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  1. I am re opening this thread. any interest. New, never used. would let them go for $70 shipped.
  2. Hi Surf Striper. Metals still available. $48 shipped PP and its yours.
  3. Please closed. No interest.
  4. $50 shipped for both lots
  5. Make me an offer for both lots. I can ship tomorrow am
  6. New price.. $28 each lot
  7. hi zmkm,sorry for the late reply. its all different weights. from 2oz to 4oz
  8. $30 each lot shipped. Paypal preferred. Post office MO. Works
  9. Bump $28 shipped.
  10. Lot goes to Shaky86. PM coming. Thread closed pending payment Thanks SOL
  11. i remember seeing him going down the rocks up front . that was about 8yrs ago. Now there are a lot of new faces around.
  12. the 2 Darters are 5" long Danny is 6.25" long Hope this helps.
  13. hi, i am adding one more plug to the lot. 2.5oz Danny. ...2 darters ...1 danny $38 shipped. ( lower 48 states) Paypal preferred, Post office MO works
  14. I am re opening this . still have the darters. Anybody interested?
  15. New price $30 shipped