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  1. I have a 10' Sabre that I used on the Jersey beaches and in Montauk that does exactly what you want. Great rod that I built myself. I'm no longer in the game and will sell it for $150. Crazy Bill
  2. Roddy- I was talking about an old Montauk Fisherman I used to fish with named Vito Orlando. He used to say that often. It is often true. Crazy Bill
  3. It ain't the arrow, it's the Indian--- You gotta know Vito! Crazy Bill
  4. It ain't the arrow, it's the Indian--- You gotta know Vito! Crazy Bill
  5. I believe the first rod sold as a Hatteras Heaver was a Lami 1006. Back then most of the Hatteras guys made their own out of fiberglass outrigger blanks. They used a 22 to 28 tip and most of them were 10 to 11 feet. I made my first one out of a Fenwick 1267 (I think) and cut the tip back to a 22 and cut from the bottom to 10 feet. That threw 8 well. There were no stock blanks around back then, except the 1006 that would throw 8 oz. My heaviest rod when I started going there was a Harnell 542 that I could throw 6 very well with but it folded up with 8. There are a zillion choices now. Have fun with whatever you purchased. Catch a couple big redfish on it and you could become addicted. Crazy Bill
  6. Looked there and could not find. Not an ebay guru but I'll look again. Thanks Crazy Bill
  7. Someone gave me a looks like new 430SS with a broken drag knob. Anyone out there have one? No longer available thru any Penn shop that I know of. Crazy Bill
  8. Mikes reel Repair had the AR bearing for the ABU and even had a Extractor tool for $15. Thanks again. Crazy Biull
  9. Thanks guys for the information and help. Now I have another project to tackle. Guess that's what winter is for. Crazy Bill
  10. Where did you find the press in bearing? Crazy Bill
  11. Several hundred dollars a pound will do that. Crazy Bill
  12. Anybody know of an outlet for parts. I have two CL30's and need an anti-reverse bearing. Please don't shoot me for buying a Chinese product. Only did it because I have several ABU 5500's and two have issues with the anti reverse and it costs $35 plus S&H for a new right side plate (can't remove the anti reverse from the plate) and the MY's cost $42 each with free shipping. They work great for my purpose. Crazy Bill
  13. Looks like it's caught a bunch of fish! I'd clear coat it and fish it just like it is. It probably has some serious mojo. I've had some great experience with plugs I fond. But then I am not a collector. Crazy Bill
  14. NJ does have the Saltwater Registration requirement. Why can't the judge suspend that? Crazy Bill
  15. You got that right! There is no fall population ion Del Bay anymore. The spring run is down to a few big fish exiting the Del River post spawn.. No fish in North Carolina in the fall either, The winter fishery off of VA Beach is no more either. Like Joe said, there simply less bass in the world than there were years back. They have always run in cycles. Hopefully they will come back. Hope the 3 mile limit stays in effect. At least those fish are protected. Crazy Bill