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  1. Did Morales also mention the $15 billion he wants from us for border security?
  2. You would think Trump would be all over this. Pence was there, was he not paying attention?
  3. Sausage and anchovy is terrific
  4. They will know before you tell them anything. Not with certainty but it’s a good gig so they’ll humor you for years. As long as you believe in the tooth fairy and they get a couple bucks they have no interest rocking the boat.
  5. Probably first time I ever agreed with you. Cheers
  6. Yeah or nay? Saw 6-8 on another tree this color but way past edible. Pores are wide open and feels a little soggy. When is just too old?
  7. I would be happy if it just the last of the peppers. They had a tough start this year
  8. How hard could it be really? Congress just passed 7% increased spending. Not spending 5% wouldn’t even be giving up rise for inflation. Still doubt it happens.
  9. I haven’t settled on a mozzarella but I do know I don’t like low fat. I have par baked crusts and not terrible. I was making 10-12 pies once so par baked crust and froze them. Way quicker to have a stack you just need to top and bake when there are 25 hungry people around.
  10. Freeze tonight forecast so picked peppers green. Maybe they ripen inside or I may have to look into green hot sauce.
  11. Honeynut with sage and Aleppo pepper. Glazed it last minute with a wee bit of butter and maple syrup
  12. This is the chicken I got to grow on that stump. Wife won’t eat the chickens but she’s enjoying mushroom ragu for lunch with the hen. Just need to convince her she won’t die eating boletes.
  13. I’ve tried semolina and corn meal. Didn’t help. Best I’ve done is to shape on the counter on lots of flour. Still difficult, dough is really sticky. Straight out the the refrigerator is less sticky but not the same as letting dough warm up first
  14. I rubbed some chicken of the woods into cracks of an oak stump in the yard and it fruited once a couple years later. Just the once but it might work. I think the stump probably dried out too much for it to take hold. I think the idea idea is to leave some so spores get spread around to other trees. Figure there are probably enough out there not picked that I can take it all.
  15. I start my pizza on parchment. Pie is topped before it goes in. Parchment can be pulled in a few minutes. I also switch to broil at this point to get more heat on top. If I don’t use parchment the wet dough sticks badly to the stone I have without heavy flouring