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  1. Remember the scab NFL Players, of course not, nobody does except that I remember not watching. Scab talent will never be a viable substitute. One thing fans won't do is spend their money on second class stuff. Takes a guy 6 years in MLB to get to where he can make demands, that's not an easy feat. I know that if each of us were in a profession that was on the line every single day whilst someone was looking for your job at a bargain price, how many of us would last, the talent pool is enormous. The money is unreal and the guarantee is there, its only a matter of free agency terms, the owners will give a year and then it will be 5 years for players to have rights. I agree, they won't strike but they do have good reason to get things changed. Guys like Aaron Judge have little leverage, they make $500K-$800K a year which isn't crumbs but they are bringing in revenue worth millions. If they get hurt before 6 years or are just worn out they will never see their payday. More goal oriented contracts seem to be in order, not just by statistical measures either, maybe team performance and other ways of getting players compensated. I'm not a pro-union guy but I do appreciate unions, without them we would all be working Saturdays, Sundays and nights for minimum wages. My issue with unions is that they fight for the small percentage of bums that deserve to be fired whilst the rest of the gang pays the freight. And there are no bigger blows than corporate leaders or owners of sports franchises, ego maniacs at best.
  2. At least you still have a dipstick, many new cars don't have them. I can almost understand why, its because the next generation doesn't even know what they are. I have a new Subaru, it uses a quart between oil changes but it has the boxer engine which runs hot and is known to use earl. Keep an eye on that though, that's an expensive car with a good motor, it shouldn't be using a drop of earl between changes.
  3. He is the older by 1/2 hour and larger by almost a pound, means nothing. Other than being brothers and being born on the same day, they have little in common, they are fraternal twins not identical. And, both fairly large families on both sides without any gayness that we know of. Lots of drunks, but no gays. My Mom who passed a year or so ago at 86 would ask me if he was queer, that was her take on the gay front, her era of gay folks were that they were queer. I was closer to her thoughts than his but in time, you either accept and live happily knowing or you can be ignorant and ruin a relationship between family members because of differences that seem to be uncontrollable. I am proud of my son because he is a good person, he respects my wife and myself as well as others and he is a productive and contributing member of society. And maybe because I have accepted his gayness, I can honestly say I am not disappointed in him as a person or a son and I won't claim to be proud of it either. I'm not proud to be hetero, its just what I am. I'm also not really proud to be American, I was never in the armed forces, I consider myself lucky and blessed to be American but proud has to be earned and I never earned it. I also never disrespected my country but that should go without saying. So, we all have to live and learn in life, if having a gay son is a bad thing I'm lucky enough to have avoided those feelings and am able to deal with his preferences comfortably. He visits about monthly and is well liked by everyone particularly the girls, he still has them hanging all over him, poor lad prefers a wiener, thats the part the hetero doesn't understand.
  4. Frying pan on very low heat,takes 6-8 minutes but it sometimes seems as good as the day before. Italian food is funny, re-heats particularly with gravy are better the second round, for example, lasagna.
  5. Not sure your facts are facts, I thought after 94' it would be a long way back, they were making 5X the dough with a few years. The players have reason, although they are making a fortune, owners still have contractual clauses that can prolong players from being fairly compensated, the players are looking to change that. Good for them, if the owners are making, lets those providing the entertainment be compensated. Lack of interest by the younger generation may be a cause of fan base being reduced, fans quickly recover from strikes and such things.
  6. Maybe if the parent were gay they'd root for gay or at least not be bothered by it. We have 3 kids, a daughter 31, and twin sons 28, one of the sons is gay. I called it when he was under 5, boy liked dancing, fashion and cooking and wasn't particularly feminine in his ways but he was definitely different. He officially came out at about 19 or 20, at the time he was having trouble keeping a drivers license and I was out of mind about it, paying fines, courts, schools, etc. Anyway, I knew he was gay, he was all emotional telling his Mom and me but I stopped him in his tracks and told him I knew he was gay since he was little, I was more concerned with the driving issues. It wasn't my choice but I am happy that its 2019 instead of 1958. My biggest disapointment was realizing he will probably not ever be a Dad or have a family to raise, its not important to him but it is to me. BTW, his brother is hetero and doesn't or never did socialize with him, again preferences but they are close and are friends as well as brothers. I always believed it was a learned behavior, raising twins in the same house under the same conditions kind of changed my thoughts and I now believe its genetic to the degree that it could be compared to something like alcohol, some can have a drink or two and walk away, others need to get smashed. So, although I have the same feelings for both sons and I can say that with 100% honesty, given the choice, I'd have them both hetero. I still make gay jokes and tease him about his dress habits, my wife thinks this is wrong but I haven't changed a thing in my life, why would I refrain from being honest just because he is my son? Today, he works and lives in NYC, and his lifestyle is his business. And, I can almost understand the gay man thing as far as interest and compatibility go, its the sex part that makes me scratch my head. For others, never think never cuz' stuff like gay or drugs or other preferences are life and despite efforts to be what society has deemed as normal it doesn't wash. And one other thing, I'm not sure that thinking and saying things like not normal or something else is also wrong with them determines that those making the call are in the know and can't be wrong. I'm sure I'll never be gay but I don't think its an abnormality or defect, just a different preference. Some folks like bourbon, others vodka, why? I like blondes (females) with big toots and shapely backsides, that's just what I prefer. Bottom line, Dinghy is spot on as I do find myself loving him regardless but knowing he took a road with many more obstructions and being gay adds to the issues.
  7. If you put 10 hours a week into it, you should be able to make $200-300, keep in mind you will get a 1099 in January and will need to report the income to the IRS. Not a bad money maker, the way to clean up is at 2AM-5AM, rates go through the roof and business is plentiful. Then again, dealing with drunks is another game. Car has to be newer than 11 years old and only you can be the driver. Wish ya' luck.
  8. I also voted for him, in hindsight a mistake. RIP Ross.
  9. A few things to consider when buying a memory foam mattress, they have a reputation of not breathing well, thus you get the hot flash feelings. Secondly, the edges take time to get used to, not as supportive as an inner spring mattress of good ilk (well built). Can't beat the convenience and weight of them, humping a king size mattress around isn't fun. We bought 2 boxes in a bed, a Casper and another, Casper was around $900 for a Queen the other was around $500, the other is superior to the Casper ( a well known and preferred make for those that don't know much). I'll get the other name if anyone is interested. For now, I have a king hybrid half memory foam but with an inner spring, about 5 years old, paid around $1200 just for the mattress and I'm a pretty good shopper. Can't flip it as is the case with most, it has a memory foam topper that is about 4" thick. Only took about a year or two before the mattress showed signs of wear, it has dents in it where we sleep, the last mattress lasted almost 12 years and never had any signs of wear, in fact my kid is so cheap he still has it. Todays stuff is mostly crap, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a memory foam unit, you'll save coin and in 5 years you can replace that as well. I did look at the high end beds, Sleep Number and some other $4K beds, when you figgger it all up. its a lot of money for a bed but you do spend a lot of time and if they last 20 years its pretty cheap. Of course, I'm too cheap to spend $4K when for $1.5K I'm happy , doesn't make me smart or right, just shows I'm cheap. In this case, its something I should blow the extra coin on but won't, I've become my parents. Same thing with cars, I should splurge on a Lexus or Acura, I intend to all the way to nut cutting time, then I bail and head to Honda or Toyota, in fact the last 3 new ones have been 2 Kia's and a Hyundai.
  10. Or just the Seafoam, let it run for 15 minutes or so and that should clear up the problem. I've had them where they wouldn't start, put some Seafoam in there, get some into the carb by pulling the cord a few times and in a day or two try starting again. Works more than it doesn't.
  11. I'll go along with FrankStars recipe for martini's, gin only, if its not gin its not a martini. That being said, I have difficulty not guzzling anything and martinis are no exception, the problem is martinis are not for guzzling. So, I switch to Gin Gimlets, 3 oz. of Gin in a rock glass with ice, a splash of Rose's Lime juice and a lime twist if you like. I can sip this one a little better and the ice cubes keep me occupied before drinking another round, the ice cubes are the key, they have good taste and rattlin' them around a glass is time consuming and gratifying particularly on a hot day when Gin is made to be drunk. Hendricks is my choice, Tangueray second and Beefeaters gets show dough. Gordons if cost is a factor.
  12. Eff him, he was taking $20 million dollar bonuses as he was taking away healthcare for the auto workers. He lived too well for too long for being a scumb@g. Good riddens. RIP
  13. Harris Crab House, Grasonville, Eastern Shore Kent Island area. Folks we were with are locals, the price didn't faze them. At $90 a dozen my grandfather is doing cartwheels in his final resting place, even I must admit the thought of each crab being at least $10 with tip, that adds up quick with little meat and lots of work. I bought a dozen monsters in Barnegat on Sunday, $37.00 which is high for that area but they were big and full and had dirty bottoms which I always prefer, no females. Best in class of this year so far, sometimes June crabs are best.
  14. Looks hot.
  15. Weakfish= Sea Trout Stripers = Rockfish