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  1. Generally, big swimming plugs like Atom 40or a CC Pikie would be considered bunker style baits that a Pencil Popper bouncing and splashing around the the top could also be a bunker. Or a big Hopkins or Kastmaster flashing around the surfline. Or a large rubber Storm Shad, watch it swim and you think its real. So many are made to imitate one of the most prevalent striper preys, its hard to break them all down.
  2. Have 6 different varieties of tomato and 3 pepper plants which are doing well planted in wood bushel baskets, 1 plant per basket. Filled with a mixture of top soil, potting soil (Miracle Gro), Peat Moss, and a couple handfuls of cow manure, topped with 3" mulch. Haven't fed them a thing, only watered once since May 15, enough rain and they are holding water better than I thought . I did give each a tablespoon of Epsom Salts as I always have. This is my first experience with potted plants, should I fertilize, compost or more manure from here? Was gonna wait for them to set fruit, I am pinching suckers. Maybe Red will chime in?
  3. And I have enough in a can to do the job, well played, for once saving a half gallon of paint pays off. I've been saving half filled paints for years, I think eventually every one of them gets tossed.
  4. Been treating and staining my deck for almost 25 years, the last 3 applications have been with Behr Deck Over, we get 2-3 years per application, thats all I can ask as it does get southern afternoon exposure which means its hotter than the Congo. Prior to that I used stains and paints, always every other year. So, the deck still looks good and is in very good physical condition, looks to have at least another 25 years in it, long enough to see me out.
  5. Need more pic's. How you gonna keep it shut, will it absorb water, will it shed water or have drainage, seems to need snaps or velcro sewed on? The idea of 3 tube bags are to lessen the load, this one looks heavy. Continue to look or create, I can't see you being satisfied long term.
  6. I did one about 10 years ago, maybe 15. Cut it into chunks about 1 foot wide, 3 foot long, sawzall, cut like butter, I remember the tubing and 3 motors being more of an issue than the tub and cabinet. Took multiple trips to the town dump. Couldn't give it away and it was still in good shape, live and learn. It will never happen again, to me.
  7. My exact words to her, been married for 38 years, we hear each other but listening is an issue.
  8. Prayers and thoughts for a terrible situation. Have you asked about Hospice getting involved, I believe they don't only deal with folks that are terminal but those that have conditions like yours where visitation may be the best thing for Mom and family. They even have their own facilities, maybe you can get her released from the hospital and placed in their care where you may be able to visit or even assist in her care. Just an idea, don't mean to butt into this terrible situation, just trying to think of ways that you can get the care she needs and wants and thats her family. God Bless you all.
  9. I too remember the days of Horace Clarke, Gene Michael, Jerry Kenney and the likes, truth is they couldn't play i i todays game, not athletic enough. They made it on fundamentals, the routine play was made every time, tahst how they beat out their competition.Bobby Murcer was a different story, another of the next Mickey Mantles that was a good player, way above average, but he was not a superstar. Bert Blyleven could pitch anywhere, anytime for anybody and be a HOF' er, just a nasty hook and it seemed like he always kept his team in the game, a real throwback to what pitching was, of course it does't hurt to be able to throw a curve that drops 2 feet during the last 5 feet of the balls target. Greatness plays in any league, he'd be a top guy these days too. As for the HR being what they all aspire to hit, don't blame them, its how they make $$ and guys like Horace Clarke can't make it anymore. The game has changed, pitchers go 5 innings and even when they are pitching well, they start looking in the dugout in the 6th for somebody else to come in for them, their days work is done. Come out and get Seaver in the 7th when he is in a tight game and he'd throw a fit. Same as moving runners, hitting cutoff men, running bases, sacrificing, it just isn't done anymore. CHANGE. And the greed, again don't blame the players, if you were one, you'd be in the same line as the ones today. They feel entitled, and the agents, media, and business folks make sure that they are put on pedestals and they believe they are deserving of all accolades and wealth. BTW, nobody greedier than the owners. So, if you love the game, and you have long term memories, you can still love Fred Stanley, all you need to do is accept CHANGE, thats all thats happened to baseball. Todays MLB players are superior athletes to those of the past, like all sports, today Jesse Owens loses to high school kids, in 1936 he was the fastest human on the planet. I miss the game, wish they would play some kind of schedule this year, many believe that the game has seen its best day, only time will tell. For me, its a summer marathon, everyday I hope the Yanks win another one, and whether it was Mantle and Stottlemyre, Munson and Nettles, Jeter and Mo', I loved them all and I hope to get to see another batch of greats in the future. My earliest memories of my Yankees 1965/66- Joe Pepitone 1b, Bobby Richardson, 2b, Clete Boyer 3B, Jake Gibbs/Elston Howard C, Roy White- LF, Mickey Mantle CF, Hector Lopez RF, Mel Stottlemyre P. I guess Tony Kubek was the SS but I don't recall him, Murcer played a little SS as a Rookie, Gene Michael and Dick Howser played some but I don't think in 66', maybe it was Tom Tresh. Team stunk, but they were my team and still are. Can't wait to hear Play Ball!
  10. My wife has been power washing since 10, can't stop her. Anyway, she wants me to paint the foundation in a area where it is visible and has no curb appeal at all. So, I hate to go to the store (why expose myself for this) and I have an unopened gallon of Waterproofing Stain and Sealer in Cape Cod Gray (perfect) but its for wood. She read the label and acts like I'm planing on rubbing dog crap or some substance that the house will need to be torn down from. I told her the worse that will happen is it wont adhere properly and will need a coat of masonry paint. She really thinks I'm too cheap and don't care enough, she has points there. So, do I go to HD and risk my life for a $30 gallon of paint that I don't want, or do I ignore the emperor and either do nothing or put the stuff I have on hand on it. She is still shaking her head cuz' last week flower pots got painted blue, thats what I had, blue they are. Smart money goes with do nothing and convince her that its crazy to go to HD for it, we can wait and get it when we need things. That way, she thinks she wins.
  11. So, I considered shutting down watching NFL games also because of Kaepernick. Came to the conclusion that Kaepernick is not the NFL (although they ***** footed around the subject) or anyone I acknowledge. Why give up something I enjoy because it makes no difference to anyone in the country except to me. If you think your that important or are striving to climb some kind of moral cloud, perhaps you should consider counseling if you need. I did shut them down a couple of times because it was a nation wide ban, that has affect, it wasn't for me to pound my chest in my own small world. Also, I have a difficult time with the patriotic part of being American. I have always wondered when someone states :"I'm Proud to be an American" if they are really proud or they are like me and "Just Lucky to be an American". In my eyes, proud needs to be reserved for those that deserve it, military, active and past, police, fire men, first responders, nurses, teachers and I'm sure I've missed many more but those folks are the ones that should be proud, me, I'm a lucky feller that just happened to be born and raised in the best country in the world. Serve this country in the military and that is an automatic "PROUD", earned and deserved. Kaepernick, I wouldn't let his actions influence anything in my world. The NFL, they can't win an ongoing racial diatribe, the media is vicious and dishonest , so they pacify the situation until it dispels, which has happened, time to put down the sword and acknowledge that fight is over. They had no choice, we live in a 2 week society, whatever happens we are saturated with media coverage, usually within 2 weeks its over and forgotten. Thats what the NFL achieved by window dressing the whole situation, and its what we as individuals should do. Don't forget or change your beliefs or priorities, but don't let the kooks run your life. If you enjoy watching or attending NFL Football, as an american you belong watching, quit the liberal demonstration tactics for personal satisfaction or vengeance, neither mean a thing.
  12. Some good points here, there are a few roadblocks to the negotiation process. You can do a lot better on a vehicle that is not in demand, a F150 is numero uno on the list of sales every year including car sales. You won't get the same deal on that as you would on lets say a Caddy Escalade with all the horns and whistles. Thinking your getting 20% off a F150 or Toyota Tacoma is pure fantasy, pandemic or not. Best advice is to research values, Sudsy is right, they use Galves to buy yours and KBB to sell theirs, they are car dealers, looking for the best they can do, as you are looking out for your best interests. Anyway, you can search on the big sites and see what prior sales brought for particular vehicles, that is the real value. Folks like Auto Lenders have nice product, they also do not deal and their prices are at full retail (sticker) or above, yet they seem to thrive on not wheeling and dealing. Not a fan of that environment, good product, good support, inflated cost. Same with most big car dealers, they cherry pick what they take on trade or lease turn in, and send the rest to auction. Again, they start with full sticker (retail) or above and try and deal, depending on the vehicle will depend on how much you may save. In addition, there is always a thousand lost in the smoke and mirror show, dealer doc fees, MV, Tax and License and bank and first months payments, they have a whole list of things you can't escape, its part of the trap, yet they steer clear of being upfront and disclosing it. It all happens when you finally decide on a price, at that point everybody is happy, dealer and customer. Lets the games begin, by the time you leave in another hour, a thousand dollars more will be on the table and thats the time when customers get antsy, the dealer knows its time to close and get on to the next customer, they take you all the way to the dance and drop you like a red headed step child at the orphanage. Its a dirty business that you won't win in 90% of cases. Do be aware that the last days of a month are important to all dealers, whatever they have left on the lost, they pay finance fees on every month, if they can move something or if they have volume incentives that will give them more in bonus $$, then the will even sell at a loss. My son is a sales manager at a Lincoln dealer, he is almost 30 now, came out of Rutgers 8 years ago, first job, Enterprise Car Rentals, in a year they made him manager of his own store (LBI) and showed him the lessons of the world. You work 60 hour weeks, you are responsible for everything, they apply pressure to increase sales and business and in the end they are cheapskates looking for young eager educated folks to buy into their process. 100 degree days at he Jersey Shore and they had to wear long sleeve white dress shirts with a tie, ok if your in an office environment, these poor souls were out in the lot vacuuming cars, cleaning windows etc., must be comparable to working for McDonalds. So, 2 years of that, and he had enough. Moved on to banking, another world of ghosts, long hours and poor pay (Under $50K a year). Friend of his says, why don't you just try working for me at Weisleder Ford, small local dealer, selling cars. We talked about it, I was against it, car sales are for jailbirds, bs artists, drunks, jailbirds, and what can they make. First year, the kid is green, he is no salesman but hes loyal, smart and doesn't hate it like the bank or Enterprise (probably not as regimented). Anyway, year 1, makes $76K, living home, work is a driver and 8 iron away, he thinks he likes it. So, the car business is volatile as far as help and turnover are concerned, folks gang up with each other, sales managers have their own salesman that seem to follow each other down this path of selling cars, and they all make good coin. By the end of year 2 he tops $100k, more than Daddy ever made and he is looking at me like, this isn't terrible. Of course, year 3 he is convinced by a local competitor(Lincoln) to join them to replace their finance manager who retired after 36 years, because he had a degree in Economics, knew the owners son well, and had a little experience in sales and assisted with finance at Ford, good fit. So, they offer him $90K a year base pay with incentives that could be lucrative. After a full year, he made $144K , hated it, again, responsible for everything, every deal had to be looked at by him, a day off was impossible, so he learned there was a price to pay, the money was good but he couldn't even enjoy it. Of course, he had to follow his General Sales Manager to Subaru in Trenton area, back to selling cars, in 2 years they increased the guys business by 40% and they made $$$, so much that the owner, got cheap and decided to change their targets and bonuses. Back to the Lincoln dealer as General Sales Manager of new cars only, 5 day work weeks, 2 nights till 8, last year made $124K, pretty good for humping cars. My point is and it has changed since he started, is that car dealers are like everybody else, they are just in a business that every customer pays a different price for the same vehicle. Its a grab what you can, while you can type of environment. But the next time you look across the table, don't think this poor soul across from me is struggling to make a buck, most are well compensated and are generally pretty good joes, the pricks are the owners, as usual. Finally, the important part of buying is to know the value, why pay $20K for a truck thats worth $16K? Everybody is concerned with being taken down the path, pay more attention to what you are paying for what you are getting than listening to a lot of jibber about rebates and interest rates and thinking if you spend hours negotiating back and forth that you'll save major $$, it won't happen, car folks are there all day regardless, it is their game, you cannot win, you can only be educated enough to know the facts. Finally again, a friend calls me a couple weeks ago, says hes looking for a 2-3 year old pick up, wants to spend $25K. Has a 2011 Honda Pilot, I tell him I'll give him KBB Private Party Value which is $9343, I paid him in cash yesterday, he found a nice GMC Denali 2015 27k miles, advertised ad for $33,495 went for $33K, sounds high? He went all the way to $32,500 and they told him no thanks, thats what the market is getting in todays environment. You can deal but only so far. His intention of $25K was idealistic and could have been achieved, just not for the truck he bought. The information is available, car folks will take your last dollar, KNOW THE VALUE OF WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. Unless your buying from a private owner(my preference) your gonna get stuck with fees, you'll see and if you don't see they are just like magicians, its there you just can't see it. Longest thing I ever wrote, sadly it won't get read. must be missing my kids, almost 3 months since we have been together, other son(twin) lives in NYC, and daughter is in Pittsburgh.
  13. Do you have any concerns? I don't trust Gov's for much, including my health and safety. Best of luck, enjoy, stay away from everybody.
  14. Side arm wrist snapping casts, rod never raises higher then your elbow. Not ideal for the surf, but much more comfortable than being in pain. You better start taking care, 28 is too young to be breaking apart, at this rate by the time your 50, shaving and brushing your teeth will be your exercise. Angler1 (Carl) an old salt gave some advice here a few years back, advised everyone to practice casting righty and lefty to ease the burden and to make you efficient either way. He knows one armers are gonna hurt later on. So far, my shoulders ok, its the knees and back, thats why they made buggies.
  15. Its the space thing always, nice toy, great chicken thighs (why?), paper thin pertaters, mmmm-hmmmm. Easy to clean. Wife loves it, but was a gift from kids at X-Mas, if it electrocuted her she would tell you how good it felt. I do like the toaster oven/AF combo, needs to be bigger. We finally cleared the counters and now we have an A/F taking up space. Never ending. I'd say not needed, put it in the bread maker class, nice and idealistic, but the best loaf of bread in the world is not $5, same thing as chicken thighs, very good but not a deal maker. Now if it cooks pizza? Does it? I don't run the kitchen, I just eat the results and of course voice my opinion.