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  1. I met ya dad 30 years ago in Rickys bike shop. Best fisherman on the island. Taught me a few tricks and even gave me the tools to load the plugs. I still have them and use them on occasion. I don't think he would remember me I was 17 at the time and just getting into it. Miss those days.
  2. I believe ya dad was the one who came up with the idea.
  3. can I take them if still available?
  4. J. Rogala 35 Oxbow drive  Vernon, CT  06066


    check or money order

    1. robert104


      check is in the mail thanks

  5. pay pay ok? I need you email
  6. can I have them?
  7. can I have the heddon too I believe its a javelin
  8. can I have the red and white tattoo?
  9. may I have them?
  10. what a beauty! congradulations! we all know how hard you hit it and you deserve that fish!
  11. yes! yes! Yes! Great book!
  12. great song
  13. Any benchtop grinder will do. You don't need a Tormek to sharpen tools to turn plugs. Look on you tube to see how woodturners sharpen gouges. You may wish to purchase a jig but its not necessary.
  14. Just wanted to give my most sincere thanks and appreciation to all the boys who repaired my truck!!! I just arrived to my hotel on vacation and my truck took a dump on me. I gave them a call and they took care of the situation quickly and professionally. Thanks so much!!!
  15. If the fish showed up in Connecticut New York or New Jersey you guys would not be interested???