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  1. Looking to pick up a few 1.5 oz or 2oz choopy needles in fishy colors. Please post pic thanks! Chris
  2. Ill take it thanks
  3. I will take these thanks.
  4. You should own a copy of "Do it Yourself Bonefishing" by Rod Hamilton. I have fished the keys on foot on the DIY program 5 times and the book gives good insight into some spots that I have not yet checked out. Dying to get back down there. Am curious about the hurrricane damage-please post a report when you get back!! Good luck and tight lines! Best, Chris
  5. offer withdrawn
  6. Yes ill take it please pm paypal info. Cheers Chris thread closed.
  7. Ill take it man please send your pp info again when you get a moment. Thanks very much Tim S and SOL. thread closed.
  8. thread closed thanks!
  9. Lateral- i will take them. Please pm paypal address Morning and Web- thanks for posting. I better hold off w just these 2 for now. Thanks. Thread closed. best, Chris
  10. How much for the danny?
  11. Hi All, looking for a few more specific beachmasters. Prefer to purchase multiple plugs in one shot if possible. Please post pics and price thanks! 8" all white danny 8" all yellow danny 8" rainbow danny 6" all yellow danny (blind) 6" pollack danny 6" blue cloud danny (blind) bunker jr Thanks!!
  12. Looking for the following BM old school Mack pattern in 6" danny, Junior, 8" Danny or Donny. Please post pic. Thanks, Chris
  13. I would consider an all yellow as well if you have one. Thanks, Chris
  14. Looking for an all white Afterhours Goo Eye. Please post pic. Thanks, Chris
  15. Morningwood, Yes ill take them thanks so much man! Firstlite. I appreciate the offer but am going to go w Morningwoods. Thank you very much for posting. thread closed best, Chris