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  1. I’ll give it a try looking to trade my Shimano 200Tranx 7:2:1 for a 200 Tranx 6:3:1 , I fished the Tranx 200 a few times last year on my Black Hole Challenger 6’9 UL . I’m getting a Black Hole Challenger 701L built for ocean fluking in mtk and was thinking the 200 Tranx would be a great match up , I’m just thinking a lower ratio 6:2:1 would be better in deeper water . The 7:2:1 I fish in the shallows of center Moriches . Just a try ,,, hopefully someone can help . Thanks SOL
  2. Sudys looks like I'm not getting it tonight for mountauk in the morning lmfao
  3. Thanks Sudys I'm going to mtk pt Saturday morning hopefully I can pick this up tomorrow night. Kevin89 shoot me a PM hopefully I can grab this from you Friday night thanks again sol.
  4. Yeah I'm only a couple of minutes away
  5. I'm respectfully declining if you want it Sudys, I'm just so close to him I firgued I picked it up . Let me know
  6. I'm in selden I can do $45 picked up I see it's a 20
  7. I need to retract my offer. I really need to wait on getting the rod and matching up the reel . sorry need to retract
  8. I can offer $180 no line no power handle yes iunderstand its a low ratio reel looks a bit scratched up i can purchase a 400hg with braid and handle for$220 i have to get braid and handle for this one
  9. Looking to buy a Rod wrapper . Something like a pac bay. I'm possibly looking to get back into building.
  10. I guess should of pulled a all niter good luck this coming season
  11. The reel is a 20 hybrid you know the ratio
  12. Do you have box and papers for the reel
  13. Do you have box and papers for the reel
  14. How much you want for the reel