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  1. Just buy a rod in St. Maarten, prolly' get something decent for around $100, donate it upon your departure.
  2. Congrats to both of you. Pretty impressive run. Next year is a milestone, take her someplace special, Bermuda is always nice. For us, we are approaching number 36, time do fly.
  3. Honestly, I'd stay home. Find a local lake and see if you can scratch your itch there. Your options all seem to require excessive time, effort, and cost. Long way to hump it and rough it to spend time amongst the masses. Better off yodeling in yer backyard. Gun to my head, I'd bring the gas slob with the sleeping quarters.
  4. Confused, are the boots separate from the waders? Size-9-11? That sounds like a stockingfoot style. Interested, do you have pics? Where are you located?
  5. Maybe those redneck high school drop outs are the ones teaching you a lesson. I once went to small claims court against a contractor that ripped me off for $750, won easily, 14 years later I still have the judgement, but no $750. You can win but not get paid. Maybe they are hoping you don't show up in Texas as you are hoping they don't show up in court. If its not major coin, run away fast before the judicial system puts their hands in your pockets. Court is no place for justice.
  6. Nice job, I hope you and your wife live to be 100 so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and her idears. Somethun' tells me that there will be more projects in your future than just the bedroom, maybe an outdoor gazebo with a freshwater fish pond? Or a horse stall for the horse you never wanted. Or maybe a garage for the muscle car you daydream about? Enclosed porch? Wine Cellar? Sauna?
  7. I can offer a SOG Fielder Folding Knife, 3.5" blade, in like new condition. Black and Silver w/large SOG insignia on black. I'll also toss in a couple of new wood plugs, have a Gibbs Stubby Needle NIP and Choopy Swimmer in Schoolbus, both proven and becoming hard to come by. Also can include a new headlamp, an LED Eveready or whatever HD sells these days.
  8. Toss a few clam baits with the current spinning set-up. Dead sticking is not for all, find out before you toss a bundle in the wrong direction.
  9. Tragic, RIP to the victim and condolences to family and friends. No way to prevent this if we choose to live the way we wish.
  10. Bullseye. And times have changed for those with sons, its appropriate to offer to help for wedding costs. Not offering makes you a cheap basterd like those suggesting $100 or even $200. My philosophy is I give you X amount of dollars (sons and daughters) and they can do whatever they wish, current budgeted amount is around $15K each. Thats all I'm going for, anything additional let the other family and the bride and groom pay. Is it really fair for the brides family to pay for large groups of the other sides family to drink and eat like freeloaders? Chip in and help.
  11. Still in Nags Head on the beach, weather is beautiful although too rough for swimming. Gonna leave today around 4 and hopefully take 64W to 95N, if its a parking lot I'll head west to 81 and go north to Pennsy. Trying to get to Annapolis, Md. sometime tonight, and then on to NJ tomorrow. Leaving vacations early sucks.
  12. Cheaper usually= equipment failure. As hard as you work for fish and the efforts needed not to make physical or mental mistakes becomes pertinent, you want quality gear that you can depend on on. Buy cheap, buy twice.
  13. I'm in So. Nags Head OBX right now, planning on leaving tomorrow. Doesn't look good.
  14. I wouldn't toss out what I already own, but there will be no new Nike items. I don't understand why Nike would get involved with poison. Hopefully, they go kaput.
  15. Hate Red? What for? I actually admire and respect him, he seems to be himself and knows his values and limits. He accepts his lifestyle and has those around that support and love him. Just cuz' he doesn't wear sandals and plaid shorts on his way to the club doesn't make him wrong, in fact he reads folks pretty well. The problem with discussions like this is that opposite sides of opinions from us group the masses into separate groups when in fact there are good folks that have long hair and dirty nails and there are bad folks with laser haircuts and manicured nails. I could care less if Red eats his lunch in his truck with dirty hands, thats his business and nobody is getting harmed, and it doesn't make him less of a man or a person of character. I know he doesn't want to be a person of character, he wants to be Red. BTW, he is right, I am bald. also wear sandals and plaid shorts and play golf and drive a Miata. Tell ya' what, I think Red and I could toss a few back without having the urge to kiss each other. I just can't picture him in the Miata, no room for lunch.