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  1. marine grease stick better and will not wash out
  2. between my age 78 and health it is hard to fish as much as I would like use to go 2 X a week now not so much I do miss it
  3. fished Weds afternoon in the back in SJ for a few hrs, 1st time in 2years due to health problems, felt good to get out and see the ocean and bay, threw bucktails and rubber no fish to be found and no bait to be seen hope to do it again soon
  4. I have been using marine grease and a mix of 5w 20 motor oil for a very long time over 35 yrs and have never had any problems
  5. outlaw it altogether all it does is unmannerly hurt and kill fish. If you catch a bass on snag and drop are calling it a day and quitting or are you going to keep on fishing and catching to see how many other large breeders you can catch and kill. New Jersey finally has a descent run of big bass and they are going to be destroyed in one season, these large bass are our breeders and must be given some protection
  6. Do any of you albie hunters ever catch them in SJ?
  7. alligator gar would do some damage if they would get a hold of you
  8. are they ever caught in SJ? I have never caught any or heard of any in SJ
  9. I had it beginning of June mild symptoms lasted a little longer than a week
  10. is West CM on the bayside if so you can fish anytime
  11. anyone who would encourage their children ti engage in that kind of behavior is a sick corrupt person and should not be allowed to have children in their care
  12. sleepy Joe is going to nominate his son for VP so they can keep it in the family
  13. watch a couple of fishing shows where they were fighting a fish with spinning tackle and it turned into conventional gear
  14. https://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phases_calendar.phtml click the arrows in upper right hand corner to change month
  15. with a rock