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  1. Thanks yall
  2. Wanting to dress properly whenever the water temp drops. What dry top do yall recommend? Trying to stay around $200 or less. Thanks
  3. I can get a deal. Does yours get hard to reel under load? That's the main complaint I've read about.
  4. 1oz and 3/4oz Pink/white Gun Slinger.
  5. I'm thinking about getting a Conflict 2 for a Albacore reel and wanted to get yalls opinion if you've used them. How has it held up or is it junk? I'm looking at a 3000.
  6. Chasing new spots and new techniques to try.
  7. Daiwa J-Braid. No issues. Used to use power pro, also no issues.
  8. What would you use it for offshore? It could be used on a pitch rod for dolphin, wouldn't try jigging tuna with it though because you can't load up a bunch of heavy braid. It would be a excellent all around for inshore.
  9. Rivers End Tackle in Old Saybrook, CT
  10. Depends on you really. If you want as much braid as possible, use a tiny bit of mono backing or tape. If you don't want more braid than you need, use more backing. Example. For my lighter trout rod I use more backing because I don't need a lot of braid for light inshore fishing. On one of my spinning rods I do a tiny bit of backing and as much braid as possible since it'll be used for a variety of large fish.
  11. Daiwa BG. If you decide to spend more, get a Stradic.
  12. Jbraid. I've used it since it came out and never had a issue. Used to only use power pro, never had a issue with that either but I like jbraid so I stick with it.
  13. I can get either one at a really good cost. It's a $40 difference with the Osprey being the cheaper one. I'll probably stick with the stradic. Thanks everyone.
  14. Have any of you tried the Osprey 4000 SS or any of the new SS series? If so how are they? I was set on getting a new Stradic 5000 because I love the stradics, now I'm considering the Osprey since it seems like a good reel for the money.
  15. You don't need 50. Thinner braid will cast better.