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  1. This was back in 70’s-80’s and it was available in any local IGA grocery. Now you can drive to some nice grocery chains in 20 minutes. Everybody knew spiedies from the fair as Mike said. You got me. Do you use cream and a roux in a chicken pot pie though?
  2. Sitting in some Duluth cargo shorts. Has YKK zippers, just too many of them. Pockets with both side zippers and top Velcro flaps.
  3. If it feels sticky and/or stinks it’s likely bad. 2nd one is a bruise I think or more often broken bone. You saw it going into the freezer so I’m sure it was fresh enough then. I don’t know what’s up with the darkened skin but meat has an ok color. Obviously easy for me to say but I’d use it.
  4. I like that stuff, been around for ever. Friend of mine used to marinate venison bits and grill on skewers
  5. Usually one or the other but not cream and roux
  6. I’m jealous. It’s true though that genetics play a part. Father could eat anything and never had cholesterol above 70. Not sure my mother was ever below 180.
  7. Corned beef hash smothered in sausage gravy all on top of a normal breakfast. Jimmy’s outdone himself. Cholesterol must be holding back the gout.
  8. Hope you’re over Covid for good. Thought you’d bought new premium kettle so not sure what hook on your kettle looks like. On new kettles you should only have to slide lid off to side with vent oriented up until it catches. Older basic kettles hooks are different. They let you leave lid on but open a few inches which has been useful occasionally.
  9. Try the lid hook before you get on the hinge project
  10. Never knew for certain but I’m pretty sure a fox was leaving turds as message to my dog last year. One would be left at the end of the driveway and then several up the road every few hundred yards and every few days. Always in same spot at the corner of the driveway and others centered in the road. Not seen any fox so far this year but coyote pups are cute little devils so fox probably been displaced.
  11. And no Jim, you don’t need baskets for two zones but I think you’d like them. Bit neater and efficient.
  12. I have abused kettles for years and have had zero issues with bowls rusting out. They will rust at welds for handles and legs or where porcelain coating is cracked or broken from physical damage. The ash system aka bottom vent covers rot out pretty regularly. I think the baskets are a reasonable add on. You can move your coals if you want, push together in the center, pull to sides. I don’t have them, don’t have any other options and don’t particularly like any of the Weber oem grates, too lightweight. When screwing around with a rotisserie I’ve used old baking racks like Mike’s clip ons which worked well enough.
  13. I’m reluctant to admit this stuff interests me more than it should. See a lot walking the dog and seems all kinds of critters are sending a message with crap, or at least marking. Could be a number of critters but not eliminating fox.
  14. Foxes and coyotes do eat some berries but I’m also going with Viking
  15. Had to look that up. Pulses are pretty much any dried legume out of a pod. Dals are the split version