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  1. That’s some good news.
  2. Very nice find, especially the hellcats and the Mac windcheater!
  3. Cool, I believe that the made a spook type version too.
  4. He was an interesting guy, he took a few photos of me including one of my 46 in front of Paulies.
  5. Blue marine grease.
  6. Always direct.
  7. I was fortunate to pick up another Beretta Silver Mallard AL390. It looks perfect and came with a bunch of chokes and a users manual. It’s below my old one.
  8. Mono 15#-20 big game by Berkeley would be good. A 710 might be better on a 8 foot rod.
  9. I generally use a 1321m with the VS250.
  10. Great rifle I have my Dad’s 1957 35 that put a lot of meat on the table.
  11. I broke out that exact set-up spooled up with pink and a couple years around. Caught. Bunch of schoolies then thought to myself “ how did I ever fish all night with this gear”? Oh yeah I was 40 years younger.
  12. Top looks like an Al Gag’s “ It’s Alive” Pencil. 3oz and a great plug.
  13. I never tried them but got three with the gun to try. I use a couple Trulock extended chokes with my other 390.
  14. Patterning will be done, I’ll compare it using the same Mobilchoke to see if it makes a difference. I doubt I will use it much.
  15. I just picked up a Beretta AL390 and along with some choke tubes it came with a Briley barrel extension. The gun has a 28 inch barrel and the extension would make it roughly 34 inches so I’m guessing the previous owner was a trap guy. Does anyone have any experience with these extensions?