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  1. Agreed some video show nothing but water no horizon or shore line at all.
  2. Well I would say he didn't blow it up very little details in his videos of land reference. Only if you know the place would you know where he's fishing. Other than saying north shore he give almost zero description of the place. So I would say he's blowing the spot up until this thread I had no idea other than north shore out east
  3. I like how you come on here just to blow up the spot lol
  4. Depends on the jetty and what your targeting but 8ft to 10ft
  5. I took off mine 2016 Colorado. It straight forward but 2 or 4 bolts are a pita. I also have a front end leveling kit I forgot which I bought but it also came with blocks to keep the tie rods aligned
  6. I like colored line better than dark green. Right now I am on a white and yellow/flo green kick
  7. I like 40g in 25# but I dont like the 45# only thing is that it kinks twists and feels like a little knot but come right out. The P-line TCB8 has the 40g feel but that feeling sorta goes away after it breaks it but I still like it. Both hold up well so far not sure what I like better some goes for xplasma in 18# kinda like 40g but after it breaks down it losses that feel not sure it holds up as well after break down going to give it 1 more season before I strip it off and send to aqua to do a comparison of worked to new
  8. Berkeley x9 or P-line TCB8 Both are very nice line that cast better than j braid or my old time favorite 832. I have been using 30 and 50 in both brands X9 is about 32$ for 330yrds and tcb8 is like 27$ for 300
  9. If I remember correctly Craig said NO
  10. @scoobydoo try the Berkeley x9 it's like 32$ for 330yrd. For far it hasn't been hold water casts nicely.
  11. Start with a drill bit 3 or 4 sizes smaller. It's called step drilling and it will give you a better hole and is easier to drill.
  12. I dought your even coming close to10# of drag. Have you ever test pull your drag to see where you fish it at? I am sure you will be surprised
  13. I felt that it was too small for a 9ft I had it on a century surf machine.
  14. That's is impossible. The Penn SSVI knob is press fitted. Only way to change it is to drill out or buy the Slammer3 handle for 45$ the slammer3 handle is a direct replacement size for size