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  1. Nice fish sir. Second pic proves "Elephants eat peanuts"!!
  2. No worries RG. Just thought I had missed something. Sad enough when we heard of Lefty's passing.
  3. When Did Kenny pass?
  4. Congrats BFD. So glad to read your report. Made my day. Be well, Sir. Looking forward to your spring reports.
  5. So far, so good.
  6. I stand corrected. Lets call it professional reel service.
  7. Not a brewery, I don't think, but a great place to get some excellent food with a big selection of local craft brews is The Malted Barley in Westerly. They make their own pretzel rolls for their sandwiches. Cool vibe in the place too. Not a big beer guy, but have been there several times this year and it never disappoints.
  8. My 150, which is 20+ years old goes every 2 years to Rivers End in Conn., or Fisherman's Headquarters in Ship Bottom, N.J. It gets a lot of use. My 250 has only been serviced once. Its only about 6 or 7 years old, and doesn't get used nearly as much. Have done the 150 myself once, but I feel better having a professional do it. Peace of mind, and warranty service gives you something to fall back on in case something is wrong.
  9. 8 WT. , Albie whores, Bonito bunnies did most of the damage. Caught them on spin with green DD, and small spro bucktails. Waiting on the Albies.
  10. Been showing pretty regularly along So.Co. beaches and Bways. Some days better than others.
  11. Isn't that a picture of Dave Skoks The Slobster Fly? It's on the website with tying instructions
  12. First fly I go to when " Bones " are around. Never out of my rotation. Also the first fly Capt. Brown Dog in R.I. will have you tie on. Will catch everything in Aug and Sept.
  13. Positive thoughts and heartfelt prayers for you and your family BFD. Hope to see you fishing and reporting soon. God bless and keep you strong.
  14. Night time is the right time. Here are a couple of flies I tie. The top fly is simple. Foam tube punched through with a hot bodkin. Thread onto hook. Stick thin hackle into the rear hole w/ crazy glue. Not very durable, Maybe 2 or three fish, but has worked for me when nothing else will. Big fish will eat this. Second fly, Gartside floating sand eel. Black corsair, Steve Farrar Midnight Blitz flash blend, black pearl Krystal flash, and foam tubing lashed to the hook. I saw that people were asking about the Corsair. It is available on Jack's website which is now run by a gentleman named Mike Quigley. 2 sizes, 1/4 " in black, white, and white silver. 1/2" in black and white. Last 2 flies, Page Rodgers Slim Jim. Same deal. Black foam punched through and slid onto hook w/ crazy glue. Tail Midnight blitz and krystal flash. Body is epoxy mixed w/ pearl glitter. Really lights up at night in the water. Google Page Rodgers Slim Jim for tying instructions. Not a great pic but you get the idea.
  15. I'm 63. Been fishing most of my life, north east saltwater fly fisherman since 1992. I'm not on social media. When I'm fishing I don't even have or make time for a phone call. I have 3 buddies who I fish with all the time. They are the only ones who will get a report. 9 times out of 10 they are with me anyway. I've been on SOL for a while now and have only recently started posting. Seems like a good bunch here with a wealth of knowledge for beginners and also guys like me, who really do love to fish.