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  1. I fish all the same areas and I have not seen a bluefish this year SJ is the dead sea
  2. Has anyone seen any gator blues yet, usually have a run in the late fall?
  3. I like fishing bridges and beaches at nights but on real dark nights I avoid jettys and sod banks
  4. most beaches in SJ are flat and shallow if you are throwing bait you will need distance 11' if you are throwing plugs and bucktails 9' or so in SJ distance helps
  5. 8' to 10' but I am in SJ so what do I know
  6. Penn reels USA all in good to very good condition penn battle 6000 30lb braid $45 squidder 140 $40 surfmaster 200 $35 mag 980 $50 750 ss $50 320 gti $50 penn senator 0/2 $40 daiwa sealine 30h conventional surf $45 daiwa spinner 7000c $40 shakespeare 2091ee usa $40 rods solaris SS 11' 3 to 8 oz $50 solaris Conv 12' 3 to 8 $50 barefoot conv 9' $40 penn power stick 7' $40 buy whole lot $525 pick up only in Franklinville NJ cash only contact thru email fd4mcola@aol.com
  7. I have fished the bay since the mid 70's, fished mainly out of Fortesque sold my last boat about 8 years just was not worth the time and cost to go every week, lack of fish and the cost of gas and everything else just not worth going. Not the cost so much but the lack of fish enjoy fishing the beach jettys and bridges more
  8. how many young fish and eggs are destroyed by the nuclear plant at Salem I can't remember where I read it but it in the millions every year
  9. where do you want me to start? overfishing, pollution, dredging, netters. when the weakfish were plentiful the boats were so thick you could walk across the bay on them and most people caught and killed as many as they could and the netters would line up at the mouth of the bay with their nets blocking every path in or out. Striped bass regulations suck you can only keep the bigger fish who are females and the spawners the bay should be C&R till the bass have had a chance to spawn. The people who make the regs should be better educated. There is still a decent migration of bass up and down the coast but it seems like they by pass SJ and do not come into the bay like they use to. There are still some fish in the bay but not like they were in years past now only certain areas of the bay hold fish. In the spring and fall there would always be big bluefish in the bay, now not so much. There are still drum in the bay in the spring but not in the numbers that were there in years past why I really do not know, overfishing by recreational anglers and netters ? Bunker should be better protected, without bunker you will have no fish at all, and there are more dogfish in the bay than there ever was and they eat everything. Just my opinion
  10. smaller crabs maybe 2 to 3" at most across the shell with speckles on their shell
  11. I have caught them in years past PM me is you want the spot one year I caught at least a dozen all the same size 16" or so
  12. I did see them once in the surf line at poverty. That was 1 time in about 300 times I fished there
  13. seen lots of really big sea turtles in DB actually almost caught one by accident was fishing for flounder and it actually took my bait and dragged the boat around for about 10 minutes before I could get it close enough to the boat to cut the leader. It was huge about 3ft long
  14. I like fishing the southern end inlet Edit, way to specific, please pass on info like that via PM ~ Sudsy
  15. agree with this 100%