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  1. Palmer, McNally, Cuellar and Dobson. Only Palmer and McNally were top quality, Cuellar as crafty and Dobson had his best year. Weaver also let them finish up many games. Great year though, 4 20 game winners on the same team in the same year, we won't see that again anytime soon.
  2. Thank God for folks like Connie, home healthcare is as difficult as it gets. Happy Mothers day to both of them.
  3. You may discover you like the Tica you have best. You would probably notice a difference, again, maybe not a difference you want. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Spend your money on something else.
  4. Easy to keep clean.
  5. Congrats to KOQ and his wife, its a coast the rest of the way, I think. Now, those folks above have almost 62 in the books, thats a big number, wishing them 62 more, the line for 62nd anniversary cards is one not many get to enjoy, congrats to you and your wife. Nice wedding pic, the young ones are now on SS. Time does fly, we are approaching 39, both fully numb and ready for the next phase, complaining about the cost of everything and discussing doc's and medicines in social situations. Disturbing.
  6. Full as a tick!
  7. If you ca afford it without missing it, your crazy to take it on, $14K is a lot of $$ to paint a house, its peanuts though if things go south. Not worth the effort and you can see who isn't affected by it, the kids, its their money, if they want it spent, spend it. We just had a bathroom and porch/patio/walk done, talk early on about demo-ing ourselves, at 63 I'm glad we sat it out, in the end its only money and if you have it, you have it to spend. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.
  8. Agreed, but willing to give the Nexcare Absolute tape a go. I don't use tape to prevent as I don't like any tape or gloves given the choice. I will wear something if my finger is cut so it can heal quicker so I can put the tape away. Always nice to hear positive results from folks.
  9. First one since Palmer in 69', pretty amazing. Palmer was always a favorite, I used to drive 2 1/2- 3hrs. from Jersey to see him pitch and often at Yankee Stadium when the O's came to town which was often. Palmer didn't have many off nights, he was very good most of the time. Congrats to Means and the O's.
  10. I always intend to rinse things down, sometimes I will do it 3-4 days in a row, then I go two weeks without a thought. I do like a couple drops of sewing machine type earl on the reel handle, bail and shaft, keeps the bird chirping squeaks away, usually once a week or so, particularly if we get lots of rain or the reel gets wet. What is Salt-X made of, it gets lots of support but I never trusted stuff with the "X" type name, like now with an improved Formula 7 additive, what the hell is Formula 7? Anyway, waders might get rinsed twice a year, plugs, maybe once, hooks and rings are constantly maintained or changed as needed. Rods and reels more often but never enough. I have a lot of 40 year old stuff that looks used but still has life left, namely, Daiwa SS2600 reels, a Surfcaster Plug Bag, a Fisher 9 ft. rod, Sargent pliers, and some plugs. Pretty much my go to stuff since the late 70's early 80's. Buy best, buy once, buy cheap buy twice.
  11. My $12 Klein Diagonal Cutters wouldn't bend like that and they are my good pair, the el cheapos are about $3 and they wouldn't bend either. Junk, I say !
  12. Congrats on the upcoming arrival. Keep us posted.
  13. Seems like you have the bases covered and are satisfied with the Shimanos. You can try others but if you like what you have chances are you won't like the change. Personally, I prefer the Daiwa SS2600 but its old technology that the crowd born after 1980 won't consider. Their loss. Don't say I didn't tell you so. Reel performs as designed, handles braid well, great casting, durable and proven, did I mention round $100. Search em' up, you won't find many negatives on them, cuz' they work.
  14. Cheap beef (80%), Italian breadcrumbs, egg, onyon and minced garlic, a little milk if you wish. Mix it all up, pan fry for a crust if you wish and then bake or just bake - 15-20 mins. Sometimes the simpler the better.
  15. Its a fishing reel, a few scuffs and bruises won't hurt and thats not even worth a second look. As longs as you can run a Q-tip around it without it getting caught , its god to go. If you fish, you'll have scratches, if you don't want scratches, buy jewelry.