a pleasure to watch him spin his game amongst the best for a long time. He wasn't part of the circus, he was the circus. A little Luis Tiant, Juan Marichal and Fernando Valenzuela all rolled into one. His HR is an all time classic clip.
  3. Surely can't fault the train, sounds like an act of desperation or a special kind of recklessness or stupidity. Not a good way to exit at 16, 56 or 96. If its peace he was seeking he just made his family and friends look into that world of there will never be any right answers. Note to suicide wonderers, I don't think you achieve the goal of finding peace, you only hurt your loved ones one last time that they will never be able to understand. If only you could face your demons, you'd find that taking your life was last on the list of options you could have chosen, in suicide, everybody including the victim lose. I never thought about committing suicide but had a very close uncle that took his own life at 52, that was 30 years ago, today still more questions than answers, he fixed nothing.
  4. In NJ we need some precip, and lots of it. Finally, have a spring instead of winter right into summer, excpet for the gardening and lawn side of life, its as good as it gets weather wise. Every night in the 50's and every day in the 70's, sweaqtshirts and shorts in the AM, short sleeves and shorts thereafter Nirvana!
  5. Shows me theres a lot more money out there than we could imagine, PGA got back doored big time.
  6. RIP Mel, a real NJ Shore Surf legend.
  7. Easy fix, get your left leg amputated, have a righty prosthetic designed and manufactured and buy stock in FroggToggs. Doesn't really sound like FroggToggs are the ticket.
  8. Depends on location and conditions. Wind and moon phases specifically. Some places are better on the drop, others on the rise and some at slack. Gotta learn what and where produces. It only takes a lifetime to understand, and then your only pretty sure, so experience may only complicate the matter. Best advice, don't worry about tides, if theres water there and you want to fish, fish. Plenty of entries into fishing logs that never should have happened.
  9. Always nice when boat motors decide to quit at home in the tub. Much better than out and about with a storm kicking up. Lottery is a must.
  10. Nice idea and looks like paradise, that being said it had its day 50 + years ago for striper fishing, you can't bring back the dead. I'd find another spot, maybe Block Island or walk out to the point at Napatree, thats isolated enough for any sane folk and you can be back before you know going there was a mistake too. Maybe try Marthas Vineyard, bring your credit card and check book, you still won't be welcomed but you'll pay for the opportunity.
  11. There are many canal spots to fish without the rock danger, tough enough tossing 3-5 oz. jigs as far as you can throw it without much room on the back cast. Its a special place for those familiar. It appeals to me, as its a perfect place for big bass to travel, current, structure, bait, entrance or exits to CC Bay or Buzzards Bay and then onto the ocean. However, its not light tackle oriented and the older one gets the lighter style fishing appeals more to enjoyment than risking life and limb on slippery, hard and jagged rocks. No soft spots to land unless your lucky and fall in the drink.
  12. Thoughts and prayers for Roddy.
  13. NJ Shore, McDonalds seems to keep thriving as does Wendy's, Chick Fill E' is on fire, constant cars in line 20+ deep, like Dunkin and Starbucks for coffee, Checkers, Sonic, KFC, Taco Bell all appear to just be hanging on and Burger King is on life support. A meal at any of these junk food palaces is near a $10 bill, they may be surviving on their value priced crap and combined with the convenience of a drive thru folks can eat for under $5. Not that Applebees, Fridays, Red Robin, Smashburger, 5 Guys, or other similar chains are much better but you can still do a burger, soft drink, and fries for around $12, for $2 extra I'm staying away from the really fast food stops. I will say, I do enjoy Wendy's chili and don't believe its made from leftover hamburgers, they get everything in a sealed capsule, ready for any moron to press a button to cook or heat it. Young un's (under30) like Taco Bell, the so called meat is squeezed out of a tube, like toothpaste or a caulking gun. Out of all mentioned, 5 guys for me, like the burgers and fries. We have no Hardees or Carls and very few Arbys and Roy Rogers, thats ok.
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