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  1. Staying near the beach on Kiawah Island next week. Is it worth me bringing a rod? What species would I have a shot at this time of year? No need for locations just want to know if it’s worth bring the stick. Space is an issue so I need it to be worth it. Thanks a bunch
  2. Been a lot of sunfish in that area this year
  3. Gotta be honest, I'm happy about this. I know multiple people (my wife included) that just do not possess the ability to talk on the phone and drive safely.
  4. From what I understand, stripers do not spawn until they reach 30" generally. Why would we allow ourselves to take a fish for the table that has not had the chance to spawn yet. If we can make the length greater than the average spawn length we will be more able to find a sustainable fishery for the striped bass. The bass came back and we all ruined it!! Let's not do it again. No matter how much the fishery rebounds we should never take fish from the water that have not had the opportunity to spawn.
  5. I live in Falmouth and have a family of black squirrels in my yard frequently
  6. As with anything new I am sure there will be some hiccups in the competitive aspects. But, to me, it is a no brainer to go to C&R only. They will figure it out. Heck, just about everyone i know that does the tourney has never even weighed in a fish. They do the tourney for the festival and free stuff. Way to go OTW!! I'm sure it was a tough decision
  7. That scup is HUGE!!
  8. I caught a 14" ish fluke last year near Barnstable Harbor/Scorton Creek.
  9. I know guys that have not bought a new pair of waders since the 1970's!! They wear them for a few years, when they start to leak they just return them and get a new pair. Think about, that's nuts!!
  10. Unfortunately I will not have my own gear there which is part of the reason I want to do a charter. If I can't do one I may buy a cheap setup at Walmart or something and hunt up a spot or two on my own
  11. I did a little research yesterday, it's a bummer that not in the right season for Tarpon, that's a bucket list fish for me. Still considering doing a half day charter. Looks like I can get one for $300-$400
  12. I wish I knew this before I sold some expensive stuff on eBay for my mom. Got the stupid 1099 yesterday. Fuming mad!!! Super lame
  13. I'm headed to Fort Myers during Presidents Day week in a week and a half. I'm from Massachusetts and have experience fishing for Stripers, Bluefish and all sorts of bottom fish. Any ideas on what to fish for and/or charter recommendations? Would love to get a few more species knocked off the list. Not even sure what species are around that area this time of year. Thanks in advance
  14. I hate the idea of rules just for the sake of having rules. To me, there is not even a reason for the ACOE to even have the rule in the first place. Maybe there is a reason that I'm not thinking of. I know that there are many shore fishermen that would love to hire a guide on the canal from time to time (I'm sure people still do it). I don't understand why this would be not allowed.