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  1. 53 miles from OCMD inlet, and people still getting Tuna in the middle of November, this is sick! I already winterized my boat
  2. for the last 10 days or so mullet is all over the back bays of Assateague... Getting them with cast net, clean up, deep fry, they are tasty....
  3. Saturday near offshore, spotted some tuna at 150 feet of water, but couldn't make them move to surface, live mackerel didn't tease them either, i do blame 81F surface temps for this! lots of boats were around didn't see any keeper either... i tried the temperature transition zones as well. no luck... DBS
  4. Saturday they were really bad!
  5. yesterday, about 25 miles offshore Maryland, 2 kings, 4 bonitos, 1 bonita on yellow and blue metal lipped rapalas... nice weather, relatively calm sees. DBS
  6. 10-4, thank you Bob!
  7. hi Bob, are you using wire leaders with Kings? and are they on the surface or at some depth? thanks Hank
  8. hi, thanks for the tips, I am still trying to learn, way too many variables involved, well if the seas are doable for my 23 footer I could try Jack Spot this Saturday and Sunday... I am very surprised not seeing relatively big patches of sargassum around Hotdog, but only small patches, I hope it is a little better at Jack Spot....
  9. Sunday, covered about 110 miles on the water, from inlet to Hotdog, and may be couple miles beyond that. Nothing was happening in 145-160 feet depth range... on the way back in 65 feet of water started seeing some life... got 2 skipjacks, 1 albacore, 4 bluefish that saved me from skunk! still yet to get my 1st tuna! DBS
  10. somewhere in Maryland, this is what happens when you rear a loaded boat trailer...
  11. Mahi from beach? wow!
  12. Sunday, close to temporary bullpen AIMD, picture perfect day, calm and super clear seas, swum, surfed, enjoyed the water. Not a single bite on sandfleas, mullets, shrimp, gulp. Not even skates, seems like the place is infested with small crabs... DBS
  13. ^ well said Dave...
  14. Saturday at AIMD, 4 blues, 1 20" striped bass, no drum... drove all around from 2pm to 8pm, bite started after 7:00pm! one blue was on mullet, rest was on bunker. nothing on sandfleas... it feels nice catching something!...