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  1. I would love to know why the bass are staying out and not pushing to shore as much as they should.
  2. I was thinking bigger for the clearance reason on the bunker chunk
  3. So I normally use size 9-12 Big River hook or similar from Dachii now that it has to be a circle hook. What brand and size should I Use
  4. I use as short hook leader as I can get away with. My hook leaders are 100lbs and my running leader is 6ftish of 50-80lbs Then 50lb braid. My knot to hook is the distance from 1st guide to top guide. From trial and error the longer the hook leader the more helicopter and shorter the cast
  5. St Croix avid 12ft 14oz
  6. I have a DBPOWER 2000A 20800mah its 80$ on Amazon jumps up to 8.0l gas and 6.5l diesel has a flash light and 2 USBs
  7. Does the new gossa have a parallel foot
  8. When they are active they will hit any type of soft plastic and bucktails
  9. Neither can NY but law enforcement doesn't count. Was going to get the 15rd mag but I don't like how it looks (it doesn't follow the contour of the gun) and it didn't feel right for me.
  10. I pocket carry mine alot with the 12rnd mag I love it. Picture was taken before I got the 12rnd mags
  11. NY just passed them this year
  12. Thats clip always made me nervous its to easy for something to snag the trigger
  13. I would still look at Vedder or Harry's
  14. What gun are you carrying. If a p365 or similar i like the pocket locker by Vedder I hear Harry's is good also. Apendix I have a Harry's holster that I like very much with the claw. Been wanting to see a hybrid holsters but no one I know has one.