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  1. Sounds good Brian. See if I can get MT to join in, he seems like he has issues with RI!
  2. How ya doing Bri? Maybe we can hook up this year for the MS tourney. Going to the Cape this Sat. guess I will have to drag all of my heavy bucktails out of the junk pile.
  3. I know folks that say they "hammered" them. Each person's view on that is totally different. Who caught say (example), 4 bass up to 28#'s w/ a few blues mixed in. That some would consider "hammered" them. Someone could have caught 20 fish to 15#'s and consider that to be the same. All I know is I didn't "hammer" anything last nigth in 2 hours of plugging!
  4. How goes it Dave? Read your name in the newspaper couple of weeks ago.
  5. Hey Rich how ya been? I remeber ya hooking me up! Dare I say freshwater I do all kinds of fishing and haven't done much surf fishing this year. Have to break the 43" mark, (my best out of what maybe 4 trips earlier in the yr) with in the next week or 2 shouldn't be a problem. Glad someone has the stripes dialed in, I have to get this bluefish stank off me. I'm backkkkk.
  6. It's been like a couple of years since I have logged on here. I see this forum has grown. Tell me someone is catching stripers, I have been up to my armpit's in Blues and am ready for some linesides again. JohnS
  7. Thanks I will send it out.
  8. Fellow ****, I caught a fish last week that had a loop tag on it. Removed the tag and foudn that it came from NJ (caught fish in CT). All it says on the tag is: Littoral Soc. highlands N.J. 07732 Is that address sufficient enough to send to seems incomplete to me. Only other thing on the tag is a tag#. Any help appreciated. Side Note: Have caught quite of few stripers that came from the Hudson River. Those tags were self explanatory from what I remember. Thanks, JohnS
  9. I don't know if I am allowed to do this here or not. If not I am sure TimS will let me know. You can use this form if you want Toby. Didn't see ya up at the show. CSA Membership Application If you are interested in joining our club, please print this page and send it with a check or money order to the address listed below. Connecticut Surfcasters Association, Inc. P.O.Box 1365 Madison, CT 06443-1365 Name __________________________________________________ Street __________________________________________________ City ___________________________State________Zip_______ Phone _____________________ E-Mail ____________________ Regular ($30) _____ Senior-65+ ($15) _____ Junior-under 16 ($15) _____ Family ($45) _____
  10. Stopped by the booth thursday afternoon toby, didn't see anyone around.
  11. They do work.
  12. Dave sorry to hear about your mother.
  13. No icefishers what???!!!! Doing Ok here Rich, did you get up to the show at all??
  14. Whats up y'all? Been icefishing here. No stripers through the ice but I am working on it Just thought I would check in Rich how was your fresh water spot later in the season???
  15. I'm in. 30# 43" on an eel.