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  1. $100 pickup Plymouth, MA.
  2. 10ft 2pc 1-5oz. Guest rod. Used once. Only see a small nick around the trim band at the buttcap. Looks great everywhere else. $60 pickup Plymouth, MA.
  3. Used just once. Only a tiny Nick on the spool. Barely noticeable. Looks brand new. 300yds of 30lbs Beyond Braid blue camo. $60 pickup Plymouth, MA. $70 shipped PayPal.
  4. Sold to dunky. Thanks SOL.
  5. Sold to WW. Thanks SOL.
  6. Tsunami Scale Tech 7’6” 1/4-1oz one piece spinning inshore rod. Brand new. Never used. $50 pickup Plymouth, MA.
  7. Used only once. Barely noticeable tiny scuffs. Looks great. Has 300yds 30lbs Daiwa X4 j-braid. $70 pickup Plymouth, MA. $80 shipped PayPal.
  8. Sold to tobias. Thanks SOL. Closing down.
  9. Doesn’t feel like it would cast up to 8oz. 1065-2
  10. Got 4 from John. I emphasize our deep rooted issues lol.
  11. Price drop. $140 pickup SE MA
  12. I’ll take the All Star
  13. Totally agree. You should definitely keep it and don’t EVER put it up for sale after this!
  14. Little more then I thought. I’ll pass. Thank you.