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  1. 2-Zoom frogs 2-Chatter bait 3/8 1- Brian’s B buzz Shad 1-Molix wake bait 3-Deps buzz jet All new just carried in bag $100.00 shipped
  2. I’ve got PP now to make it easier.
  3. $25 shipped I’ve got PP now
  4. Both for $30 shipped postal money order or cash is fine
  5. Reopened need to move these $85 shipped postal money order for the lot. Funding a new rod
  6. 4 plugs just laying around top 2 no idea of builder green plug MXPlug & bottom Etch Sketch $35 shipped postal money order
  7. Sorry for the delay been kinda hectic. Mtl50 are you still interested in those 2?
  8. Back up for sale deal fell through. Should have mentioned no PP just don't mess with enough stuff to mess with it. Postal money order will work. Thanks
  9. Sounds good PM on the way. Thanks. Closed
  10. 5–3/4 oz jig man freshwater pikies all new. $100 shipped
  11. What's your price on it?
  12. One more try at the top. Anything?
  13. Looking for a Saltist 20H or 30H. Thanks
  14. #115. HoldMyBass like to say thanks to all that entered. Might have to dig around & do another giveaway soon. Thanks