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  1. You want fun? Learn to throw poppers on a fly rod to shallow bluegills. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with small curly-tail grubs on a jig-head.
  2. Why does anyone need expensive "sensitivity" throwing cranks? Save that big budget for your finesse tools where it matters.
  3. One of those deep 3600-size Plano Stowaways works for big sluggos, 7" & 9".
  4. The Surfcaster sells a well constructed and inexpensive sheath that fits Manley's well.
  6. Penn 711 greenie with a Z spool.
  7. If the shoe (or hat) fits...
  8. Discontinued! I have one that I don't think I ever threw. Minty! $25 shipped USPS Priority Mail. PayPal Ok.
  9. Discontinued! I have one that I don't think I ever threw. Minty! $25 shipped USPS Priority Mail. PayPal Ok.
  10. Snapped a 1083 a few years ago while fighting a moderately sized striper. I don't know if the design has changed, but some claim that there were not enough guides installed on the factory model and it stressed the blank, inducing breakage. Otherwise, it was really fun to fish with.
  11. And therein lies the problem. No one is arguing that the system is broken and in need of reform. A wall does not solve that problem. We need personnel, infrastructure, and sensible legislation.
  12. Yeah, but that's a lot of strawberries picked, beef butchered, toilets cleaned, and every other dirty job that most of us won't do. The myopic view on this whole issue on both sides is so frustrating.
  13. Lucky Craft Slender Pointer - there is no smallmouth bass in existence that can resist it.
  14. So you don't like the big mag darter? Interesting. Anyone else have success or failure to report with it?
  15. The Model A and B Spheros are great reels and I still fish mine regularly. The newer SW models carry the name, but miss the mark on what made the earlier versions work for the surf... easy to self-service simplicity! There are definitely some tempting reels out there now, notably the Penn Spinfisher VI.