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  1. the gallant hours in harms way
  2. are there any beaches open in SJ that can be fished? Are any bridges open to fishing?
  3. Dogs are truly man's best friend they are part of the family. Dog is God spelled backwards
  4. I am not a believer of lights bothering fish if you fish bridges or docks you want the lights so you can have shadow lines it certainly does not scare fish
  5. over many years I have caught 3 or 4
  6. boot size is 9 but I wear a 10 and they fit me fine
  7. frog togg boot chest waders velcro straps good condition no leaks 35" inseam $50 pickup only in Franklinville NJ
  8. hand held marine radio hummingbird model VHF55S new charging unit and 2 rechargeable batteries good condition $60 pickup only in Franklinville NJ
  9. a few years back a guy claimed he caught a 200 lb bluefin off the CMP jetty with a light bucktail rod and reel he was using for weakies he weighted it in at Jims b&T and a day or 2 later F&G confiscated the fish. I believe the fish was dyeing and just floated up to the jettyand was foul hooked
  10. all the jettys at CMP ruined by beach replenisment all the jettys
  11. Del Bay top of the 60ft sluice
  12. I have slowed down the last few years because of age 74 and can't walk the beach and jettys like I use to, my trips would always last 12 hrs or so, now I am lucky to get out once a month I still love it but it is becoming too hard to do by myself
  13. bring lucky lures
  14. instead of opening the season Mar 1 open it in mid Apr every catch prior to that date is catch and release circle hooks only