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  1. some of the colors and styles I am looking for: can do multiples (2 for 1,3 for 2 etc for right plugs)
  2. will revisit if no other plugs I'm looking for show up, thanks
  3. what plugs are u interested in?
  4. no thanks,have any solid black, solid yellow,b.i. green bm mini wadds?
  5. have these for trade: most are new or like new some ancient, some bottles no rattles some tough to find colors.. I am looking for super strike green eyed needles,both 5" and 7" and other older superstrike pattern needles and darters ..plugs will be fished so lightly used ok..
  6. no thanks
  7. BM

    great thanks
  8. BM

    yes sir
  9. BM

    older BMs lightly used if at all $43 shipped PayPal
  10. looking for solid black,solid yellow,solid chartreuse, solid B.I. green used ok
  11. I will take the squid colored bottle
  12. I will do $22,thanks
  13. offer $20 shipped for the black over white
  14. ttt