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  1. thread closed thank you TimS and SOL!
  2. Morning-do you have a price for the squid? Thanks.
  3. looks good man how much are you asking?
  4. Hi Everyone, I am looking for RM Smith Trollers in the various cool squid colors. Also looking for any Serving Spoon. Please post photo and price. Thanks, Chris
  5. offer withdrawn
  6. thread closed
  7. Looking for old school RM Smith weakfish giant, danny, 2oz swimmer or 1oz peanut. Please post pic and price. Cheers, Chris
  8. Hi All, I am looking for RM Smith Dannys or Giants in Golden Trout, Rainbow Trout or Brook Trout. Will immediate paypal. Please post picture and price. Thanks, Chris
  9. thread closed. Thank you Tim S and SOL
  10. thanks Bazel, if you have a Danny or Giant I am def interested. Rainbow trout or any of the trout patterns. Cheers!
  11. Thread Closed- Thank you Tim S and SOL
  12. Awesome I’ll take the top 3 please. Please send pp info and i will send when I get home in a bit. Thanks very much. thread closed. Chris
  13. Thanks man. I dont have either of those to trade but am open to buying multiples at once. Thanks so very much-looking forward!! Cheers,Chris
  14. thread closed. Thank you Tim S and SOL