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  1. pm sent
  2. What about $85? It's like new with new braid.
  3. Finnor is sold to whitman
  4. Bump. Daiwa $90 shipped. Finnor $70 shipped
  5. Bump. Daiwa $100 shipped. Fin-nor $80 shipped
  6. Saltist 20 Sold. Thanks
  7. No trades. Only selling these to cover a medical bill. Daiwa Saltist 20. SOLD Daiwa BG 4000. Used a few times last September. Reel is in very good shape, looks and feels new. Spooled with 30lb jbraid. $105 shipped, PayPal. Fin-Nor lethal 20. New, never used. $90 shipped PayPal.
  8. Daiwa BG 4000 and a St Croix triumph 9'.
  9. Never heard of either of those brands. The sealine is just really cheaply made, and the butt is literally about 4' long. We had those rods where I worked and they only sold occasionally to someone just starting out.
  10. Has anyone heard anything on when the star drag is coming out? I've tried searching but haven't seen any new info since their original post of the reel.
  11. I'd avoid the sealine. The penn prevail is around $100 and good for the money
  12. I'd be losing way too much on that. No thanks
  13. Right hand retrieve
  14. The guy backed out. Still available.
  15. I took it out of the box but haven't used it. I still have the box and everything it came with. Can you do $70?