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    So Cal transplant in Harwich. Owner Bluefish B&B and Sous Chef at Vinings Bistro in Chatham.
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    Fishing, Cooking, Photograghy, organic gardening, dogs,camping,Baja! The Ocean is my church!
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    Chef/ Inn Keeper/Photographer
  1. I am Chef/Pastry Chef at The Bistro on Main(formerly Vinings). We have a great selection of fish, a killer Ribeye a bunch of fun small plates and apps a beautiful Mahogany bar and a northeastern raised, organic grass fed half pound burger on Iggy's brioche bun at lunch. Stop in and tell them to tell Tim that a fellow SOLer is in the house and call ahead and tell them its your anniversary so I can make you a special pastry and make you look all romantic. I am there every night but Tuesday and Wed. Bring your rig! Walk out from Hardings beach to the point or Morris Island to the point, bring a pogy snagger and some top water stuff and have at some big Bluefish and an occasional bass. Join some other guys walking out on the Brewster flats ( stick with a buddy or watch the others and head back shortly after the tide changes to incoming, NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE BITE IS) and go for a nice long walk with the wife on Nauset beach or any other National Seashore Beach. Hit up Macs for fried scallops and PB for a killer pastry in Welfleet try the Rock Harbor Grill in Orleans and Mahoneys for a night cap. When you realize that you need more time come join my wife and I at Bluefish Bed and Breakfast for the best breakfast on the Cape. We grow or locally source EVERYTHING and its all organic. Check out my website for more info on things to do, see and eat while your down Cape. Happy Anniversary!
  2. Tye is aDingo and not officially a 'dog' and heels with no leash and is on an electronic collar just in case. I do respect the law, dont just let him off in any area of the public, we clean up after him, always have a bag and wont introduce him unless asked. But he needs at least an hour a day of hard, fast, hunting/running and I cant possibly keep up so off the leash he goes in the woods, outer beach, Thompson's field, Kents point, and all beaches after Labor day. HE is a lot more respectful than most other beach goers.
  3. I'll ask some friends and let you know. The less than a week part is tough though.
  4. Thanks Jack. Hey Pogie boy, when are you coming to breakfast?
  5. Got the boat ready a month and half ago and then started prepping to open a new restaurant and the rest is history. Anybody care to share(here or via PM) any information on Which way to turn the boat once I hit the jetty at the mouth of Sesuit Harbor. My instinct is Church Spire but any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Moving water, edge of the flats, incoming for me and anything that looks like a sand eel. Dont always look in deeper water. You can buy sand eels from most local shops- the fresher the better if you want to use bait. There are now some plastics out there often out fish the real thing. Good luck
  7. Thanks Brad. It had bee;n slow and I had to work for this one. She hit on the 50 or 60th cast. Last year around this time on the incoming I killed um with fish up to 40" chasing herring. This year I think there are pogies around pretty far up stream and they seem to be picky. Have a great season too! Bistro on Main in Chatham opens this coming week. Come check out our sweet menu, small plates, fresh fish, great steak and my pastries along with some great tap beers, wine list and full bar. Gunna be the best thing goin in Chatham this summer.
  8. Estuaries close to home. Within a couple days of last years first nice size fish. 33" and fat. The first one went to back. This one goes on a couple different grills tomorrow.
  9. 20 footer is one BIG fish!:shock: Effective immediately, by order of the Harbormaster, Lighthouse Beach is closed to swimming until further notice. Yesterday the Division of Marine Fisheries and Chatham Harbormaster personnel checked the receiver buoys located on Chatham Harbor buoys number 2 and 4 which are directly east of Lighthouse Beach in Chatham and have confirmed the presence of great white sharks within the harbor on August 30 and September 9, 2012. Additionally, this morning Division of Marine Fisheries personnel tagged an estimated 20’ great white shark leaving Chatham Harbor. Given these latest reported developments, in addition to Lighthouse Beach, all east facing ocean beaches remain closed from the Orleans/Chatham line south along Nauset Beach to Monomoy until further notice. All other public beaches remain open to swimming, including Hardings Beach, Ridgevale Beach, Cockle Cove Beach, Forest Street Beach and Pleasant Street Beach along Nantucket Sound. People should be aware of their surroundings and not swim within 300 feet of seals. If a shark is sighted, please report sighting to the Harbormaster’s office as listed below. Media inquiries should be directed to the Dept. of Energy & Environmental Affairs at – (617) 626- 1052 – Reggie Zimmerman Harbormaster -- (508) 945-5185 (for shark sighting reports) Parks & Recreation – (508) 945-5158 (for swimming and beach information) Thank you for your attention.
  10. Sorry guys! I wasnt out to offend and you are correct, there are some nice beaches over there. Bass River is beautiful. The neighborhoods down there are really nice. I was really focused on 28 itself and not letting the mind venture south of that. I appologize for generalizing. Yarmouth is a great town and I drive through often. I should venture off 28 more and see the better parts of your town. It was short sighted and rude of me and i sincerely apologize.