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  1. His name is Staff Sargeant Andrew Sief. Awarded the Silver Star last Friday. I believe someone said there were not any Special Forces on board. Incorrect, the Marines were the Marine Corps version of Special Forces stationed here at MCB Camp LeJeune.
  2. One of the Marines was awarded the Silver Star last week here at Lejeune. Once again our Community has to open their arms up to families of young men killed serving Our Country. Rest in peace, HEROES
  3. I understand your wife may want to honor her father by wearing the ring but it has been my experience that if she did not serve (which she may have and you have not said) Vets take offense at anyone wearing a ring or other item. Perhaps, she could have a necklace made for it. She may want to make a shadow box of the flag that draped his coffin and his medals, ribbons etc and the ring would be a great addition. That is what we did with my fathers stuff except for his two Purple Hearts. He wanted my brother to have one and me to have one.
  4. Mokes, I asked some Marine Corps Korean War Vets at the DAV today in Jacksonville if they knew what "Blue Fire" was.....none of them did but one suggested it could be an artillery term for the smoke and fire coming out of the guns. Unfortunately, my father a Chosin Few member is no longer around to ask him. On another track, I knew a man (who has passed) by the name of Steve Marshburn who had been struck by lightning 4 or 5 times and he used to speak of seeing "blue fire" when he was struck.
  5. 30 plus years ago and 200 pounds ago I had done about 80% of NC and 10% of VA
  6. The announcers at the time said they estimated 90mph
  7. DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- Kyle Busch broke his right leg and left foot in a vicious hit Saturday into a concrete wall during the Xfinity Series race. He'll miss the Daytona 500 on Sunday and is out indefinitely. Busch sustained a right lower leg compound fracture and left mid-foot fracture in the crash with eight laps remaining. Joe Gibbs Racing said he was undergoing surgery on his right leg.
  8. Looks like Kyle Busch got at least one of his legs busted up today.
  9. Kurt Busch is indefinitely suspended. Don't expect to see him racing in NASCAR until at least July
  10. From the album NASCAR

  11. Jennifer Jo Cobb....NASCAR Truck racer
  12. From the album NASCAR

  13. John Force's daughter Ashley. Champion funny car racer
  14. From the album NASCAR