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  1. I use a padlock and a plastic coated chain
  2. this weakness starts at the top mayor and police commissioner the city deserves everything it is getting it is a shame for the good people that are stuck in the city and can not get out
  3. yes
  4. I like to fish that area behind Stone Harbor in late afternoon and early evening fish the back side of inlets around the bridges with lures and bt's
  5. I fished in the late 60's mainly in SJ some days in Apr and May there would fishermen lined up shoulder to shoulder on LBI and it was that way every day in the spring
  6. I do not know how to post pics I will get someone to post them for me
  7. I made some hand carved wooden plugs with metal lips some swim ok and others just lay on their side and not do anything what am doing wrong and is there anything that can be done to make them swim correctly?
  8. are kingies still in the surf in SJ ? looking to take my 1st trip this year any help is appreciated
  9. I hope it will be done by the fall always like fishing that area
  10. you sound like me I live at least an hour away, fish alone and mainly south Jersey I like to read and see what areas are alive and which are dead so I have at least a little bit of an idea as to what area I should target and have a half way decent chance of catch something either out front or back
  11. what are they doing to the jetty? I always thought that was an easy and safe jetty to fish.
  12. I fished that jetty many time only had problems when it was flood tides or storms jetty usually stays fairly dry on normal tides
  13. I am a bait cannon
  14. since all our schools are closed and we have no need for bus drivers or building maintenance shouldn't our property taxes go down?
  15. heard stories of tarpon in Del Bay over the years never seen any pics. Have seen and caught redfish and cobia in Del Bay and reds in the surf in early fall in SJ