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  1. 50 years of fishing for Bass in the suds thought me a few things. Way too much to post so I'll boil it down. If you think you know it all you are going backwards because things are always changing! Never stop learning. If you think color doesn't matter or you only need one color you will eventually be wrong and miss out on some fabulous fishing. Throw what you believe in but remain open minded. Everything matters sometimes. Never go anywhere without an atom 40 and a 1oz white bucktail. Not even to the movies! Crazy Bill
  2. Everything matters sometimes!! Crazy Bill
  3. I think with metal lips at night the fish is looking up at a silhouette and color means very little. What does matter a lot is your faith in what you are throwing. If you believe in yellow it will work for you most of the time. if you believe i black that will work too. Swimmers are a whole different story.
  4. II never had a problem Snelling a hook with flouro but you need 8 turns. 5 turns slips. Crazy Bill
  5. And if you get stuck don't touch the gas. Turn the engine off, get out of the vehicle and AIR DOWN some more. Crazy Bill
  6. JB weld is amazing stuff. I've reattached real seats with it. Contact cement is amazing also but you only get one chance to match surfaces up. JB Weld will bridge also so your surfaces do't have to be a perfect match. Crazy Bill
  7. ON a more serious note and in the event you can't find a red pig, try rit die. I new a plug maker who only used things he made (except for small pork rind). He often used 6 to 8 inch pork rind that he made himself and used rit die.If its good enough for Donny its good enough! Crazy Bill
  8. Find a red pig! Crazy Bill
  9. Looks like something Donny Musso might have made. Crazy Bill
  10. Southbound- I don't know where you live but if you want to take a look at it I live in Cape May Court House, NJ. Good luck with your search. BTW I made that rod to replace a 10' Kennedy Fisher that was stolen from me. The Sabre was a better rod than the KF. Crazy Bill
  11. I don't know if I'm allowed to put my cell number on this site or not, Any guidance from the viewers? Crazy Bill
  12. I have a 10' Sabre that I made myself years ago. I haven't used it in several years as I am out of the surf fishing game now. I throws everything from 1/2 oz bucktails up to atom 40's. It's in great shape. NO REEL SEAT. I taped my reels on. I used that rod for 90% of my Montauk fishing I'll take $125 for it. Crazy Bill
  13. Success is measured by wildly different standards. I know guys that would call it a great season if they caught 1 fish all year if it was over 40 pounds. If you enjoy what you are doing, learning as you go, and are looking forward to more of the same , you were very successful. Spending time on the beach at sunup was always very special to me. Good luck next season. Crazy Bill
  14. I have a 10" Sabre that I made myself. Not fancy but in tip top shape. No reel seat. I used it mostly in Montauk and threw 1/2 oz bucktails and unweighted sluggos up to SS darters with ease. It will throw an Atom 40 but labors a little to do it. I'll take $125 for it. I live in Cape May. Crazy Bill
  15. I have a 10 foot Sabre that I built myself that fits exactly what you want to do. It is in very good shape. It does not have a reel seat. I taped all of my spinning reels on. I had a VS200 on it and it was perfect. I'll take $125 for it. I live in Cape May,NJ. Crazy Bill