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  1. Needlefish Lot. New & Used, Two Stetzko’s I’m including. Shown as is. 120.00 Thank You
  2. New & Slightly Used Super Strike Lures. Selling as a lot with a very good price. You get 11 Lures for 150.00
  3. Hey Bud, I have a 1061PP 10'6 brand new never used but needs a butt cap. Also I have a custom 9ft 1081L. Looking to unload either one or both since I'm cutting back on my rod inventory. Thanks and let me know. They are in 9/10 cosmetics and 10 in performance.
  4. SOL Members, ISO an Avet SX Left Handed Conventional Reel. I am looking to trade a Lamiglas 1061 PP Surf Rod (used once, perfect condition), numerous lures including new and used: Super Strikes (bottles, needles), Custom Needles (Including Habs, miscellaneous builders), SP minnows, Daddy Mac's, mambo minnows, etc. The package would be estimated around 400 dollars. You would be getting the better deal, hands down. Thanks for reading.
  5. Super Strike Lot 225.00. Leaving for another 6 month contractor job and selling this as a lot, no splits. Hopefully someone can grab this before the run of this year's fall run. Thank You. I accept check or PayPal. Shipping will be mentioned after purchase of lot to the desired location.
  6. Yes. At cost
  7. Good morning, longtime since I been on here. Hopefully you guys have some advice. I recently purchase a Van Staal VR 175, switched over to the bail less kit and fished the reel about 6 times now. I noticed just recently that on a slow retrieve the reel is squeaking to what seems around the shaft. I disaasembled the spool and rotor housing, started to crank the reel and this is where the sound is definitely coming from. I looked closely at the shaft and it seems to be under lubricated. When I first purchased the reel I did not take notice on how much lube was applied, I just assembled the reel to bail less. The reel has been submerged at least six times also. I do have another VR 175, haven't used it yet but I want to get this one dialed in since the noise is quite annoying and causing possibly vibration through my rod and line while I'm fishing. Thanks and hopefully someone has some great input. Have a great season everyone!
  8. Rainbow Pencil and Tank Needle Sold to IGotTuna 40.00 Check your PM
  9. Update..... (1) Tank Surfcasting Custom Painted Pencil Poppers 8" each Scaled Pencil SOLD, ​Rainbow Pencil Still Available. 25.00 (3) Tactical Angler Large Darters SOLD (2) Tank Surfcasting Custom Painted ( Pikie and Surfster) SOLD (1) Tank Surfcasting Custom Painted Needle Still Available 19.00 (1) RM Smith Slow-Sinking Needle Still Available 20.00
  10. Surfster and Pikie sold to AllStar. Thank you
  11. 45.00 for Both Pikie and Surfster These are brand new and never been fished. Price includes PayPal and Shipping fees. Thank you
  12. Darters sold to Giant Basshole. Pm sent
  13. 28.00 for the rainbow pencil quote name="IGotTuna" post="11082255" timestamp="1456197870"] How much for the rainbow pencil?