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  1. Used Slosh 20 and 30 with good success when I was in the game. comes with 2 sizes of centrifugal controls. You can start with the red and after you get the hang of it you can switch to the white for a little more distance. The rod is more important than the reel. BTW I think the 20 throws a little better than the 30. But a little less line capacity. Crazy Bill
  2. Crazy Bill Sorry about that. I will post it there. Crazy Bill
  3. Crazy Bill, you've been around long enough to know better. No buying or selling or trading outside the BST.
  4. I will get them in the mail probably Tuesday. I have to go get a USPS any weight box tomorrow. Thank you Bill
  5. I now own none. Crazy Bill
  6. Done. Crazy Bill
  7. Good morning,

    Whats your paypal so i can send you the $40 for the Polaris plugs?



    1. Bill Dickinson

      Bill Dickinson

      My email for paypal is  

      Please send me your Full name and address.

      Thank you Bill

    2. ktugboat42


      Good morning,

      I just sent you the $40 through PayPal and my address is:


      Pete Kumiega 

      42 Badger Ln

      Brewster Ma 02631


      Thanks, Pete

    3. Bill Dickinson

      Bill Dickinson

      I will get them in the mail Tuesday.

      Thank you


  8. Sometimes its not the arrow, its the Indian!
  9. I learned a lot about fishing darters from Donny Musso (maybe the best plug maker ever). I took the stock 2/0's off and replaced them with 3/0's ( at Donnie's suggestion) Most important when replacing the hooks is to make sure the weld on tail hook is DOWN. If not the hook lays on top of the plug when it gets going and the plug wobbles in the air and you lost distance. When fishing in deeper water the 4/0 front hook and 3/0 on the back makes it go deeper. I sometimes used that set up In Hatteras in very fast currant to help it get down quicker. The hit to land ratio was MUCH better with 3/0's than 2/0's. I fished 3/0, 3/0 most of the time but at night I always carried a white SS with a 3/0 front hook and a 7/0 Bucktail hook on the back. It didn't cast as well but some night's it really produced when the regular set up did not. Different action I guess. Everything matters sometimes. LOL I have not been in my wet suit in 11 years and have sold all of my darters but writing this makes me all gittery inside. Crazy Bill
  10. Price drop. $40. Shipped. Crazy Bill
  11. I will do $45 Shipped. Its going to cost me $8.00 to ship them. Crazy Bill
  12. OK. Good luck with your search. Crazy Bill
  13. I can assure that none of them are damaged. Only a couple were ever fished. I will accept cash, check or Paypal. assuming we have a deal, post an "I'll take it" and send me a PM .
  14. 8 4no= one that is heavier with no marking and 4 3no=. $50 shipped. Crazy Bill
  15. The 3 Gibbs were not used. The SS was used. $45 shipped for the lot. Crazy Bill