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  1. I remember seeing those type plugs. They were a cheap. Chinese knock-off wood plug with screw eyes. You would be better off with a Gibbs Polaris (wood) or Super Strike little neck popper. I also would move away from those old brass snail swivels and use a duo-lock, coast-lock or one of the paper clip type snaps.
  2. That’s some good news.
  3. Very nice find, especially the hellcats and the Mac windcheater!
  4. Cool, I believe that the made a spook type version too.
  5. He was an interesting guy, he took a few photos of me including one of my 46 in front of Paulies.
  6. Blue marine grease.
  7. Always direct.
  8. I was fortunate to pick up another Beretta Silver Mallard AL390. It looks perfect and came with a bunch of chokes and a users manual. It’s below my old one.
  9. Mono 15#-20 big game by Berkeley would be good. A 710 might be better on a 8 foot rod.
  10. I generally use a 1321m with the VS250.
  11. Great rifle I have my Dad’s 1957 35 that put a lot of meat on the table.
  12. I broke out that exact set-up spooled up with pink and a couple years around. Caught. Bunch of schoolies then thought to myself “ how did I ever fish all night with this gear”? Oh yeah I was 40 years younger.
  13. Top looks like an Al Gag’s “ It’s Alive” Pencil. 3oz and a great plug.
  14. I just picked up a Beretta AL390 and along with some choke tubes it came with a Briley barrel extension. The gun has a 28 inch barrel and the extension would make it roughly 34 inches so I’m guessing the previous owner was a trap guy. Does anyone have any experience with these extensions?
  15. I never tried them but got three with the gun to try. I use a couple Trulock extended chokes with my other 390.
  16. Patterning will be done, I’ll compare it using the same Mobilchoke to see if it makes a difference. I doubt I will use it much.
  17. I use #15 trilene big game or #20 fireline.
  18. I’ve got that same popper, very cool plug.
  19. I’ve done this with a few SS poppers.
  20. Yes, Atlantic Brant
  21. Group them in small lots and sell them here on the best forum. The plastics in lots of five and the wood in lots of two or three.
  22. I had a good runoff last fall - they really can take drag. He finally popped my line so I was unable to land him.
  23. Looks like someone’s version of a Reinhardt jinx.
  24. Rebels and Redfins, yellow is a Gibbs Polaris and the blue Mack is a Gibbs trolling swimmer. The other popper is a Gibbs too.
  25. I just found my Bronson like that in my basement I believe it’s an 804. Lot’s of great memories of the early 70’s.