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  1. Id be happy to pay for shipping.
  2. Precision pack yak pak Anyone know where I can get a yak pak? No one seems to have them.
  3. Hey Bob, I don't have the mag yet either, Just giving props to Colton.
  4. I have a few of the Torrents, they are bullet proof, best drag on the market, would stop a freight train. The rods are awesome too. Keep it up Bob.
  5. True revenge would have been getting saddle feathers from them. Synthetics were never the problem with the salons. That can be made endlessly, it's the saddles that they were buying in mass quantities.
  6. What did the salon charge you for the material? They generally more expensive than the shops.
  7. That will do it. Make sure the batteries in your light are good. If in doubt change them.
  8. Fish them, try them first before you throw them away. Most likely won't bother the fish. I would store them outside of a plastic sleeve, just in a fly box.
  9. Well put Bob. That is a very common misconception. Another FYI to everyone. Tuffleye as redone their formulation and has made it so Tyers don't need to use only their Blue Light any longer to cure thier products . Their products can now be cured with the CCG and Bug Bond UV lights. So if you want to try Tuffleye you don't need to buy their blue light, if you have one of the UV lights they will work. Save a little money. Tight lines all.
  10. I also have many unopened double syringes of 5 minute epoxy. If you want some let me know.
  11. What Genty said. ....
  12. They come in 4 different lengths. The one I used were 25 mm. They work good for all long fles, that can use a trailing hook. They have been around for years.
  13. Yes, just put the hook through one end of the waddington shank. It swings loose on the back of the hook. Allows for the option of a trailing hook if they are hitting it short. Along with a place to mount the eyes. Fun pattern.
  14. MP10, if you would like to talk to a live person on the phone about building a Flatwing. Contact Joe Cordero through this board. He would be happy to walk you through any questions/problems you might have. Talking to a person, instead of books sometimes helps you get through any issues faster. He is the most knowledgable person around when it comes to Flatwing flies and the technique on tying them.