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  1. I'm In...Thanks...
  2. ..Along the Jersey Shore..
  3. Joseph Fazios in Wall or Glassboro will have what you need in 10 or 20 ft lengths..
  4. WOW!!! Congrats Phil
  5. I enjoyed fishing with you several times..
  6. Are they in line with fire hydrants ?? If so thet are there to help find the fire hydrants..During the winter they can get covered over by snow pushed to the side of the road by the plows..
  7. ..SOLD to Longcaster..
  8. New in the box 60lb Boga Grip forsale..$200.00 shipped
  9. Contact a Concrete ready mix company in your area most of them sell tools and supplies also..
  10. They have one of these in the ski show at Great Adventure..Looks like alot of fun..They also had something called a sky ski that looked like alot of fun as well..
  11. ..Count me in Mike..
  12. I have a 2001 F250 with the v10 and last I checked it was getting 12.8 mpg..
  13. Happy Birthday Tim!!