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  1. They did streamline it, years ago it was probably the next day or week. Congrats to the missus, well deserved.
  2. Thats cold water and weather territory, find some lakes up that way with Northern Pike and good smallmouth fishing, might be the best choice. Good luck and enjoy, beautiful area.
  3. If its glass eyes maybe $25, tack eyes $15-20, the box is worth as much the lure. Paint it black and fish it.
  4. I remember it differently, it was early morning when I got up and heard it on the news, happened late the night before in LA. I think you may be mixing up the MLK assassination? Or JFK? Nice to finally be in the majority on a poll, surprised at the lack of younger folks, maybe they aren't up yet.
  5. Its a tank and better than a decent reel, one of the workhorses that could be called a great reel.
  6. Terrific looking dish, do share the recipe.
  7. Maybe reconsider, 16 ft and at least a 25hp, preferably a 40. V- Hull Buy right, buy once, buy wrong buy twice. Bad time to buy, however, that won't stop someone determined. Enjoy the 2 best days of owning a boat, the day you buy and the day you sell.
  8. If you grow enough you'll save $$, however, one family usually can't eat that much. When 100 tomatoes in a week arrive, what to do with 90 of them? Its more of a hobby, idea and self satisfaction, nothing like growing your own food. I wouldn't say its necessarily costly as opposed to other hobbies like boating, golfing or even drinking.
  9. Thanks for the reminder, Bill Klein was good people that left us too early. And he loved generational stuff, mostly 50's 60's old red fins, old spinning reels no bails, Alou eels for him. Got to know him a bit too little, I don't think he was 60 when he passed. Alou eels were some of the first rubber tails ever, in those days made mostly for bridge fishing and current. Today we have different versions but still the same concept. Them guys knew how to fish and to adapt to making what couldn't be bought. Better days look to be behind us, today if we can't buy it, most of us buy something else. Anyway, Bill Klein was a gentleman and a straight shooter, he also introduced the Jersey guys to Krispy Kreme donuts. The good ol' days!
  10. Not less than 3 or more than 6. That being said, I usually have 12-15 lures and another dozen metal, bucktails and rubber. Maybe more. Stupid but long term habit, fill it up, you may need it. Never needed more than 6, and having less than 3 is stupid too, if you run into things right, you might be sorry your under armed on short notice.
  11. I remember 29.9 at the off brand stations, in NJ DEANS was one of the off brands, Hess was 35.9. The sad part is 2 years ago it was $1.89. This is crazy, near $100 to fill an economy auto. Feel it for commuters and boat owners.
  12. Disagree, and I'm sure the networks agrees with me, ratings go through the roof when they get a player that puts a run on. And its amazing how much knowledge some of these folks have, the young Canadian girl was terrific as well as the he/she freak a couple months back. Ken Jennings is way better than the Mayem Balick dud trying to dress like a gurl. Still a good game and will probably be around another 25 years.
  13. Local Smoke, we have one in Wall, NJ now, not sure how far south they go. Neptune and Red Bank too. Best near the Jersey Shore, 20 miles north of Toms River.
  14. Many points made, problem is in our lifetime we got used to blues to the point that that were annoying because everyone was trying for bass. If blues showed, you put your good plugs away and fed them lead or metal, poppers were always fun in the daytime for watching them attack. Anyway, in hindsight now, many years later, I regret hating bluefish, even the little bahstads. Have to admire their spirit, not so much their smarts but if we are worried about fishes smarts, well..... I'd welcome them back on a daily basis, just for the action. Before we blame mankind for the drastic change in blues around, maybe not so much in our lifetime but I think I caught my first blue in 1970 and most years after that were always good off the beach. The 80's were fantastic, I fished more then and 16 lb slammers were plentiful. So, the drop off really happened 10 years ago a liittle before SS Sandy, all of a sudden where did they go? Research and read about them, historically they have done this for the last hundred plus years, 30 years of all you wanted to 30 years of nothing, all of sudden they return. Where did they go? Nobody has an answer. Point is , no regulations can protect something that isn't there.
  15. Worth a try, why do you have to have mono at the Point? Some new screwball regulation that will save the birds and children? No bluefish or spanish mackerel?