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  1. You can do things fast, you can do things slow, just don’t do things half fast.
  2. Calling me a queer I guess. I suppose I should ask what your problem is but I don’t have a **** to give for that.
  3. Search this thread. BobG has one
  4. I also put last 8-9 ramps in the panade, token really
  5. Onion and chard panade from Zuni cafe cookbook. 1/2 lb bread cubes 1-1/2 lb onions soft and golden 1 lb spinach wilted 2 cups shredded gruyere layered in casserole, add about a quart of simmering stock, bake slow covered, turn up oven to 375 for about 15 minutes to brown top uncovered. Judy Rogers might be genius. She got us started presalting meat.
  6. Onion soup casserole
  7. Have started it from seeds before? My son started asparagus seeds. I told him he should have bought roots. I just read that seeds don’t take longer to first harvest than planting roots. Not sure I believe that
  8. Bit of trivia read today that I’d never heard before. From Axios Details: Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla and the victory of Mexico's ragtag army, made up largely of Indigenous soldiers, against the better equipped and trainedFrench forces of Napoleon III. Spanish-language newspapers at the time showed Latinos in California were worried about Napoleon III's interests in helping the Confederacy, and they saw the win as a victory against slavery. The diverse coalition of Latinos from Mexico, Central America and South America had been brought to California because of the Gold Rush and were outspoken anti-slavery advocates. David Hayes-Bautista, author of El Cinco de Mayo: An American Tradition, said for years Latinos celebrated the holiday with parades of people dressed in Civil War uniforms and gave speeches about how the Battle of Puebla was part of a larger struggle for abolition. Between the lines: The Mexican Revolution in the 1910s sparked a new wave of migration to the U.S., and Cinco de Mayo's abolitionist connections faded.
  9. GOP certainly seems to be signaling that Trump is running in 2024. It appears to be their platform for gaining seats whether he ends up running or not.
  10. Panade sounds pretentious, it’s bread soup- but sourdough, spinach, ramps, onions, gruyere, stock baked low for a few hours kind of soufflés it.
  11. I think she should go down in flames and make it as painful and as big of a stink as possible if house GOP makes it have to happen. Show the clown car who has the cojones
  12. I find it odd that I’m finding respect for a Cheney. Don’t agree with her on much but somehow she’s managed to retain some honesty and sanity.
  13. I was going to guess frogs legs.
  14. Kind of glad it’s starting to bolt. Been a few weeks of spinach up the wazoo. Need the space to plant anyway.
  15. Romas sucked for me, Amish paste does well. Black Krim seems to be a survivor. Sungold never let me down. Mortgage lifter was great but I’ve been trying different varieties and last couple years those kept me in tomato.