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  1. I guess should of pulled a all niter good luck this coming season
  2. The reel is a 20 hybrid you know the ratio
  3. Do you have box and papers for the reel
  4. Do you have box and papers for the reel
  5. How much you want for the reel
  6. Does anyone have a issue on the maxel 20 with the spool being too narrow for your thumb to fit on. I went to the local shop to see one and that what I've encountered. The shop recommends the. Maxel 25 its a wider spool. Anyone have issue. I'm looking for another reel . This one I've been interested in.
  7. What is the gear ratio on this reel.
  8. Title says it all. Looking for a New saltist 20h
  9. If it doesn't work out I'll take it
  10. I'm confused is it a level drag? Is it a 20h ? Is the handle on the left side of reel or right side of reel? Can I get picture ? What condition? What year made older version or newer? Does it come with box and papers? Sorry for all the questions. I'm looking for a saltist 20h, like this kind
  11. Is it a one piece ? Who built it? Is it built concept?
  12. Do you live in Queens or do I mail them to you.

  13. I'll take take it for asking price