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  1. I added grease and it found it's way to the anti reverse clutch causing it to slip cleaned the clutch and took out some grease. Its working fine as far as the clutch goes but the main problem still remains. Yes I agree that the finger position is also not helping but using a higher position is very awkward
  2. I filled grease help a little. Still playing around to see what works best
  3. Ok I'll give it a try
  4. I do have the spool fully extended.
  5. Love the reel other than this one reason. So if I cast normal the rotor and handle will rotate causing it to catch this occurs on my swing back. If I hold it then cast the line won't catch but on the fwd every thing is spinning a little. And yes I start with my handle it the down or towards me to help eliminate the torque. It doesn't seem to matter. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?
  6. Made my own fix used the bail arm from the 5500 remove the screw from the joint do the same on the 4500 and use 11/64th drill bit on the screw hole have to play with the drill a little until the screw from the 5500 passes smoothly
  7. Has anyone tried and see if the 4500 rotor and spool fit the 5500 body? Or if the 4500 rotor will fit the 5500 body and spool? I love the 4500bls but feel a little under gun cranking power wise with fish of decent size. The arm on the 4500 is a little short imho. Or does the 5500 arm fit the 4500?
  8. I saw these the other day very strong they didn't seem to bend like most aluminum pliers due. I didn't like how the jaw does not close flush there is a gap. that's due to the line cutter which I kinda understand. Price seem good at 69$ for the fresh water black and gold and 89$ for the salt grey and blue they claim the salt has some added coating to help corrosion but i think the fresh should be fine.
  9. Take a look at luckygunner/labs at their ballistic test and their YouTube alot of good info on different rounds
  10. @aquaholik I am going to respool that reel with new xplasma I have left and will send you the used/new that came off the reel
  11. English translation Boyfriend
  12. In this case abrasion resistant is relative to the size. Iam using sunline xplasma asegai 18# but I saw you said something about one of the fire lines in 14# or 20# around pillings
  13. @aquaholik what do you think is the best casting abrasion resistant 20# braid 65% beach 35% jetty casting
  14. Daiichi 7X are and 4x are all I use now
  15. No for that your going to need to buy those expensive cop/corrections pay down gloves but they are stiff. Maybe the less stick proof ones aren't as stiff. Take a look at hex armor and turtle skin they have may different types of levels and price range