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  1. Looks like a sore situation to deal with, I'd imagine much like a 3rd degree burn. As you know, putting each day in front of you and then behind you is how life works, hopefully, your worst days are over and you can get back to the drink (water) to greet the 2019 class of fish. Prayers and thoughts for you, your an inspiration to many of us and most of us have never met, I wish you the best.
  2. I like a good hardly used rod, of course, I'm still in the stone ages preferring Fisher, Lami, Rainshadow, St. Croix to all the others. Then again, other than a Century 9'6" I've never owned any of the newer selection that for me are overpriced. For an inexpensive rod I do like the Star, for around a hunny you've got a good stick. Never liked the Tsunami, Ticas or Okumas, always thought they felt mushy, particularly in the tips. I'll take my 9' Fisher to the grave, combined with a Daiwa SS2600, I can use it for most conditions.
  3. Red Ball Master Series Insulated Bootfoot, brown canvas, fairly heavy but very comfortable and pretty durable. Used to get them at the Sportsman Shop in Neptune City, Charlie Spina would fit you right up, about a $75 bill in 75' if I remember correctly. They would last 3-4 years and I still have a pair that have been worn not more than a dozen times. I used to buy stuff as spares, by the time I got to this spare pair, breathables were out and replaced them forever. Still a good wader if your not walking
  4. The numbers are hard to justify, there are an awful lot of times where bass may not be on your fishing grounds and the weather has to put you off the scene for at least 50 days a year, that makes the numbers really jump. You can never get skunked. BS for me.
  5. Obviously the Giants management feels Eli gives them the best chance at leading this team regardless of cost. This isn't HS where the senior gets to play because he played last year and his teammates like him. This is big business and not likely they are tossing around 20+ million because they feel obligated and Eli is a nice guy. IMHO, they are fooling themselves, Eli hasn't been a top 15 QB since his last SB win, which was many moons ago, this year doesn't look any better than the last 6 or 7.
  6. The Giants made the right move, he'll get hurt again and again because he goes all out on every play and puts a target on himself. Not being critical of going all out, he just takes every opportunity be a complete doosh. Every time he touches the ball there is some kind of theatrics, winning takes a back seat to his highness, he needs to get his 10 catches and then worry about winning. He is a great talent, but a total ah. Way worse than Jeremy Shockey, another one that never got it. A number 1, 2 and a 3? and another decent player is as good as it gets. Nice job. Cleveland can have him. Good riddens.
  7. Bulls Eye on every point. In a nutshell the above seems to be the opinion of the majority of Americans. How many 1-0 games do I have to watch? 2-3 decent shots a game, the only positive is its timed, 90 minutes and you get to leave.
  8. Funny how we all give and take advice on a fishing site about knee replacement. For those that have experienced the process, it seems clear that the PT is the hardest part. Not claiming to know a thing but you may want to investigate a doctor that uses laser for cutting the bones, supposedly its a new process and not many are using it yet. The main benefit is the recovery time due the the exactness of the cuts and less tissue, muscle and bone damage. I wish ya' luck, at 61, you have no choice, do it now when you know your able.
  9. At the time of his accomplishments, he was criticized as being stupid and reckless in game situations. He was more reckless than stupid, 4 SB's will be on his tombstone. Looking back, a great QB, deservedly HOF, tough as they ever came, and he could toss it and he was physical running the ball. For those that don' t think Namath belongs, watch his early films including high school and college, he could throw with anyone and he was accurate. Yes, HS, he was that good. Namaths problems were his knees, he was injured coming in, crippled by his 4th or 5th year, still dominated for a few years. His talent and his handling NY, the press, the whole scene, well, thats why some folks don't like him and many folks like to hate NY talent. If your under 55 right now, you never saw him play, I am 60 and remember Mantle when he was shot, my recollection was he wasn't that good, when at one time he was the best player in the world and arguably the best all around ever. Namath won a game he shouldn't have come close, the Colts should have beat them by 30, thats not a one game credit either but it was huge at the time. Everything has to measured at their specific time of playing, comparing eras is impossible. Best athletes I remember watching in my lifetime when they were at their peaks, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Mariano Rivera, Barry Bonds, Muhammad Ali, Roberto Duran, Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor, Tom Seaver, Wayne Gretzky, Jack Nicklaus, and Secreteriat. Many will toss Duran but he was a favorite of mine and when he was young and hungry, he was as great as anyone ever was. Secreteriat is a horse, but deserves to be remembered as something very special. Seaver was a local feller that I got to watch from age 9 till he hung them up, he always seemed to be on his game and I loved to watch him pitch, he went after hitters, of course many did the same in those days. I'd pay to see him pitch tomorrow.
  10. Best of luck to Dick in his recovery.
  11. Those not familiar with Lakewood cannot imagine the situation. The Hasidics have taken over the town council, the board of ed and run the entire town except the PD. The building and overcrowding are out of control, and there is an abundance of corruption in every agency. They are trying to spread to neighboring towns, however Toms River only has a few areas that border Lakewood that are being sought by the Hasidims. Jackson offers them the best choice, more open land to build and fill up with their followers. It is my understanding that their religion is only 60-70 years old but they are fanatical and most fundamental religious groups cause issues. These are not the rich well to do Jewish community, these folks do not acknowledge or assimilate with others and are rarely involved with anyone outside their group. Most of the men claim to be religious students, many homes and buildings are considered houses of worship (no taxes), the men and women are only married in their religion, for living purposes they claim the women are single mothers therefore are allowed welfare for each child and thats all they do, procreate like rats. Its a big scam and the community in Lakewood is the largest one in the US, bigger than Park Slope, Brooklyn. Stay out of Lakewood is the best advice I can offer.
  12. Most Ocean County Senior Housing Developments have much lower maintenance fees than you mentioned, many for under $100 a month and some for $90 a quarter which doesn't include lawn service. Really, I don't mind paying but what for, lawn and snow removal services, can't cost more than a few hundred a year and HOA"s are over $200-250 a month? I like Pheasant Run In Forked River, not the Barnegat one. Stay north of Barnegat, south of that the bugs will eat you alive from Memorial Day till Labor Day. Best values seem to be in the Holiday Cities (off Mule Rd. Toms River) and associated communities, they range from brand new to 40 years old. Cheapest units are west, in Manchester/Whiting, many are all electric. Brick and TR are the places to live, more amenities like stores, restaurants, the beach. Nicest place I've seen is Greenbrier woodlands on New Hampshire Ave. in Toms River. Average home cost from the low $200's, monthly fees of $135, gated , safe, clean and very nice. Good luck. Nothing wrong with the geezers, a bit of a PITA for certain things but no nonsense at night and who wants junk cars and boats in their neighbors yards. Now, if $$ are a major issue, go to Little Egg Harbor, for $150K you get a nice home with monthly fees under $100. You'll have to learn to live with the bugs.
  13. Hey

    Miss seeing and hearing about you and your doggie eating ice cream outside and inside the shop.
  14. Go Tarpon fishing in the Keys.
  15. A tough one to match, many more that may be more difficult- Cy Young 511 wins- Johnny Van DeMeer back to back no-no's, DiMaggios 56 game hitting streak, Nolan Ryans K's, over 5K, Roses hits, just to think of a few.