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  1. Charlie Smith, inventor of the Crazy Charlie bonefish fly has passed away. It was announced on Jan 4th that he had passed away on Monday. I can't seem to find anymore info. It was posted on Flip Pallot's Instagram page. RIP Charlie. Probably BSing with Lefty as we speak.
  2. My brother in law Joe got me started on LMB in Ontario, Canada in the late 80's. In 92', my wife got me for Christmas tying lessons with Eric Petersen and a young Dave Skok at the old Fairfield fly shop. That same year for my birthday she gave me a full day casting clinic with one Mr. Ed Jaworowski. Sept. of that year I booked my first saltwater charter in R.I. with Capt. Johnny Glenn. That first trip my buddy John Szot and I hooked 63 Albies all around Fisher,'s and the Race and W.H. We also took our first trips to South Andros for bones with him. Fished with him for 10 years. I now fish on the Lauren B with Capt. Steve Burnett, when I'm not fishing the beaches and salt ponds of South County. This March will be my 7th year in a row back to South Andros. It's been a great ride, and I hope to continue for many more years. Here are a couple blasts from the past
  3. Stumbled on this thread when I saw the last post. No science, no graphs, no data. Was fishing the inside of Napatree mid May last year. First light sand eel bite. Caught a bunch of feisty schoolies. Hooked a nice fish that just fought differently. Lo and behold, a 28 inch Brown trout. Have fished the East Branch, West Branch and main stem of the Delaware enough to know what I had. Walking back in along the sea wall in the parking lot by the cabanas, there were schools of sand eels tight to the wall. I saw a flash and a large, probably 30 " or better Brown was slashing through the sand eels and then disappearing into deeper water, only to return a few minutes later. Spent the next hour casting to him with no interest in any of my sand eel imitations. Probably one of the coolest things I've seen up there. Been fishing up there since 1992, South shore from May to October every year. Will definitely be paying attention next year. Also caught one late April, mouth of the Housitanic 2 years ago. On a Herring fly.
  4. Square
  5. Jealous. Raviolis from Arthur Ave with homemade passata from last fall.
  6. My 2 Cents, if you are fishing from the boat and the guide says we are going to wade, the booties are quick and easy to put on. Provided you are wading sand , soft bottom or intermittent hard bottom. Coral and hard bottom, oyster beds, etc. you need the support and protection of the lace up booties. Having both is probably a good option. That being said, I find both need to be used with a good pair of neoprene gravel guards.
  7. I used to tie all my Bonefish flies with pink thread heads, Gotchas, Sim-rams, Spawning shrimp to name a few. One of the guides handed me a red thread Gotcha after a slow morning. Said he swears by them. Over the years I have seen the red heads consistently catch more fish. My friends and I have even fished the same fly, same size, one pink thread and one red, and at the end of the day, there is definitely a difference. Red head almost always wins.
  8. Sorry 27Conch. Didn,t realize it was the Fly tying forum. Just saw KA saddle hackles and jumped in. Apologies.
  9. Price on the 1/2 capes?
  10. Congrats BFD. Best wishes for the Holidays and continued speedy recovery. My wife has said many prayers at Mass for you and your family since hearing of your ordeal back in June. God Bless.
  11. Nice fish sir. Second pic proves "Elephants eat peanuts"!!
  12. No worries RG. Just thought I had missed something. Sad enough when we heard of Lefty's passing.
  13. When Did Kenny pass?
  14. Congrats BFD. So glad to read your report. Made my day. Be well, Sir. Looking forward to your spring reports.