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  1. Bump
  2. 350 and they are yours
  3. Brand new never used spooled with Berkley Tracer 20 or 30 I don't remember. Comes with box and papers. 200$ shipped
  4. Used a hand full of time spooled with Berkley Tracer 30. Comes with box and papers. 180$ shipped
  5. Donmar TI side cutters
  6. Any word if its still a parallel reel foot
  7. For 2020 is it still a parallel foot?
  8. No experience with one but what about the Hellcat? I do love the 365 though
  9. Old green super surf over the GSB any day of the week. New super surf sucks go GSB
  10. During the day no one will say anything as it is open to the public at night its is off limits technically
  11. It has always been off limits for residents only.. I am assuming your vehicle doesn't look like your fishing and you park with the other vehicles there. Cop are usually given out tickets there
  12. I just notice that berkley X9 30# in green is different than the 30# white. Green is smaller diameter than white. anyone else notice this.
  13. Never figured out what this was. My guess was a baby tog