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  1. Gold please
  2. Ok,will take them,send payment info,thanks
  3. I will take them if they are for 3" tubes,which i think they are, thanks
  4. Are they 3" or 2 1/2"?
  5. I will take the dividers if u want?
  6. No thanks
  7. I had 4 reels there about 5 weeks,dropped off mid feb...I was assured that parts were 100% no problem....was expensive as well,in my opinion the slow turnaround is due to the fact u have 1 guy who does them..and its not the guy who used to do them,he was awesome
  8. Thread closed
  9. Thread closed
  10. Let Steve have it,I can't trade that much for that,thanks
  11. Ok,I will look later and see what I have,thanks
  12. I have some nip ss to trade,can post this afternoon if interested
  13. $15 shipped
  14. How much do u want for it?