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  1. I made shrimp etouffee again last night because I didn’t have andouille in the house. Bacon is pretty good too though.
  2. I’ve had them drop some leaves when they were hit with some weather early. Once temperatures got solid they took off.
  3. I was going to check if Mike wanted the hose off my old genesis before it hit the dump but duct tape always a more elegant solution
  4. 177 is like 1100-1200 so think around 900 is right. I was pretty surprised at the sound of the first pellet through it, like a 22lr. After the first very quiet. My neighbors still think their dog was really clever at killing woodchucks. He should borrow the pellet gun back from his son for a bit.
  5. Think iron deficiency shows green veins, yellow in between so would agree over/under watering or any of a bunch of fungal or bacterial diseases. Or too much potassium. So to recap- I have no idea. Hopefully they grow out of it.
  6. Let it be on them and not federal troops thrown in the middle of it. If it escalates in spite of or because of military presence it gets worse. There isn’t an insurrection going on here, it’s civil protest. Catch looters. People want to help and in time I think there’s enough phones and security cameras out there to evidence who they are. I could change my mind in a few days but it’s way too early for active military.
  7. There going to wonder if red parked on his porch or drove into it I’d imagine.
  8. I don’t think it’s only up to mayors and governors. Local LE should be supported by FBI who should have the resources to help identify where and who are problems. Lots of cameras everywhere. National guard can be a presence to maintain order, enforce curfews, but a serious crackdown needs to be on specific individuals. Most protesters probably don’t have an issue with enforcement against anyone looting and inciting riots but a heavy handed militarized approach won’t be supported especially where local governments have backing. Optics would suck if governors aren’t asking and oppose federal troops. Protests are not seen as evil, vile acts by majority.
  9. Would be a huge mistake imho and anyone with half a brain in the admin should be distancing
  10. Meanwhile, FBI says they have no intelligence indicating antifa involvement in Washington DC protests. I’ll try to pay some attention to Richmond news to see what they have to back up their claims.
  11. Evidence of antifa involvement not required. There probably is some but to leave it vague will allow anyone provoking riots to be so labeled and civil rights denied. Plus the dog whistle effect. Truth of it is there likely isn’t a whole lot of distance between the political philosophy of nutballs on either end of the spectrum. They both want to wreck the establishment and have zero use for the majority’s norms. Hopefully local LE will focus on lawbreakers and see past the rhetoric
  12. Nice, well done. Will have to give a shot.
  13. Nice. Very much summer feeling food.
  14. All the Greek talk gave me a hankering. Maybe break some plates.