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  1. 8ft jigging world Nexus
  2. Tri pod and longer exposure then tweaking the other things as need be
  3. Which nittos?
  4. Should be fine they are already used in heavy machinery in various forms
  5. NY too unless you're a PO
  6. Sound side should have big porgies by you
  7. All good here. The sound has been dead around there. A bass or 2 has been a good trip. Sea robins some days are like the plague in somedays. bunker has been around since April nothing on them have yet to see a blue. Finally saw some bait (sand eel) about a week ago but only robins and terns on them
  8. That area has been dead
  9. I love them both the 9ft 3/4-4oz and the 10ft 3/4-4oz. But if I only had to pick one I would go with the 10ft because of wind,surf condition and sometimes you want that extra 1ft. Both are super light rods for there size. The 10ft feels a tad softer on the cast but I give it to the extra 1ft. I use my 10ft with a ZB22 primarily and have used a VR125 dual pickup. If your throwing the upper range more often I would go 10ft especially if you're popping alot. I am not a fan of smaller rod popping like 2+ oz. 3/4-4oz or 1-5oz cant go wrong just depends on what type of fishing you do most
  10. So mine was the demo model for the 9ft SM its has TI guides. I throw as far or further than the people around me throwing 10-11ft rods. I use the rod for all my LI north shore fishing I have snagged and dropped with it I also use up to 3oz and a chunk and get the distance I need heads are due able and cast ok but it get where I need it..... I have had a VS150, VR50, 45k-55k SSvi, 6k gosa, 5k ultegra on it. To me It has an easier cast with a reel over the 12oz mark. The shimanos would give you that thumping wobble feeling so got rid of them. Vr50 to small. 45SSvi is good but felt under gunned in cranking power. The 150 is fine the drag is an annoyance its either on or off cast ok. The 55kSSvi is what's on there now. I would assume a Slammer 3 55k maybe the 45 . Spheros 6k not sure if you'll get the wobble thumping feeling. Would be all good choices. I have been using berkley x9 30# I switched yesterday to fireline crystal 14 and I noticed a huge difference in casting
  11. I heard rumors of a P365 XL a slightly longer slide and mag well extension so 12rd only mag i guess.
  12. Spheros is straight foot dam ok then question answered. No my rods cant handle a straight foot
  13. Penn SSvi 5500 or Shimano Spheros 5000. Stronger gear? More cranking power. Better water protection
  14. I love my SM 9ft very versatile casts great
  15. 3/4 up to 4oz is what I have thrown with and it handle the weights well.