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  1. You may have to revise the top 4 list after 2019 and Trump may well do it with 3% growth, 3.6% UE.
  2. I have some kelp fertilizer, going to try that on the peppers. It may be coincidental but the peppers that seem to really suffer in peat mix (pro-mix) are all C. Chinense. The C Annum all have done better. Ymmv
  3. Was wondering about that myself yesterday, I don’t know. Usually my pepper seedlings are much larger and already outgrowing 5 inch pots by now. Maybe time to experiment.
  4. I get it. If there’s a hard way to do just about anything I get right on it. Got tomatoes and squash in today. Maybe get peppers potted later. Away this weekend so figure everything will do better than sitting in little pots and trays to drown or dry out.
  5. Water deeply a few times, should sort out. Maybe a little sand next year.
  6. I haven’t used it on pavers but I have a Krud Kutter product for cleaning and etching concrete prior to sealing. It’s phosphoric acid based. Muriatic is dilute hydrochloric I think, still pretty strong stuff. I would check manufacturers recommendations if there a period of warranty for the pavers.
  7. Bet the little redfins are giving the little brookies a hard time. Pretty aggressive buggers
  8. I got a 2 yo golden this winter, rescue, so I’ve been poking around golden sites. GRCA really doesn’t like golden doodles. Obviously they have a bias but commented that a cross that’s only been breed a few years won’t give reliable traits in the offspring. I dunno but you’re right to check breeders out first.
  9. There are Redfin in the ponds way up in the Aspetuck. Most years the feeder creeks all but disappear and the brookies survive in a few pools but since last year was so wet the creeks kept going. Think he probably found his way up from a pond below, once in a lifetime for that little redfin.
  10. I see a guy with a retiree at the local dog park now and then. Dog hardly ever runs but when he does it a spectacle.
  11. Think Jim hooked up with an epicurious recipe. Next page of s search there was one where you mash up a dog first and boil the crap out of it. Seems more authentic.
  12. Had to lift them to get NAFTA 2.0 passed. Can’t drag this crap out forever
  13. I had an issue a while back. Internet provider who installed phone service didn’t disconnect the old land line from the house wiring. I think what sparked the problem was ground on the land line box had corroded and broken.