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  1. That’s a deal! I️ will take it!
  2. Will you take $20 shipped? (USPS m/o)
  3. I️ will take it, Power Surfcasting!
  4. Book received, Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks for clearing that up, and believe me I know first hand "YOU CANT FIX DUMB" LOL!!!
  6. Sorry for the question But what are you guys referring too? (Red tide)??
  7. Same here, Last time out I had brought out practically everything and nothing! I've been living in the sunshine state for a little over two years now. Starting venturing out to fish only about the last 8 months or so. Still learning the areas. Live Shrimp, Mud Minnows Frozen Mullet, Lady Fish, Clams Bucktails, Some plugs etc
  8. Florida! Cocoa Beach, Playa Linda, Titusville, Indian river, Mosquito/Banana lagoon and countless lakes!!!! ALL YEAR round!! A lot to list, so I will keep it short. Depending if I'm Chunkin, I will have a 12ft glooms married with my newell next will be 8ft Ron arra to have fun with bait fish, small fish, flounder etc. 11ft Lamiglas surf/jetty with my Penn 525mag In the Jeep I carry the back ups.
  9. Both if some sort of deal can be worked up
  10. What’s the model number?
  11. Would they fit a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
  12. Received these two in the mail yesterday, and boy what a treat!!!!! Going to be posting a few clearer photos.. At that point maybe you all can help with identifying the St.Croix rod. THANKS!!
  13. I️ will take a Striper chronicles, (prefer the one on the bottom) thanks Usps money order ok?
  14. Hey Sol, Need some help, buying the following off a private seller for $75 bucks. Is it worth it? Vintage 50-60's Reel is a flo line Lou Meyers the entire base swivels to cast & retrieve Rod is a early St Croix Fiberglass
  15. LMAO, I've been cracking up for the last 5 mins