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  1. I brought the 10’ 1 to 5 , I was skeptical because I know the blank probably made overseas , I’ve been a lami fan for some time just never brought some of there lower quality stuff. I brought it while waiting on a RH custom 11’ Carbon Matrix. So I thought no Fuji guides , made in China 1to 5 stiff this is going be no good . However it’s definitely a nice rod for the price point . Light weight cast great and can turn and handle fish fine . It handled a shimano 6000 sag reel np . Cast’s great I was throwing poppers in the fall handle the bass fine . I believe if you want a inexpensive surf rod or back up there fine . I’m no just looking to probably purchase the 9 light for spring time back bays now instead of building a $500 custom.
  2. My offer is with drawn I see there no interest. Thanks
  3. Cgbt 84 1 M TriFlex custom built by Paco
  4. He is not the builder he comes off as the builders but he subs his work out !
  5. Who built this ? What Blank is it?
  6. Just asking are you interested in any trade and cash
  7. I’m going to be looking for another one in the near future I’m going to leave this open however I need a little time to get money up for one again so if you let me know you have one and have some time to wait you can post ,, If that’s ok with the rules here Thanks
  8. Okay Thanks payment sent
  9. True however I’ve seen low gear ratio with a power handle I got beat out on a 400 on a different site . I don’t want the braid I’m just going strip it off definitely because I fish suffix or power pro slick 20 lb can you do $200 shipped I can send you money now ? I’m on Long Island ny
  10. Is it a HG ? Can you show the pic of the ratio on the reel ?
  11. Looking for a good condition Rightly Tranx 300 HG ,,, will buy I also might have some stuff i can trade if you are looking for something,,,, Thanks
  12. I’m going to close this for know no interest I’ll probably put it back up later towards fluke season
  13. Np let me know
  14. It has blue power pro slick 30