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  1. Absolutely. In fact I’m not even sure he’s been about maximizing shareholder values as much as maximizing CEO pay.
  2. It’s possible I suppose but I only used what the bag of Espoma recommended, same as every year, same as the rest of the garden. It’s taken 2 and a half months to get here. I’ve been thinking maybe the hot weather is preventing flowering but beans should be loving it
  3. The numbers are what they are but do not always reflect what people think they do. There are definitely shortcomings to how we arrive at UE and new jobs for example. We had a stellar jobs report one month even though there were fewer people working from the previous.
  4. I should say so far. There’s still significant risk to the downside of excessive deficits and crushing trade
  5. It’s delusional to really believe that the state of the economy is significantly different under Trump.
  6. People forget that the “corporation” is a construct of government originally created to serve the interests of the state.
  7. I may quit pole beans. Thought I could save some space in a small garden. Last year they were planted late after chuck mowed them and not real productive. This year I have 12 foot vines with no beans to pick so far.
  8. I bought an 18v from batterytrain dot. Li-ion, came with charger, less than half the price of DeWalt replacement Nicad and several pounds lighter. No problems. I did read of some that don’t fit as advertised in reviews but this replacement is keeping an old 1/2 inch hammer drill alive for as much as I need it.
  9. There a certain amount of ease keeping the beast. I would probably worry about all the dog hair, sand and spills in a new truck.
  10. Also issue of range in very hot or cold weather, big drain to initially heat or cool. You may want to get the AC going before you unplug it. Rivian is an interesting truck though. That said, I have looked at trucks each summer for the past 3 years and have always ended up putting a few more bucks into my 04 F150. I might actually look at a Ridgeline again if I eventually decide to lose one car and downsize. I don’t need to tow more than 5k but I would like a backseat a couple of adults could sit in.
  11. We used to cure it at room temperature. Big coolers full of salt laced with some nitrates
  12. I usually freeze any excess of basil in ice trays as meager pesto, no cheese, no nuts. It keeps forever and you can make pesto or just use use it for basil with garlic in sauce. imho it doesn’t compare really with pesto made with fresh basil but pretty good in January
  13. Bleeding and icing is what matters. I think filleting done some place relatively clean is good. A cold fish only cut to bleed stays cleaner. Fast chilling and keeping cold helps to keep them from getting mushy. Good luck.
  14. Thanks. I use some allspice and what I make is similar, I use OJ. Will try it. Exploring spices is fun. Made a dish with about 20 fresh bay leaves. Who knew.
  15. Start as many threads about this as pleases you. They each will continue to make me chuckle.