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  1. instead of opening the season Mar 1 open it in mid Apr every catch prior to that date is catch and release circle hooks only
  2. many years ago I would catch all you wanted at night off the pier in OC
  3. have you ever tried putting baby bluefish in your tank?
  4. belly strips from stripers and weakies were the best flounder bait I ever used
  5. wishing him the best
  6. they taste like fishy chicken
  7. years back before beach replenishment ruined all the structure inshore we would fish a jetty on DB side of CM and catch flounder in the jetty pocket and rip at the end with a 1/2 oz white bt and a 5" squid strip by using a slow bounce and retrieve 5to 10 flounder in the 2 to 5 lb range were common all you needed was clean water and some tide movement but not now
  8. not too far if you start in Florida
  9. it is only closed for stripers but there is not much else to catch unless you can find some winter flounder or perch
  10. not much doing in the bay till the spring then I would fish CMP and the canal area by the ferry. The beach is pretty much the same from the villas to reeds beach flat and shallow
  11. I had bladder cancer 2 x in the last 5 years luckily it was easy to clean up I go for checkups every 6 months not fun but you have to go if you want to stay clean. now if I could only catch something every once in a while but beach fishing in SJ is like fishing in the desert
  12. raise the fines substantially and make them post a high bail and confiscate equipment and vehicles and jail time for repeat offenders
  13. years back a bft was caught at CMP and was weighed at local B&T and when fish & game were called they confiscated the fish
  14. me too, I hate the cold and wind seems like once you get chilled you can not shake it off