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  1. I'm sure food stamps aren't in their future, sad to see though. If Sears can go broke, nobody is safe. Good run and what little I know about candles is that my wife sniffed them in every shoppe on the planet in turn handing them to me for my input which was usually ignored. Have to say, some of the scents were appealing, good luck to all, feel bad for the 100 staff losing their livelihoods.
  2. Tragic and Sad- RIP and condolences to friends and family
  3. Any 4000 or 5000 Series reel size is fine. For me, a Daiwa SS2600, versatile for rods between 7 and 9.5 ft. A 1600SS might be ideal but its limited in versatility. They have lost their appeal in the last few years as being old technology and don't cost enough for many of todays crowd. Look for negative reviews on them anywhere at anytime in the last 40 years and you'll find little to chew on. Still using them religiously, and happily. If you must, the Shimano line seems like the way to go, Saragosa or Stradic
  4. RIP, Dr. Ruth, she was old when I was young and I'm now old. Wonder how old her Mother is?
  5. He is looking at a 50 gallon as a replacement unit, didn't see where it was posted that he has a 100 gallon tank. As for tankless, good advice except sometimes cost is a major factor, a 50 gallon decent tank installed by by a licensed plumber or utility company is going to run near the $2k mark, a tankless system might be double that?
  6. Pretty basic actually, regardless of where the games were played and who witnessed them, they were not NBA games, therefore any stats or records established are ABA records not NBA. NBA records begin when they started playing NBA opponents.
  7. I guess you are questioning why they took off or were allowed to? Truth is, its a tragic and sad accident regardless. Its always easy to have 20/20 hindsight, not only was Granpa wrong for attempting to fly but his daughter and son in law were also responsible to protect the kids. Sad and tragic, that family will never recover.
  8. Waste of money and time, its about a 75 yard walk to the mound from the bullpen, is that too much to ask from a professional athlete? They should be required to run in.
  9. The striped bass surf fishery is in bad shape up and down the east coast including Montauk. Honestly, I'd spend my time and money somewhere else, and not primarily chasing stripers. Times change, we can't bring back those times only hope they will someday return. Your in Alaska, California is a beautiful state, run by a bunch of kooks but what do you care, your visiting for a week or two. They have it all, weather included. It was 118 in Vegas yesterday, why would anyone consider that a vacation, you can't go outside. I guess folks like inside casinos and shows more than I, I'd rather skip that kind of heat. Of course we will hear that it's a dry heat, like a toaster? Sorry, 118 is smoldering.
  10. Many years ago Angler1 suggested practicing casting and retrieving the opposite of which you do regularly. Said we would regret not doing that when we got old, I got old and regret not doing it. Time to wear out a different shoulder. Of course who plans on fishing hurting? It does in many cases. Tough world.
  11. I owned a dozen or so Mirrolures late 70's early 80's, bought at flea markets and garage sales for $1, never once fished any of them and gave them away a few years back. They have been around forever and I should have at least given them a try, never even put one in a bag or pocket. Kind of an indestructible little chunk of hard plastic. Many were the old red/head, white body combo, another dog for me, I stopped carry red/white after the Black or Smoky Joe Red Fin amongst others proved superiority, small CC Pikies and Surfsters we're deadly but I never went for the red white combos, it was standard from almost all plug manufacturers. Bomber changed things up a few years later and made a heavy duty light swimmer (16A) with all kinds of colors and finishes, other than dragging arse in low NJ waters sometimes it was the best addition in plugs until the rubber shads appeared. Just my opinion, many loved the red/white design, I just couldn't get lucky enough often enough so they went to hang, gather dust and eventually off to the orphanage (flea market, garage sale). Regrets. Good post from years back.
  12. Surely you can find something more worthwhile to do with an expensive piece of jewelry and a classic time piece than be buried with it. Your grandfather left it to you to enjoy, maybe find someone worthy of receiving it and leave it to them. Just a thought as to not let it go to waste, you won't be caring what time or day it is under the rubble.
  13. The biggest issue with managing Stripers like Florida manages Tarpon is that nobody can eat a Tarpon, thus no pillaging of Tarpon happens. Put a price tag on them and the poachers come alive. And on a smaller scale, even the weekend armchair angler might want a bass for the table, not so for the tarpon. It'd be like eating the tin man from the Wizard of Oz.
  14. I'm a supporter of our police, but this guy does not deserve my support. Yes, as in most cases I saw an individual not follow instruction to the letter of the law from the cop, but he was in the process of running away and this lawman murdered him. I do not believe the cop was ever in danger of losing his life, he had an attitude and went too far, the victim was no angel but did not deserve to get what he got. Bottom line, if that's my dopey kid, I want that cop to face a jury. He's going to jail for a long time.
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