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  1. 22 mins ago, Maine Guide said:

    I will give you $30 for the whole lot if Rough does not want it. 

    SOLD! Lot is yours MG. Rough passed on my offer.  PM coming . 

    Thread Closed pending payment.

    Payment received . Will Ship out Monday morning. Thanks SOL

  2. 1 hour ago, Rough said:

    Thanks. I understand your position. Should you change your mind, I can offer $20 for the three pieces I mentioned. Shipped to Long Island. Good luck with sale!

    Hi Rough. I tell you what... You can have the lot for $30 PayPal (shipped), it's always good to have spair  parts. Plus you are getting a good lanyard. Let me know if this works for you . I can ship it Monday morning. Be safe. 

  3. 10 hours ago, Rough said:

    Great, thanks! But I'm only interested in only three out of the fifty or so parts you have in that photo. Line roller bearing (will take two if you have them), main gear, and lanyard. Can you do that?


    I have no use for the rest. Maybe someone else could use them.

    Hi Rouph. I can't split them.not worth it.  It's always good to have extra parts. You can have.the lot for $35 shipped . PP preferred.  Let me know in case some one else wants it. 

  4. 28 mins ago, Rough said:

    Is the line roller bearing included in that list? I can't tell from the photo

    Hi Rough. Line roller has a sleeve and yes it is include. it is already in the line roller that you see in the original picture.   see attached pic. hope this helps.  take a look at this schematic.... item #35A



    Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 9.24.07 PM.png

  5. I use to be my  boss . Use to make my cabinets. Now I work for a company. Cleaning my garage and Have a lot of new blum hinges. If you make cabinets. specially frameless cabs. then you know about Blum hinges.  Also, many hinge plates, small, medium and large. Too many to list. Take whatever I have in the boxes, aprox 300 pcs , maybe more. i have another box that is not in the picture $175  for everything . including a set of SOSS hinges. ( 4pcs)  definitely no shipping. located in tarrytown, NY. 10591  Cash, PP .   also, include is that orange templet for sidemount blum slides. you know the white ones. ( not full extension ones)





  6. 15 mins ago, Sevenstripes said:

    Appreciate the fast response. I would respectfully offer $40 picked up for the oars

    Sevenstripes. $50 for the set. This are in good shape and very light. I have not used them in about 6 yrs. plus they have the boat locks. You wont be disappointed. 

  7. 5 mins ago, Sevenstripes said:

    What length are the oars? on the oar end of the separated one, is it dented?

    hi Sevenstripes. the oars are 6'6" long when put together. and when apart the longer pc is 4' long. And no, what you see in the picture is not damage. Its a factory stop for the top part of the handle pc. Hope this helps. let me know if any other questions.