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  1. I was thinking of hitting Craigville or some other south cape beach tomorrow or Wednesday morning. Had some luck for albies last week. Is this reasonable or a waste of time given Jose's approach? Thanks
  2. What is an appropriate leader? Would 15 lb fluro be too much?
  3. Super Strike Little Neck Poppers - 2-3/8 Sinking
  4. Sneakers Single kickstand
  5. I noticed something similar when I first picked up a custom GSB1321M last fall. It was a clicking like sound when I gave it pencil whipping action. Didn't notice anything after my first outing last spring. Love it
  6. I completely agree with you up to the "rot in hell" ... wouldn't wish that on anyone
  7. Not a "profession" per se, but frankly, MBAs
  8. corrupt
  9. Interesting. I'm curious what distance you might expect using the Emblem Pro with a GSB 1321M or an 11 ft Super Surf?
  10. At least they were only visiting, you should try living here. Amen to that.
  11. Does one inherently cast further than the other? I've seen guys down the canal with conventional setups that could toss pencils incredible distances.
  12. I got one this past winter from Mike, and I love it. However, I believe he is no longer building rods