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  1. Formerly, the XS101MS. They show up on the BST forum periodically.
  2. One fat schoolie on SP on incoming. East, east SS (so east that you probably couldn't afford it). Otherwise, pretty lifeless.
  3. Practice makes perfect! :-D
  4. Doubt it. Maryland DNR just announced that the 2020 juvenile striped bass index is 2.5, well below the average of 11.5, and even worse than last year’s 3.4.
  5. Pretty sure they'd pounce on this with reckless abandon...
  6. Relax. He only said that he was going to WE, which I think most of us think of as actually the west end of Jones, not Long. I do agree that a general, not specific, location report is appropriate; western / central / east SS, etc.
  7. +1. Unquestionably, the most delicious fish I've ever caught and eaten.
  8. At night, I wouldn't think of going there without some sort of profile assortment of swimming plugs; red fins, bombers, mag minnows, etc.
  9. Conditions permitting, try a saltwater fly behind a casting egg.
  10. I have lived in Piermont for 13 years and I've never seen so much bunker in the water. We have a huge colony of osprey that have taken up residence here, as there's so much to eat! The eagles are up near Stony Point doing the same thing. When this biomass heads south, the fishing should be incredible in Raritan Bay / Sandy Hook.
  11. Love these reels. What condition is the roller bearing in? Still moves freely?
  12. I bought a Lamiglas XS81MS on here years ago and recently paired it with a bailless Penn Spinfisher VI 4500. I absolutely love it.
  13. I thought you guys might appreciate the aerial shot I snapped flying over Race Point the other day...
  14. For sale, a nice lot of (9) fish catching freshwater lures that are in very good to like-new condition. $39 shipped. PayPal OK. From top: a pair of Strike King KVD Sexy Dawgs; a pair of Rapala Rip-Stops; a pair of Rapala Rippin' Raps; a Strike King Red-eye Shad; a Rapala DT-10; a Strike King KVD 6XD