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  1. I will take these
  2. Good stuff....used to be a great spot to fish,and the seals were only there late in the year,now they call it home,good for them ,bad for us,funny I always thought if whites were around inshore on block,that spot would def be where they would be swimming
  3. Yes thats fine,thanks
  4. 2 Beachmasters and 1 afterhours jrs Lightly used if at all
  5. New or used,thanks
  6. $60 shipped pp
  7. New with tags 2 lightweight hoodies size large 1 jogger pant size XL $75 shipped pp
  8. $65 shipped pp
  9. Ok,u got em,thanks
  10. NIP Cre8 sounds wireless Bluetooth earbuds Waterproof $60 shipped pp
  11. Thread closed
  12. All look to be unfished but may have minimal storage rub if at all, 3 @1 3/4oz 1 green eyed light factory load Looking for 5" ss green eyed needles to fish
  13. $50 shipped pp
  14. All 17a 3 on Left side loaded,rest are not Looking for 5" super strike green eyed needles to fish or mettalic gold ss needles
  15. Bump
  16. $55 shipped pp
  17. U got em,thanks
  18. Surfsters 2 small 1 medium Lightly used $60 shipped pp
  19. I can do $45 and I will pay the pp fee
  20. Long island, $8.60 flat rate padded envelope to ship
  21. How much for all the bubblegum hogy shipped pp?
  22. $45 immediate PayPal for the donny jr,I pay fee
  23. Gold please
  24. Ttt
  25. Ok,will take them,send payment info,thanks