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  1. I've had better luck with Bean waders vs. Orvis. Also better service when I've had problems.
  2. Afterhours and RM Smith make some big spook plugs.
  3. Some of the creeks that feed into the Merrimack can be a great place to fish from the yak in the spring.
  4. I have one of the original surf tops. Its pretty old now. One of the velcro straps that cinches up the neoprene cuff fell off a while ago. I don't miss it much. The jacket overall has been good. Not a dry top though.
  5. I think the Hansom pliers are the best reasonably priced surfcasting pliers you can get. I like them about 95% as much as my Van Staal pliers for a fraction of the price.
  6. I don't believe this is a regular production item. I have a pair, new. $100 for the pair, shipped. Black over bronze color.
  7. They're punishing us!
  8. How could that yahoo get access shut down when access is already shut down?
  9. Am I going to get half a refund on my oversand permit? They shut down halfway thru the pathetic 2 month season on half the beach they have whittled it down to over the years. Your tax dollars at work. I'm tempted to hook a chain up and rip that gate down. I bet they'd get some staff out there if I did that. Makes me want to puke.
  10. 16 inches long. We thought it might be a tautog but seems too brown in color. Seems too big to be a choggie? Caught jigging a buck tail on bottom. Caught off Marblehead MA.
  11. From the album Identify this fish

  12. The river is a mess at times. Half of it is from people on the beach there and half just washes down the river. I've seen some weird **** come down that river. The beach front is usually better. Other than when that water treatment plant burped up all of the little plastic discs. Man, were there a lot of them.
  13. I've had some hellified big bass fishing around snappers. They love 'em.