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  1. Just heard that Paulies is closed no more bait and tackle shops in MTK other than one of the Marinas
  2. Make sure it was at3w and not at3wa looks the same on side profile but tread is different and the 3wa sucked came stock on 2020 ram just change them to the 3w and love them had them on my colorado also
  3. Any one find a kydex or kydex hybrid mag holster under 35$. All I can find is the neoprene with a magnet and they suck. As for the gun holster I have a vedder pocket that I love and an amiberide iwb that I moded with a HolsterBuilder Discreet Monoblock Clip for a grand total of 32$ and actual like the out come. You have to mod the clip a little but was quick work and now I can wear it with anything. Just bought a wing for it and will give it a try also
  4. They hit hempstead harbor and manhasset bay this week gave out a few tickets and confiscated a bunch of fish
  5. Passes what passes no one to check at night and they know that
  6. I carry a SIGP226 DAK in 40 for work I like it. If it's to carry a full size I would go with a 9mm IMHO. I love my 365 so a 365xl would be nice also loved shooting the walther ppq/pps
  7. Sold out in 1min 30sec. The place is packed at all hours even in the worst of weather and it has sucked there past 5 years
  8. They suck. Any motor that sparks on start up will trip them that's what they were made for. They work very well just can use them for any kind of work. I have them unfortunately one a few gfi out let's that have there own dedicated line and can't even use small blower without tripping. They got changed out quickly
  9. Most of the local EMTs and a few cops run with the Leatherman raptors
  10. Epoxy putty is better than regular jb weld 2 part. It's also easier to use
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